Monday, April 27, 2009

Twisting concoction pt. 2

Okay so it did work, and left my hair soft and moisturized. As I said before I don't have my camera, but I'll let you know I have try it on wet hair with rods on my ends. Lordy, my roots are puffy, and my ends are straight...these are the only two parts that didn't get any form of definition. I'll try it again, but this works for just sitting around the house.

I hate predators

I am not talking about those who prey on children, or humans in general like movies (even though I do hate online predators). I am referring to those who prey on innocent people thinking that they're going to apply for a job that will actually be legitimate. I mean it's so hard to find a job because if you look online, they are spamming up the job boards. Like really I need for the job boards to actually look up these companies before allowing them to just post garbage. People are literally going broke these days yes, and myself included. Mainly because there hasn't been that much of a demand for substitute teachers unfortunately, and being a temp sucks too because some of these companies are dying. Be careful with who you are giving your info out to folks!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good news

Well of course you know (for those who follow) Total Beauty came out with a list of the 13 worst hair cities (whew wipes sweat from brow my city isn't one of them, even though we're humid as heck this weekend!). Well here I try to showcase the positives from time to time, so here are the top 11 (in reverse order):
11) Chicago
10) Boston (werd? even with their harsh winters???)
9) Denver
8) Los Angeles, yeah I believe because my suite roomies from college had fabo NATURAL hair!
7) Miami.....aren't they like humid as heck? Well they said it's the least polluted so it helps with preventing baldness. That's not why I want to move there, lol.
6) New York..very confused because it has the most salons???
The summers can be hot and humid and therefore tough on hair, but New York's perfect-for-hair water makes up for the three months of hair-challenged weather. Plus it holds six of the top 10 ZIP codes with the most beauty salons in the country.

5) San, that's where I want to be if I don't make it to Miami lol
4) Anchorage, Alaska *raises eyebrows*
You may be freezing your butt off in the second-coldest city in the country (first is Fairbanks, Alaska) -- but your hair is in heaven. The city's lack of pollution and wind, plus the soft water, keep hair healthy and looking fabulous.
Yeah freezing is not my cup of tea, never was, reason I don't want to move to my husband's hometown (Chicago).
3) San Diego
2) Honolulu
Beach-y hair like the Victoria's Secret models, anyone? This city has clean air, soft water, lots of salons and practically the same weather -- a nicely un-sweaty 77 degrees -- all year round. Come here and say "aloha" to gorgeous hair.
hmm this list sounds like my list of places to relocate lol
1) Santa Barbara....Oprah if I could be your neighbor I would, but I'll stick to FL, San Fran and Honolulu...hmm good ol' sun in FL and Honolulu (also good Noni oil and fresh fish), and even temperature San Fran...good to me! (best cities) (worst cities)

My twisting concoction

Okay so I stole this idea from a fellow BHM (Black Hair Media) member, in an effort to prevent myself spending more money. She said that in order for her to make her Garnier Fructis Soft Curl Cream (may it R.I.P or live on in it's cousin the putty) from being tacky she added conditioner. She didn't say the ratios, so I'm right now testing it out for myself. I made it in small batches, like to hear it? Well here it goes!
2 small scoops (I'm using the tip of a plastic fork)
3 big squirts of Tresemme Vitamin E conditioner
2 squirts of my oil concoction (this was added because I like the fact I could make it in to a 3 in 1 product: moisturize, seal and style)

Blend until creamy, almost the consistency of I would say a good thick conditioner.
*Oil concoction: I'm using the remainder of my WGO (Wild Growth Oil), a few drops of Avocado oil, 2 squirts of castor oil, 2 small squirts of CoCasta oil blend, a couple of drops of peppermint EO (you really can't even tell it's in there), and olive oil.
Right now the twists are buttery soft, and they haven't unraveled so I think that's mission accomplished as of now. I'll let you guys know when I take them out tomorrow, and plus not a total loss since I can co-wash my hair if it sucks, lol.

Let the baby making staaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrt


Maxwell's new video...mmm mmm mmm how I still love that man' lol. Maybe my hubby will grow his hair into lovely braids like on Maxwell's Embrya CD.

All of my kinky, curly, coarse hair folks...

We have a search engine!!!

That is all!

Yes, Mommy's baby is growing

Finally focusing on the content of what is being said on Barney (a P.I.A. for Mommy), and Sesame Street. So much, she's going around here sounding like a choo-choo train saying two (smile). So, on random she'll say twwoooooooo, twoooooooooo while holding up her two index fingers. It's so cute! This adds onto her vocabulary of GeeDaddy (what she calls my father), see!!!!! (something see????), Swifty (it's smushed together when she says it), chicken, yes, hi!, and bye.

