My Regimen- Updated for the Spring/Sprummer Season

I never really exposed what I do with my hair because I try my best to KISS. If I don't that's when my hair starts to balk back, and tell me who's boss.

Winter Regimen (so far)- I do the cleansing and conditioning once a week 

Pre-poo- This is usually when I am giving myself a hot oil treatment using approx. 10-12 drops of peppermint and rosemary EOs; sweet almond oil (just enough to balance out the EOs); 1 tbsp of melted shea butter; and a little bit of olive oil (I bought a good quality for $1 at Fresh World). I usually add this in an old applicator bottle, and place it in a cup of hot water for about 5 mins until the oil is nice and warm (had a bad experience using the oil HOT remember that Malcolm X conch scene lol). I leave this in for about 30-45 mins. with two plastic bags over my head.
Cleansing- I'm not a big fan of co-washing in the winter mainly because I like to use my T-Gel shampoo for my flakes (psoriasis is a b... yeah), or my Karen's juicy shampoo bar, which I need to purchase again asap. Here's where you can purchase it. Since my hair doesn't like being braided up when I shampoo, I just wash it in a downward movement, and massage my scalp.

Conditioning- grant I did my hot oil treatment I usually deep condition it using a mixture of conditioners (HEHH, Humectant, the rest of my Totally Twisted, etc.) mixed with oils (JBCO, Sweet Almond, several drops of rosemary EO), and sometimes I even add a little more shea butter. I cover my hair, and sit in the bathroom for about 25 mins letting the shower run (thank goodness for not having to pay for water). I let this steam work on my hair, as I try to relax and then shower. I rinse with lukewarm water, and slowly detangle using the shower to assist me and my fingers.

Pre-styling- before I do my twists or style my hair using Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk on sopping wet hair, and then seal using sweet almond or JBCO. I proceed to section my hair in how I want my style to lay, and either twist my hair using just what is in my hair OR Pink Luster Shinin' Jam for a better hold (still on the fence about this since my twists out don't last as long, but twists do).

Overnight- moisturize using about a nickel sized amount of Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Lotion and sealing with an oil (usually sweet almond), and cover with a satin bonnet.

I might throw in a baking soda deep conditioner treatment, where I mix in 1/4 cup of baking soda, with about a cup of conditioner, and some oil (carrier oil of your choice). I leave that in for about 30-45 mins, and then I proceed to rinse my hair without agitating my scalp. Then I just add a heavy oil like JBCO on my hair, and twist. I trim as needed doing the search and destroy method.

 Spring 2K11 Regimen- let's just hope I can keep this up because that winter regimen 
didn't last that long (lol). 
Pre-Poo- KBN Replenishing Hair and Body's the best, and since it's the Spring I'm trying to keep it as light as possible. 
Cleansing- I'm currently KBN Replenishing Eucalyptus and Lavender Cleanser, but I also see they have an anti-dandruff one in Tea Tree and Mint (uber-excited face). I'm also doing a lot more co-washing because I'll admit it I love my shrinkage/coil "popage" when I do it. Plus it's easier for me, and I don't have to worry about the whole twist out stuff...ramblerambleramble. I'm in love with Tresemme' Naturals Moisturizing Conditioner with Aloe Vera and Avocado Oil. Slippage!!! My coils respond to this one better than any other conditioner I've used...scratch that actually my hair loves Tresemme' conditioners. So, might need to restock up on that. 
Deep Conditioning- I'll still do my deep conditioning once a week, and that's just something I see as a necessity. I'll use the Aubrey Organics Island Replenishing Conditioner every other week, and I'm going to go back to Cholesterol conditioners. I'm not feeling the Africa's Best anymore, but I love my Queen Helene Cholesterol. I'll even add some of the KBN oil to it just to pump it a notch.
Moisturizing/Sealing- I looooooooove to add my moisturizers to sopping wet hair, and it also helps with clumping (at least for much my mother said my hair looks like a hair piece lol). I'm using my KBN Nourishing Hair and  Body Butter (my recent purchase of the Peppermint scented one resulted in an upgrade to the 8oz, thanks Pam!!). I still have the Lavender one, and alternate between the two. I do this sometimes that I don't even have to worry about using a styler (primarily because when I co-wash I leave just a tad of conditioner in my hair). 
Styling -Wash and all the way! I hate touching my hair in the Spring/Sprummer time. I do twists/twist outs, and I might even actually be able to pull a pin up with my two-strands. My staple gels are KBN Herbal Soothing Peppermint, and Eco-Styler (clear, I still have a jar from last summer). 

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