Sunday, March 13, 2011

I so wish I was in T & T this past week

Many of you don't know, but I am a carnival junkie. I like the whole vibes on different cultures meshing together, and having a time. Some people are like go to Rio, and I'm like why??? lol Anyways I was on the lookout for the new band, Yuma, and to see if they lived up to their hype. I was a little disappointed to hear that some masqueraders didn't have a good time on Carnival Tuesday, due to poor construction of the costumes and long waits for crossing the stage. Overall though I heard that everything was still worth the money spent. Shoot look at them crossing the stage! I swear I need to get ready for next year, and I might even make an appearance on the Parkway for Labor Day 2K11.

(I actually like how Leo and Pisces looked on the road...shocked that I actually liked the Capricorn costume, even though I hated it at the band launch)
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Get in on the 15% deal at Curl Mart

Not saying that I'm becoming a product junkie, but it doesn't hurt to get some type of a discount on a product that you're interested in trying out. You get to pick out products by price, hair type (a plus for me because I'm not trying to purchase something that will cause my hair to laugh at it), and of course a variety.
Use coupon code SHOP15 at the checkout! Now let me get back to getting some work done! lol

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So is anyone going to the Baltimore Natural Hair Expo?

I honestly haven't been up to Bmore since my girls graduated (shout out to Shellz, Shannon, Kiianah and my N-Sistas who walked that year I know there were a lot of you so I'll keep it short lol). I really want to go, and haven't been to the last two after hearing so many rave reviews. I have no problems with taking the drive up there with the little one (and maybe even Mr. T.), but I like going to these outings with fellow associates/freinds. So, is anyone going? You get to meet me and all of my randomness/divaness. :-)
ETA: Here's a link for the class schedule, and it looks like I might be up there on that Sunday for the 2pm class on Hair Loss & Scalp Disorders- Trichology 101.

So nice I had to review them twice...Koils by Nature (KON)

Last year around I would say around April I was surfing around FB looking at fellow naturals hair favorite brands. I came across KON's fan page, and I was like let me see what they're about. I loved the ingredients for the owner/CEO/extremely friendly Pam Jenkins' products I decided to look around for something to purchase. I'm leery about ordering products by word of mouth because honestly I just didn't have a good experience with them. I saw that Ms. Jenkins was having a giveaway for her Nourishing Body Butter in a new Watermelon scent. First thing that popped into my mind was "that's an interesting fragrance, but I want that butter!" I was the first to respond, and bam I won my first giveaway. It was the 8 oz size, and it had the smell of watermelon jolly ranchers (<*insert homer drool emoticon*>). The texture was nice, melted easily and made my hair oh so soft. I was like okay cool, but let's test it on my daughter with the Jesus hair (like wool). Her hair will absord any type of hair butter, and then has the nerve to get stiff and uncooperative (believe me Mommy has tried so many things to get her hair to just get a dose of "act right"). I almost cried when I saw how soft my baby's hair was. I mean we didn't fight as usual, and I could use it with the Organics Shea Butter Detangling lotion.
We had a happy summer/early fall, and then it ended when I saw this wonderful butter go "bye bye." It was like my world had ended, and I definitely was BROKE. So, back to scrapping the sides of the container to get as much as possible to tame her edges (forget mine's since my hair was still in wash and go mode with some good ol' suave humectant/sweet almond oil doing the job). Once the New Year hit I was determined to get some type of steady cash flow coming my way, and even plotted on my poor little state refund check. So, once the bills were being paid, I saw a surplus (I have to keep my priorities in check folks no point in having fab hair without gas/electric). I hopped on that opportunity because another bill decided to wave a handkerchief my way to say "hellur!" I bought some Peppermint Herbal Smoothing Gel and a 4 oz size Lavender Nourshing Hair & Body Butter. Watching my email telling me the update on the status of my products left me with a giggity Quagmire feeling. Like the first thing I would do besides doing the normal when you first step in the house, I would go to my patio. Even my daughter was like "what is Mommy doing?" Mr. T. couldn't even answer that question because he would do the same. Like it was a SERIOUS MATTER! 3 days later (she's in my neighborhood so I get my packages asap), I saw that package and immediately went to sniffing as I cut on the shower. Don't judge me! None of her products have that medicinal herbal smell, but a clean fresh smell to them. The peppermint didn't smell like someone melted the red and white candies with some Halls, but like peppermint tea...fresh. I went to look in my package, and waaaah there's a sample for the Moisturizing Shealoe Leave-In Conditioner....this made me freeze because 1) I didn't expect it and 2) because any other time I had shealoe anything my hair would start soft end up brittle and dry. I put it on the side, and opened up my best friend (almost like Thurgood and his Abbazabba candy). Yummy! Like Lavender should always be this delicate, but not so perfume like that it takes away from the purpose of the purchase (I work in a stressful environment so I need something like that). I even received a compliment on the light smell, and how it still smelled like a lavender tea.
My hair L-O-V-Es the Leave-In, and the gel leaves my hair with the right amount of hold. The butter...c'mon son if I'm feenin' off of it this hard you already know I have no complaints. So much that I made another purchase, and boo-yah I even spoke with Pam when I question about my order. She was prompt, and even said next time I order her to let her know and we can meet up. Pam, I <3 you for the business woman you are! AJ's hair got it's dose of "act right," and if you see her hair in the picture from the D.I.T. turning 3 it actually stayed in place AND showed off her true length (my baby is a true 4b..I have another picture of her hair, but I can't edit it as of right now).