Oh another thing...she's finally taking to potty. What I mean, instead of her screaming her head off when I place her on the potty, she now sits when Mommy goes during the day (not all of the time am I using). I just sit on there, and sometimes she's running around without the diaper. She'll sit there, no success with the tee tee, but poopie did happen. LOL Yeah I'm sharing it with y'all, and there's a reason why I'm saying AJ so she won't be embarrassed one of this googling herself, lol.

Poor AJ

She's been cursed with Mommy and Daddy's dry hair. It's like no matter what I use her hair slurps it right on up. I have even gone as far as doing a conditioning treatment on her hair, which her other grandmother washed out the same weekend using her cheap shit (yes I'm heated by this because I didn't tell her to wash her hair). I have nothing against cheap products, but if you're going to use them please read the ingredients (if you don't want it in your hair don't use it for my child)...I digress, but poor baby hair needs like a good spritzing of water/moisturizer like 3x a day everyday lol.
So, I got a free sample from Wally World (Wal-Mart) of the Roots of Nature Remedies from SoftSheen Carson. The samples included the Reconstructing Deep Treatment, and Strenghtening Oil Moisturizer. I used the Oil Moisturizer on her hair, and ewwww it's really an OIL moisturizer. The first four ingredients: water, glycine sobja oil (soybean oil), glycerin, and coconut oil were decent, but then it's like after everything else that's in their the green tea and shea butter are like smack dab in the middle. Let's just say this, we won't be using it again. Yeah it made her hair soft, not easier to comb and left a greasy film on her hair. I don't even get that when I add straight oil to her hair (well after the leave-in), so this shall go in the "good try, but no cigar" pile.

It's already looking like my baby has her Daddy's 4b hair, with a few coils in there courtesy of if you have a child with a similar hair situation please do not hesitate to share your tips. This is another reason why Mommy decided to go ahead to become natural. I have to know how to take care of her hair, so must start again with mines. *le sigh* Time to go into battle to pick out this afro of hers because she hates hair time lol.

R.I.P. Maude bka Bea Arthur (1922-2009)

So, now Dorothy and Sophia can finally party is up in heaven. I watched too much Golden Girls as a child, and then even saw a couple of episodes of Maude. I always imagined that one day when I did get old, I would have the same mother and daughter relationship that Dorothy and Sophia had (yeah I know it's scripted lol). Actually it's more and more like a reality because my mother already told me if I move somewhere with a good climate, and near a beach she's coming with me. Of course that means my Daddy (and Swifty God willing) will be coming right along with her. I have no problem with that because just like Dorothy and Sophia we have our moments, but we also have each others back. When I was on bed rest with A.J., my mother was my Sophia, telling me stories about when she was in the same situation pregnant with me. lol
So, Dorothy and Sophia here's tribute to you two!

Friday, April 24, 2009

I want this!!!!

Moisturizing Grapefruit Mango Butter Collection
• Luxurious Sulfate Free & Paraben Free Formulas • Organic Active Ingredients • Amazing Scents • Safe For Color-Treated Hair
Why We Love It…
It’s a tropical exotic sensation!
Why You Want It…
It’s a moisturizing vitamin and nutrient rich exotic blend to hydrate your lavish locks.
What’s In It For You…
This tropical exotic blend of vitamin and nutrient rich organic grapefruit extract helps to nourish and hydrate, while organic mango butter and essential oils helps moisturize and enriches your hair, along with sunflower oil for added moisture and a shiny, silky and frizz-free finish.
What’s it in...
Organix® bottles are eco-friendly, manufactured from materials containing recycled post-consumer resin. All labels are printed utilizing environmental inks and compostable label film made from annually renewable resource corn, not from petrochemicals.

I can not find it anywhere, please if you can find it at a Target' in PG County or Charles County, let me know ASAP!! I do want the conditioner, but I have to use the ones I have already lol.

Enough is enough
This is getting sad folks, two eleven year old boys in two weeks...When did it go from being picked on to now being so traumatized that you want to kill yourself? I am not a young child, but I do know there were times I wanted to kick the person picking on me in the neck. Is teasing becoming violent these days? Please clue me in!

Sex and the City Syndrome

So, drinking excessive amounts of fruity cocktails with the girls is a bad thing? lol Oops, I didn't know that maybe we just need to stick to taking shots when we go out. We thought we were being grown ups, since most of these are served in high ball or martini glasses.
According to a study you end up drinking entirely too much when you're drinking these froo froo drinks like Mojitos and Cosmos (umm duh we know that much that's why we get them lol) because the amount of sugar in these drinks end up being sent faster into your bloodstream. Maybe that's why I can only have about 3 of them (maybe a shot), and call it day. I mean yeah grant it some people don't know their limit, but ummm *raises hand* I limit is by #1 how much I bring to drink (unless it's open bar, then I'm double fisting my drinks...sorry it's the truth, an hour goes by fast). If I start to feel a really good buzz, then my tail is definitely going to start slowing up (actually fell asleep in the club for my pre-21st birthday aka 20th birthday). I was looking for the link on The Early Show's website, but they haven't added it yet.
What's your limit when you go out to drink?

