Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!!!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Currently we are reducing our consumption of electricity, and reusing a lot of our plastic grocery bags (great conditioning caps). We are also trying our best to use less fuel, but there are many steps we have to take, i.e. changing to a more eco-friendly light bulbs, trying to recycle our bottles here (even though the complex doesn't do it, guess it'll cost them more, don't need them raising the rent to being more than what we pay anyway).
Oh and I found out that today is Vegan Day....oops never got that memo, as I ate bacon and eggs washed down with a glass of milk, lol. I'll try it later on today to try at least one vegan friendly food, even though we're not a vegan friendly family.,M1 ...check out this issue of Vegetarian Times, which seems to be chock full of vegan recipes.

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