Look for a review on the Replenshing Oil and Replenishing Lavender & Eucalyptus Cleanser (of course I bought another body butter because AJ's hair is fat kid, and is greeeeeeeeeeedy!).

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Quirky D.I.T. is turning 3

I'll admit it, I still cry when it's near her birthday. She's my one and only, and definitely had to put up a fight with my body to have her (while my body retaliated and told me the weight isn't budging lol). But my little D.I.T. is turning 3 tomorrow, and I don't know if I want to cry or ship her off to my aunt in Massachusetts. lol I swear that little girl is just a ball of energy. As I scrounge and scrimp to put together something for her to get into to burn off that energy, my parents are putting out the suggestions for alternative day care/learning centers aka their month of babysitting is up HELP! LOL

She says the darnest things I swear, and I honestly think she's my family's Beyonce (well because of the success rate and the sandy brown hair lol). She makes up songs, and performs her own little skits. One of her Godmothers even asked me "where's that British accent coming from?" I put my head down, and told her we act out too many scenes from Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton's version of course). She also likes the Fantastic Mr. Fox, and the farmers have British accents including the one who flicks the cigarette at Petey (yes she acts out that part with me being Petey).

So, when it came down to planning her birthday party Mommy had to find a way to top off last year's. It was great, but I wanted something that all of us could do. First we had to come up with theme. So, we're like she loves ballet, dinosaurs and Yo Gabba Gabba (well all of Nick Jr. honestly). I wanted to have a Dora themed party because I wanted her to experience beating up a pinata like I did on my 3rd birthday (I mean it was a tradition to have one at your party in Houston lol). My mother told me to ask her what she wanted since it was her birthday, and so I asked her which one dinosaurs or ballerinas.
 AJ: "Dinosaur ballerinas"
Me: No you have to pick one
AJ: Dinosaur ballerinas
Me: So you want Dinosaurs dressed as ballerinas?
AJ: Yes Mommy
These are the types of conversations I have with her, and the reason why I love being her Mommy! So, needless to she's having a Tinkerbell and her Fairy Friends cake, lol. Sorry that was just too much to plan, but she sealed the deal when she saw her birthday cake. As for the location, I hate Germ-E-Cheese, and Pump It Up was going to cost the same amount with minimal time stuck with last years location (just hope this year I'll be able to handle the jumper).  This morning when I tried to wake her up, and told her she'll be 3 tomorrow with her eyes still closed she nodded her head and hugged me tighter while she went back to sleep. I followed suit with a single tear flowing from my eye, and got in another 10 minutes of Mommy & Me time.