There goes my cravings again

So, last week when I went to the store with my father for some post-Easter sales (you know when stores are trying to get rid of stuff), I said I felt like making a Sweet Potato pie. It was just something I wanted to do, and I did in some way shape or form had a craving (maybe I was lacking something in my diet I dunno). I asked him if he wanted one because I usually make two, and of course my father is not one to turn down anything I cook (lol, no bias because there have been some misses on my part). So, I bought everything I needed, and told him to expect a pie when I drop off his Navy Beans (I used my ham bone to make some Navy Bean soup for my parents and grandparents). So, the pies came out perfect (recipe to come at the end), and I made sure that I had it sitting out for when hubby came home. He saw the pies, and was like really??? I said yes one is for us, and the other is for my parents. He did a semi-pout, and said okay. I told him to cut the one with a mark because that was for us. So, sad and glad to say I only had two slices out of a 10 slice pie lol. My husband must've had the pie, but he told me yesterday evening the pie has extended it's shelf-life and must got. I feel somewhat good because I made my pie real custardy, and that would mean extra unwanted calories.

Sweet Potato Pie-- this is just what I use as my base (sometimes add something else in the mix Thanksgiving time)
3 large sweet potatoes
3 large eggs (or 2 jumbo, 4 medium)
1 pint of LIGHT cream
1/2 cup of milk
4 tbls of butter or margarine, melted
3 tbls of orange juice concentrate
1 tsp of ginger
a couple of pinches of pie spice (pumpkin or apple, I use apple)
a couple of shakes of cinnamon (I do three for good measure)
1 cup of sugar
2 Deep Dish Frozen pie shells (or if you want you can make your own)
Bake the potatoes at 350 until the skins pop open Don't cut off the oven!
Allow to cool
Whisk the eggs and sugar together, until fluffy
Add cream and milk to mixture, mixing slowly
Mash the Sweet Potatoes with the melted butter, ginger and dry spices
Slowly add half of the custard mixture, mix until well incorporated
Add the other half of the mixture again until well incorporated
Pour evenly into pie shells, it should be almost soupy
Bake 30-45 minutes until a toothpick comes out clean (also make sure that your crust doesn't get too brown before the custard settles)
Cool and serve with either Vanilla or Butter Pecan Ice Cream, whipped cream, or by itself!
*picture courtesy of*

Dangerous Ingredients You Should Avoid |The Makeup Divas Beauty Blog

Dangerous Ingredients You Should Avoid |The Makeup Divas Beauty Blog

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Here are the ingredients you should be looking for (forgive me, but I'm trying to give very brief reasons sans morning caffeine):

1) Hempseed Oil- full of healthy Omega 3-6-9 without the hippie buzz
2) Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Hydroxysultaine, Decyl Glucoside- don't let the name scare you; it's made from corn
3) Argan- another EFA frend, and also has a lot of Vitamin E
4) Essential Oil- can be used more than chemical based fragrances
5) Acai- now I know it's loaded with antioxidants, and make a good juice lol.

I tried to make this simple so you could see what you need to buy, or search for in a product. Now the ingredients you should avoid are the basic sodium/ammonium laureths, and phlates (there are more, but these are what we hear to avoid).

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Good Guide For Naturally Curly folks

It's good for those who decided to embrace their coils, waves, or kinks, whether your old or new.

Another Useless product

Are people really this gullible? Touch N Brush is just as useless to me like the Snuggie.

So, Eddie is going to be Richard

I'm sitting here watching Spongebob with AJ, and see a commercial for his new movie "Imagine That" (or Just Imagine That). Okay really did they ask him what his current projects are before offering him the part of Richard Pryor in his upcoming biopic. I see the Dreamgirls/Norbit b.s. happening again. I say they should leave it to Mike Epps to play Richard Pryor...just MHO.

What do you use to pre-poo?

Yes I am asking you because it's spring time, and I want to know if you changed up your pre-poo methods.
*I'm trying to get some input from everyone! :-)*


I want to have a container garden...I have that patio space, but I need to find a way to deter these foul ass cats running around (they're like junkyard cats, around mainly to control the rat/mouse population). I don't need them mucking up my organic garden with their viral nastiness (yes I am not a cat person, and definitely not a non-domestic domestic cat). Any suggestions? I just want to plant tomatoes, and maybe some cukes (or squash).

Ooooo I've got a question for you

What is too thin according to real people terms? I just want to know because isn't that phase like over with? I look at all of my magazines, and see some of the models with a little pudge here and there...I honestly get happy! I know somebody would've said something like "why didn't airbrush that? It's so gross!" I'm still a little heated that I could not get a copy of the Vogue Curve issue because honestly I want to see a fat roll every now and then. That makes me believe that there are still human beings taking these photos. How to you feel about the portrayal of health weight, and not skin and bones? Would you prefer to see a model with curves, or a model who looks like she's literally dying for a bowl of rice krispies? Kierra Knightley, she's naturally thin, but she also has some curves (I'm defending her because I saw her in Domino, and she is a curvy thin girl). Speaking a too thin, I'm loving how much softer Nicole Ritchie looks ...maybe it's that 1981 glowing Mommy thing (yeah I never wanted to be domestic diva either, always wanted to get into International Relations). She doesn't have that heroin chic look, and I love that for her. I'm also happy that she's dating/engaged (not 100% on their situation) to a local boy (hey Joel!).

P.S. This is what the cover of the Vogue curves issue looks like, and yes I am highly pissed off that I have to order it because it is no where to be found!!! Darn empowerment issue! lol

Let me know people!!

Is Cocktail Delusional About Ray-J???

Is Cocktail Delusional About Ray-J???

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I l-o-v-e Egypt's new blog, and this is hilarious that she had an interview with the recent (well recent to us) winner For the Love of Ray-J...there's already taping of season 2 (drip drip drip...gotta fix the leaks in here lol). Now let me play catch up on season one, WWE runs the tv on Mondays, lol.

That is not cute!

This is just a P.S.A. if you go on Maury, to prove somebody is the father...PLEASE CLEAN UP THE SNOT FROM YOUR CHILD'S NOSE!!! How are you going to look clean and polished, but your child has snot running down his nose. ugh!

That is NOT cute...that is all.

To B.C. or Not to B.C.

First of all, I am not talking about birth control, I am referring to my Big Chop. I haven't done a lone term transition in a couple of years, and that was me primarily just cut my ends and doing two strands. I even wore my hair under my head wrap, which was a blessing more than a curse. I know some people were like why is she always rocking that thing on her head. Well it was either that, or I would have to spend days I was studying to actually do my hair in braids (nope that wasn't going to happen). Now that I am older, I have to make sure that when I go out on assignments, that I my hair looks a certain way aka no head wraps. I tried doing my beloved two strands, and yeah tangly mess is all I get. It's like my ng is fighting with the texturized part. So, my whole thing when should I really just chop my hair? Should I wait until it warms up some more, or when I have at least 4 inches unstretched hair? Right now, my tentative date to chop is July 7th, no real reason behind the date, it just came off the top of my head (like a lot of stuff lol).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jilly from Philly has a Baby Boy!!

Congratulations Ms. Jilly from Philly and your fiance' Mr. Roberts....AJ told me to tell Jeff "wassup" in that lovely toddler voice.
*sorry no pix folks*

It's official

I am truly going to limit myself to eating out because what the heck? A measles outbreak happening in the DC Metro area...last I checked that was a required vaccination we had to have back in the day, and AJ just had a bad reaction to this vaccine (MMR, Measles, Mumps and Rubella). Now they are saying grocery stores and some restaurants are asking customers who came during a certain time period...yeah we're limited, lol.

What are your views on........

GAY MARRIAGE? (that was to be said with an echo and the dun dun dun music)
Honestly I really don't care, and yes I was raised that marriage should be between a man and woman blah blah blah. I just think that if a couple who happen to be of the same sex, is already living as man/man or woman/woman...sorry womyn/womyn they need to be able to reap the benefits of being an official married couple. I am not one to go around and picket because I do not feel as strongly as others. Heck, I know of heterosexual couples who have no problem with cohabitating, without the ring and even having children (know some personally by blood). I never knew why they were so anti-permanent commitment especially since they go through the work of starting a family, but don't want to be acknowledged as a married couple. *raises eyebrow*
I am asking this because of the commotion that Miss California's response to the gay marriage question by the Queen of Gossip (who I adore) Perez Hilton. I didn't watch the pageant because 1) didn't even know it was coming on and 2) that's not my speed (my BFF's yes, but not mine). What are your views? Also do you think that with someone trying to become a spokesperson for America, that she could have been more tactful with her response?

Product I want to try

I'm still looking for some input from my readers (while still trying to build up my audience too), and this is another product I wanted to know if any of your tried.
It's JASON Lavender and Rosemary Curl Defining Conditioner, and here's the product description:
Defining Conditioner

Treat lifeless curls to an intense conditioning formula that will smooth unwanted frizz as it detangles unruly hair. Wheat Amino Acids provide contouring while Vitamin B5 nourishes and hydrates to give hair body and strength. Sage Oil, coupled with Rosemary Oil condition hair leaving it soft and manageable with smooth, silky curls. Salon tested and approved for effectiveness.

I know GNC has these products, but I haven't seen this one before. Please if you have used it, let me know your results.