My true insipiration to make this world a better place for you, love you!
p.s. now you guys know her middle name lol

In response to Black Girl Singular's post

It was a very deep one, and I had to share it with you all. I honestly don't know where I would begin with my 16 year old self so I'll just stretch out the year 1998 since it was the end of my junior year and close to the end of 1998. Well here it goes my mini-discussion with myself:

I would definitely tell myself to stop being so serious when it comes to being accepted by others particularly those of the opposite sex. I didn't really have my 1st love, but my 1st actual relationship experience. That I would definitely have to stress to myself because I was so distraught when he and I broke up. She won't believe me, but I would definitely have to stress to her that he was just the stepping stone on that path to her soon to be husband. She would really tell me I was mad because she already knew she wasn't getting married because she just didn't see the purpose. She saw it as a business contract, have the big ceremony, have a couple of kids, and split on mutual terms. I would have to let her know that she was crazy because marriage/parenthood is the best thing in the world. That I thank God for blessing me with this crazy little girl who will be a crazy teenager just like me then. That she would agree on because she always knew we would have a girl. lol There will be heatbreaks along the way, especially with the death of her 1st true love, but that would pave the way for her to find the similar characteristics in our husband. She would probably still laugh at me, and tell me that would never happen but seeing is believing.

I would also push myself to find a way to convince my parents that I needed to figure out what I wanted to do, and that I didn't need to pick out a major as soon as I sent in my application. That regardless of anything they weren't going to turn their backs on me, and that they're looking out for my best interest. They'll be her biggest cheerleaders, and just want to shelter her from those who appear to have her in their prayers/well wishes/etc.. They know you'll be a great woman, but they want to make sure that everyone else knows that about you. It will take for you to become a parent to know that, and that the cycle will continue.

To always listen to that little voice in my head that something is wrong, and to RUN! Believe me it will have her out of many situations that she didn't need to be in her very near future.

Never date a man you met in the club. So, what if he was great... blah blah blah. Keep him as a great phone/hanging out buddy because most of the time they're about the talk, and what the talk gets them in return (did that one time and checked that off of the list). Tell her yeah the relationship lasted a good 6 months, but it was a good 6 months of a so-so relationship that you even stepped out of character. That's where I should have listened to my voice.

To let myself know that no matter how much you reach out to certain people and call them your friends they will hurt you and will not be in your corner. No matter how much I stood up for people, and mutual friends were dropping like flies I was the ride or die friend. That person who you wanted to make people like, eventually stabbed you in the back, side and heart on several occassions. To surround myself with positive people with goals in their lives. Speaking of friends, always listen to your male friends. You'll learn a lot from men on how they treat the women they really care about just by the way he talks about her. This is valuable when it comes to relationship advice because that's also how you figured out the signs that "He Was Just That Into You."

To ALWAYS have love for yourself, and to be comfortable in your own skin. The only way people will know that you are a force to be reckoned with is to "show" it. Instead of telling people what they want to hear, tell them what you can offer and how to make things better.
Sheesh that felt like a ramble, but that actually felt kind of good. The ball is in your court, what would current you tell 16 year old you? (if you're under 30 it's cool since I am technically lol)

Aubrey Organic Island Naturals Replenishing Conditioner

If there was a rating on reaction, mine's would be "OMG WHAT WAS TAKING ME SO LONG?!?!"
INGREDIENTS INCI: Aqua, cetyl alcohol, alcohol denat. (38b, lavender*), triticum vulgare (wheat) germ oil, hydrolyzed sweet almond protein, glycerin, aloe barbadensis (aloe) leaf juice*, pimenta acris (bay) leaf oil, pimenta dioica fruit extract, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf oil*, citrus grandis (grapefruit) seed extract, jojoba esters (jojoba butter), butyrospermum parkii (shea butter)*, cocos nucifera (coconut) fruit juice*, salvia officinalis (sage) oil*, foeniculum vulgare (fennel) fruit extract, humulus lupulus (hops) extract, melissa officinalis (balm mint) leaf extract, viscum album (mistletoe) fruit extract, chamomilla recutita (matricaria-German camomile) extract, tocopheryl acetate, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) water, ascorbic acid, achillea millefolium (yarrow) extract, equisetum hyemale (horsetail) extract, tussilago farfara (coltsfoot) leaf extract, glycine soja (soybean) oil, daucus carota sativa (carrot) root extract, beta carotene.