Happy Earth Day!!!!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Currently we are reducing our consumption of electricity, and reusing a lot of our plastic grocery bags (great conditioning caps). We are also trying our best to use less fuel, but there are many steps we have to take, i.e. changing to a more eco-friendly light bulbs, trying to recycle our bottles here (even though the complex doesn't do it, guess it'll cost them more, don't need them raising the rent to being more than what we pay anyway).
Oh and I found out that today is Vegan Day....oops never got that memo, as I ate bacon and eggs washed down with a glass of milk, lol. I'll try it later on today to try at least one vegan friendly food, even though we're not a vegan friendly family.,M1 ...check out this issue of Vegetarian Times, which seems to be chock full of vegan recipes.

Google, google, google

Okay what is there really not to like about google? lol Seriously, now I have discovered books and magazines that I can download from google. I love google! I even google myself sometimes, lol. okay g'day!

How I dread the grocery store

It doesn't matter every time I go to a grocery store, I always happen to find something that I know we need in the house, and then end up over-spending. My last trip was yesterday, and I purposely went with only $20 in my pocket. I knew we need flour (I was frying chicken), oil, AJ needed juiceboxes (yes for 13 months, she does better with juiceboxes instead of the cup), a frozen pizza for Friday night pizza night, and some frozen vegetables. It was so hard because I knew I needed some more fruit, some sugar-free syrup (only like Giant's brand because that Vermont one is something that taste all types of ick), freezer/sandwich bags, and maybe something munch on (even though I still have 1/2 of the Sweet Potato Pie I made last week). I also came armed empty handed without my coupons, being as though I had to sub yesterday. Which wasn't a bad thing because something about coupons, yeah they save me money, but then I end up buying stuff not really needed. Anyways I would like to report that I only spent $19.32, which included me buying the Canada Dry Green Tea ginger-ale.
3 packs of frozen vegetables (frozen kale and collards, with pack of whole leaf spinach)- $3 (they were 10 for $10)
small bottle of canola oil- $2.99
Giant Brand A/P flour- $1.39
Canada Dry- $1 (these were 10 for $10 as well)
Apple & Eve mini-juice boxes- 2 for $3 (she'll be needing these again by Friday lol)
Self-Rising Crust Giant brand Supreme Pizza- $4.99
Yup not bad at all...hey some of us have to be happy with our accomplishments, no matter how small. I'll see if I can have my hubby buy the syrup and some of the correct shrimp (White Shrimp $5.99/lb, we only need 1/2 lb).

Monday, April 20, 2009

For the Tweet Tweet folks

Gotta love Andy Mil, tweet tweet bytch, tweet tweet! lol

So Fantasia is going to have a show

Hmmm so VH1 is really doing their thing with showing artists/people who are a long term hiatus (see I was being p.c. about it lol). Now they have Fantasia in the mix...SMH. Wasn't she getting paid, and working on her skills with The Color Purple? I'm confused, no really, how do you go from Broadway to VH1?
Fantasia Lands VH1 Reality Show Deal
By Kristin Boehm
Originally posted Thursday April 16, 2009 09:25 AM EDT
Fantasia Barrino
Photo by: James Diddick / Globe Photos

Fantasia Barrino must have loved being on reality TV. The former American Idol star will be back in the game come early 2010 – starring in a new unscripted series on VH1.

"Fantasia has one of the most fascinating stories in show business, from her tough upbringing to her meteoric rise on the national scene thanks to American Idol,'" Jeff Olde, executive vp original programming at VH1, tells the Hollywood Reporter.

"Her challenges from fame and her unwillingness to fail have combined to create a larger-than-life talent who appeals to music lovers around the world. So many people wanted to work with her on this, but Fantasia is now part of the VH1 family, and we're so happy to have her."

The nine-time Grammy nominee, who has also been on Broadway and played herself in the Lifetime movie version of her autobiography Life Is Not a Fairy Tale, will chronicle her life as a recording artist and young single mother on the series.

"Fantasia's life has been an open book, but at 24 years old, her story has just begun," executive producer Randy Barbato said, according to the Reporter. "We look forward to smashing expectations and revealing the fresh, funny and unexpected side of this one-of-a-kind country girl and superstar."

*courtesy of*

Okay here's her recently performing w/ Ms. Hudson (check out the dude getting hype in the bg lol).

10 years...Columbine Incident

I don't want to call it massacre because I remember watching this event unfold on my day off from school at my Granny's. I actually remember calling everyone to the den to watch it. That day I actually saw something horrible unfold. The day after I shed tears for those who lost their lives, yes that even included the troubled CHILDREN who were those pulling the triggers. The kids at my school, whom I knew weren't capable of hurting a fly, were being persecuted because they too wore trench coats. Then for them to blame Marilyn Manson...seriously, I listened to his music and I didn't the urge to go and kill puppies and my classmates.
Do you think there is a higher level of tolerance in schools today?

CNN) -- The massacre of students and a teacher within the seemingly safe hallways of Columbine High School reverberated so strongly that its reflection can be found in the creations of multiple artists, writers, musicians, and filmmakers over the past decade.

"Elephant," musician Marilyn Manson, and the bestseller "Nineteen Minutes" entered the spotlight post-Columbine.

"It wasn't the first school shooting, but it became the extreme case," said Robert Thompson, founding director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University. "The word 'Columbine' became a word that represented something much, much larger than that particular high school."

Columbine, in some ways, represents the broad insecurity triggered by extreme acts of violence.

Littleton, Colorado, is as picturesque as the set of a family film.

And thanks in part to the 24-hour news cycle, the world witnessed scenes that appeared to be out of a movie: bloodied victims escaping through windows and frightened teens scurrying to safety as law enforcement descended.

Film critic Desson Thomson said films such as Gus Van Sant's "Elephant" do not have to reach far into the American psyche to tell a tale of horror in a post-Columbine world.

"Columbine is now a little like the way 9/11 is engrained in our cultural perspective, so that something like 'Elephant' doesn't even have to directly allude to it," he said. "Because we were so immersed in Columbine...the filmmakers know that the audience has that reference point, so it doesn't take much to even poke at that for all of that dimension to come swimming through our consciousness."

Don't Miss
Debunking the myths of Columbine, 10 years later
Columbine massacre changed school security
iReport: Nothing the same after Columbine
Commentary: Columbine and our numb eyes
"Elephant," which won two awards at the Cannes Film Festival in 2003, dramatized a normal day at a high school that is about to become the scene of a planned mass slaughter by a pair of friends.

Television shows such as "Law & Order" and "Cold Case" also delved into the lives of fictitious teens on murderous rampages.

But music is the one medium that seemed almost primed for an interpretation of the day's events.

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson weathered speculation that his songs may have influenced the pair of young murderers. He addressed the issue in a Rolling Stone magazine article in 1999.

"When it comes down to who's to blame for the high school murders in Littleton, Colorado, throw a rock and you'll hit someone who's guilty," Manson wrote. "We're the people who sit back and tolerate children owning guns, and we're the ones who tune in and watch the up-to-the-minute details of what they do with them."

The spotlight on Manson didn't discourage other artists from referencing Columbine in their songs, music videos and lyrics. Genres from rock to rap reflected on the tragedy.

Manson himself released an album titled "Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death)" that contained songs alluding to the massacre.

In the single "The Nobodies," Manson appeared to reiterate statements from his first-person piece in Rolling Stone with the lyrics "Some children died the other day, We fed machines and then we prayed, Puked up and down in morbid faith,You should have seen the ratings that day."

Music, TV and film were not the only media that reacted to the shootings.

In 2005, an independent video game developer released "Super Columbine Massacre RPG!," a role-playing game that allowed users to imagine themselves as the Columbine gunmen and act out the violence.

Scott Steinberg, publisher of, said the game is not indicative of the game market as a whole.

He pointed out that that 85 percent of video games are rated "E for everyone" "E10 plus" or "T for Teen."

Fewer violent video games are being produced today, Steinberg said, despite the perception that the industry mostly produces "spray and slay" entertainment.

"The industry is becoming a lot more sensitive in realizing that we have a medium that reaches more people than ever," Steinberg said. How did Columbine affect you?

Littleton, Colorado, was also very much on the mind of bestselling author Jodi Picoult when she came up with the idea for her popular 2007 novel "Nineteen Minutes."

"I have three children and I was watching all of them, at different points in their school careers, being bullied," she said. "It got me wondering why, in a post- Columbine world, we haven't figured this out yet."

Picoult's novel told the story of a bullied, alienated high school student who commits an act of violence. Records have since been released disputing that Klebold and Harris were outcasts or the targets of bullying.

Picoult said it was powerful for her to speak with Columbine survivors. She received a standing ovation from families in Littleton during a book event held there.

"It was really moving," she said. "You realize that the people who want to talk about it the most are the people who lived through it. The one thing I think we have learned, and the one thing I thing pop culture is good for, is the more that we see it pop up, the more we are reminded that this is a worthy subject."



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Honestly I have no words for this....they should be ashamed of themselves!

Forever 21 is finally going to have a plus-size store!