(ingredients courtesy of Aubrey Organics website)
I love it! It's thick, creamy, smells heavenly (I guess because I'm partial to allspice), and quenches my hair's thirst. My hair is definitely a fatty, and the shea butter, jojoba butter and aloe vera must have been the answer to my hair's prayers. It's totally vegan, which isn't a big deal to me since I still love a nice ham and cheese sandwich (why lie lol), but for those who are looking for a product like that you won't be disappointed. I purchased my bottle this past Friday, and paid $11 for it and it was worth the price tag. You can definitely find it cheaper online, but if you're ever in Whole Foods look for it. Definitely a 5 star product!

So busy these days, but I must post!

Greetings everyone!!! I have been so busy these past few weeks, and I feel I am neglecting you with my wittiness and whatnot (sorry had a brain fart trying to come up with something lol). Anyways this past weekend I posted on the fan page to look out for my post on my henna experience. I have been itching to do some type of hair color for the past year and some change, and decided that I was going to henna. Maybe it was because I just said I needed to go to the Whole Foods by my job (feels so good to finally say that!!!!), but I saw the Aubrey Organics Island Conditioner (post to follow this one...) and then right beside it HENNA. I have heard mixed reviews on henna, and said I want my hair to be a tad bit darker (my natural hair color is like an dark ashy auburn/brownblack mix it's weird). So, I was sitting back on Saturday evening trying to finalize the Fairy Princesses 3rd Birthday party, and received a text from one of the moms saying can't wait until tomorrow for the kids to hang out. I was like frack (yeah I used another word lol) because I was deep conditioning for like almost 18hrs, and still had to dye my hair. So, I boiled the water for the henna and opened the container. I was like ummm that's weird funk coming off of their. Maybe that'll calm down, while Ock shook his head in agreement. Ummm no....the situation for the smell did not change at all, like it had a funky grass that a goat took a leak on (sorry that's what it smelled like lol). I added some rosemary oil to it, and was like oh shhhh it made it worst! So, he's cracking up and the kid is like "why are you putting that in your hair." With my eyes squinched up breathing through my mouth, I told her Mommy wants to make her hair darker. Being the 2 y/o she is "so why are you using that?" (while scrunching up her face and proceeded to tell me I don't want to smell that and closed the door leaving me to suffer even more). lol Honestly I think it might be the brand I used, but whatever I don't know how some of you ladies can go to sleep with that stuff in your hair. lol Fast forward, since I hate the dryer I sat around with 2 bags on my head for 1 hour, and the smell faded or maybe the remaining smell of rosemary made it better. Now was the tricky part, rinsing all of it out without leaving in bits of henna like I have read in other reviews. I will suggest this to anyone doing henna, use the full force of your shower head/sink attachment because if you don't it will take forever to remove. I felt like Lady Macbeth trying to get that stuff out of my head.

I used almost half of a bottle of my Treseme Naturals conditoner (which if you're looking for a great co-wash you must try it!) trying to get rid of the grit (and the smell), which took about a good 20 minutes. I will say there was still a hint of a grassy smell in my hair, but I said let's put some more moisture back in here and I added the AO Island Natural Conditioner, showered, and rinsed (that stuff got on my skin lol). My hair felt strong, but not stiff which is what I going for as well. I used my Koils by Nature Nourishing Hair and Body Butter (another review just because Pam is so awesome!), and did my chunky twist. I usually use the Herbal Smoothing Peppermint gel, but I didn't feel like overwhelming my bed buddy aka AJ (Ock has been officially kicked out and placed on the couch courtesy of her lol). Look for a picture to come on the Facebook fan page when my mother actually scans it (we took a picture together at Mickey's Magic Show).  Will I do henna again, umm yeah but after I read some other tricks on the removal process. My hair is darker (thank goodness!), and was a tad fuller no loosened curl pattern (thank goodness because my 'kitchen' would really look out of place with my other hair lol). One of these I need to take a picture of my hair wet/dry sans product so you can see what I'm talking about when I refer to my hair lol. It's like my mother's hair type (where that off shade of brown came from) decided to breakdance battle with my father's and some way they came up with my hair. Off to writing up my other's tax time so I've been investing in some products. I know it's a hard job, but somebody has to do it. ;-) As my husband is probably shaking his head. lol
Until then keep on being random! your savings on! :-)

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