Get ready

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Okay I am "borrowing" this from a fellow blogger, but it's about darn time they decided to send those stylish clothes our way. I mean I remember back when I was able to wear their clothes, but that was many years ago (8 or 10 years actually). I honestly think I'm about to do the cabbage patch over this news, lol.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh a hair update

Okay so this is one of those random things...okay my hair needed some type of moisture/protein balance because you can finally tell that I was texturizing my hair. Like while sitting around with my pre-poo...I have to pre-poo because if I don't my hair will be tangled mess. My pre-poo consists of Suave Coconut conditioner, CoCasta Shikaki Oil (from, some extra castor oil, and some avocado oil. I heat up everything in the microwave for about 20 seconds, apply to my hair, and put two plastic bags on my head then cover with a bonnet. Let it sit for...pretty much forever lol. I mean the curls/waves popped, and for one quick second I was like "hmmm maybe I need to just do like Che' (my BFF whose a cosmetology student) suggested?" She said for me to do it 2x a year instead of my 6x year, but honestly I the only chemicals I want in my hair are from my rinses and other dye I use.
Oh and I finally washed my hair the correct way with the Dr. Bronner's soap. The other two times I used it, I used it straight up. Yeah so obviously I didn't think it was concentrated because it made my hair squuuuuuuueaky clean. So, this time I used the soap (Peppermint), added some Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil, and water (1:1:2 ratio) with 3 drops of extra peppermint oil. Tingly untangled goodness is what came of this, and I will be using this method for a long time now. I guess I will have to switch it up from time to time with my other shampoos, but this helped a lot with softening up my roots for detangling.
I guess that's yeah that's it.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm sorry did I forget to mention that there is a sale? lol So, the four generations went out shopping yesterday (my Granny, my mother, myself and my daughter), well it was a trip to get spring pictures taken. Well I the first two generations wanted to get new earrings for AJ, and I had to go and get the rental stroller (well because I forgot she's 22 lbs of solidness). So, it's $5 to get the rental (you get $1 back), and nobody wanted to just give up change for a twenty. So, I ended up going to Bath & Bodyworks to go get something small to break it, and run to get the stroller. Yeah they had a the travel-sized products 3 for $10 ($6 a piece separately, no dice jack), and since they had a good selection I got the Noni body lotion, the Shea hand cream and some Lemon Bigelow body wash (whatever don't judge me lol). At least this way they have my new e-mail addy, and now I can post when they're having a sale (yeah that's my excuse). There's actually one coming up I think next week, I'll have to post that info on a later date. Okay so they saw me with the bag, and were like are you serious. I told them I needed to break a twenty, and they were like yeah okay, lol.
We get to our destination (shame I know that little mall, and notice all of the changes), and the first two generations were like we need to get little one a jacket because she cannot wear this coat. For the record, it was not my fault that she wore a coat in the 70 degree weather, her father just doesn't think about her other outwear options(being a man lol). So, in that process we saw these pretty dresses, then that pretty sale sign that went along with it. Buy one dress, get the other for .88 cent!!! Yes it screamed it to us, lol (what's up with the smirks?). Then they had socks going for the same deal, and then my mother thought that the shoes said the same thing...well they were still on sale as well. So, instead of the little woman getting her pictures taken in her Abby Caddaby outfit that her Great-Granny said was springtimey enough (haha, I was actually told that Mommy 'me' was right!). I cannot wait for the pictures to come in my e-mail because I need to show her off like really, my baby is so toddler model perfect! *NO NOT BIASED, EVEN STRANGERS SAID THE SAME THING* Hubby and I did some good blending with this girl (even though strangely she's looking like my father, *clears throat* she lookalikeherMommy).



Yes, I am a pusher (well not official...yet :), hint BJ) of these products. If you have no problem with waiting two weeks for wonderful products that are hand-made with love, please support the Hairveda fam. I love the Whipped Clouds, but I (see this is my opinion) just can't use it as a leave-in, but more as a moisturizer. The MoistConditioner-Pro (protein), left my hair soft, and noticed that even after my rinse I had less shed hair. The Whipped Ends Cream 3in1, works wonders, but I only have a sample, and still want to give it more time (read: being stingy with my $$ lol).
The sale has already sold out of the beloved Vatika Frosting I've been reading about (it was on sale for $5....grrrr, day late dollar short literally), and the equally infamous Almond Glaze was $4.99. Of course these would be the popular ones because a lot of women were singing these products praises, and were probably like me waiting for the sale drooling lol. Oh and if you really don't want to go mixing your own blend of ayurvedic oils please get to CoCosta Shikaki Blend oil. I felt my scalp suck up the oil, and it starting begging for more. You can't beat the price of $6.50 when the original price is $11. Also for us fellow DC Metro area customers, we get a discount on our shipping. I know when I checked my order as soon as it shipped, I got it the next day (well you can see my reaction to how thusty I was once it arrived). Excuse me Ms. BJ from Hairveda (and family members), if you happen to google Hairveda, and see it mentioned on here...PLEASE LET A SISTER KNOW WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO OPEN YOUR STORE!!! LOL

I need your input

Okay so I've been looking for a decent leave-in. I love my Herbal Essences LTR, but right now hair is slurping it up like a wanderer in the dessert. I want to like the Whipped Clouds thought I bought (sample sized on purpose), but I still think my hair needs a better base. Would anyone recommend Shea Moisture Shea Butter leave-in?

I've bought the shampoo many years ago, when I was 100% bone straight relaxed, and actually liked, but found a better product in Cream of Nature green bottle. My hair does like the Whipped Ends (also sample sized), but once again sluuurrrrrrrp lol. I would recommend this for those who aren't suffering from dehydrated hair, just slightly thirsty hair.
All recommendation will be accepted, but mainly leave-ins please and thanks (Vaseline is NOT A LEAVE-IN, BUT SEALER).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh to be young and....well to be young

I do not know what is so wrong with Cassie shaving the side of her head. It works, and since she's a model/ former model, I guess she has to be ahead of the game. Well at least ahead of the hip hop game (saw pictures of another model who has the same style).
Honestly if I had the career where I could do stuff like that with my hair believe me I would. I sit back and envy artist like Rihanna, Kelis, even Cassie... To be able to go around changing your style without someone passing judgment, mainly because shoot you can always say it's a part of your career, lol. I on the other hand being the mother of one, and currently trying to get myself the pass needed to gain contacts and start a business. I've always had this artsy side to me, but I guess it'll just have to be expressed via tattoos, and pictures (lol). Speaking of which here are some for your viewing pleasure.

Those lovely people at Clutch Magazine

Ha, no they didn't ask me to become a writer for them (even though I secretly wish). Their natural hair columnist wrote an article that showcases all of the "natural support groups." Speaking as someone who has been natural on more than one occasion, we do need support groups. Other cultures are thought to embrace their uniqueness, and we were told that our nappy didn't make others happy. Browsing the forums I used to frequent (sorry I refuse to pay for advice I can get for free in these trying times) I ran into some pictures of women with 'fros that would make my hairspirations look flat. If have one question, if you are a woman who is of Pacific Islander decent, what tips do you have for your hair (if you don't straighten it)? I know I could just easily google it, but I want to get some feedback. Until then, here's the article with the support groups. (sorry that you have to copy and paste, but for some reason I am having no luck with posting my links).

Some, if not all, of the support groups are of those that I follow here on my blog (yay go me, being a nosey blogger lol), i.e.,, brand new community, and (these three are very informative, IMO).

Friday, April 10, 2009

Okay I found my other Hairspiration!!!

Nadia Turner! Her and I have similar hair, well at least according to this picture. For those who don't know I've natural before, and I do know what my natural hair looks like after being properly moisturized and taken care of.

Oh yes for my fellow transitioners I will like to recommend this article from a fellow blogger This article will help you establish some form of routine for when you want to put together a routine to assist with transitioning. Here's a little bit:
Start establishing a routine that you can continue well after you cut the relaxed ends. Make conditioning and moisturizing your hair a priority. Hair that is well moisturized is much easier to care for. Once a week, wash your hair and follow with a moisturizing conditioner. Put a plastic cap over your hair for about 30 minutes or seat under a dryer for 15 minutes. Your new growth should be a lot softer after conditioning. Stay away from heat as best as possible, so roller set instead of blow drying your hair. Once your hair is dry, go ahead and style. Avoid styles that require you to comb through your hair very often.

Sidebar, I heard that people are now adding 2 more hair types...why???? People are already getting confused with the four hair types that are out there already, why add to the confusion? lol

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Hairveda Came in Yesterday

I've been awaiting my handcrafted products from Hairveda for about a good two weeks (love the attention to detail, but I was getting anxious lol). I ordered the CoCasta Shikaki Oil, Whipped Clouds sample, Amla Rinse sample...some other items I just don't remember off hand.

So, how thirsty was I when I opened the box, I grabbed the whipped clouds, and slapped it on my head lol. Then sealed with the beloved CoCasta. Yeah I wanted to do a pre-poo this way, opposite of what I was supposed to use (the Vatika Frosting lol). So, I added more of the oil, and slapped on a shopping bag (cheaper than buying shower caps). I sat around for about a good 4 hours, and decided that I was going to wash my hair. Ain't it a biish, that my hot water wasn't working. I had to use residual warm water to do a quick shampoo, and rinse before I froze. I used the Whipped Clouds as a leave-in, and sealed with the AvoSoya Oil (which I will buy again). The CoCasta smelled almost like a Kemi oil with a hint of curry powder, which took some getting used to. It wasn't as heavy as I expected, but it was still light enough for me to not feel like I could fry chicken on my head. I have to use my other stuff tomorrow when I actually wash my hair (I'll do a better pre-poo, washing and deep condition). I did mix some of the AvoSoya and CoCasta with some remaining WGO (Wild Growth Oil) because my scalp is hella dry. I will say my scalp loves it because it sucked it all up, and doesn't feel as tight anymore. I'll say so far on my 24 hour experience, I will buy the AvoSoya again. I think I need more time with the CoCasta oil to actually see the results. These products can be used all over, and even rubbed some of the AvoSoya on my feet last more ash lol. your savings on! :-)

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