Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yes We Can Snitches!

So, I found these while looking for the Obama Totes that I found in Vogue Magazine (the current one with Rachel Weisz on the cover). These were found on, and I asked my Mommy (yes I still call her Mommy) if she could buy me a pair. So, I can go around the county saying "Yes We Can B!tch" in my best Dave Chappelle voice, lol. She told me she'll get back to me, and went down the stairs laughing. So, I'm going to be stomping in my imaginary Air Force Ones. Since I'm talking about "Forces" you already know I have to put up this throwback, lol.
*why the freak is that now vids embedding codes are being disabled???*

Leave it up to AJ's doctor to give me a clue

So, unfortunately my little princess broke out into a rash a couple of weeks ago. Her doctor didn't want to give her the shots she was supposed to receive that day, but did give me a tip for her skin. She believed that it had something to do with AJ's allergies (yes she is our child lol, she even has my Fall time allergies). Since she said the best way to protect her irritation was to use baby oil (not my usual coconut oil) on her skin right before her bath, bathe her in Aveeno, and then lotion her up with Aveeno lotion (don't worry didn't break the bank on the list since we already used the lotion). Oh my gosh her skin is smoother than it was prior to the rash, and that is going to be our usual bath time routine from here on out. Even Mommy is getting into the habit of applying oil to my skin before taking a shower. I wonder if hubby will notice? lol

Dresses that I found under $50

I have to make sure that everyone can find their size, and be just as fabo. I have some other choices, but not trying to overwhelm everybody, lol.

Isaac Mizrahi's tips

courtesy of
Isaac Mizrahi’s top 10 wardrobe essentialsWith his new book, How to Have Style, about to hit stores, we asked the style-savvy Isaac Mizrahi to ID 10 closet essentials. Armed with his list of must-haves, we point out a few stars who’ve been rocking their Mizrahi-worthy wardrobe.
1. A little black dress
While the LBD comes in all silhouettes, Mizrahi recommends the versatile “little black sack dress…that you could wear either with a belt or not.” Hayden Panettiere sports a beltless version, but we bet she’d look just a cute with it cinched!

2. A slim skirt
To look super sexy if you’re plus-size or petite, “stick to slimmer shapes” and simplify by keeping your look to a few key colors, says Mizrahi. Seems that’s a rule Victoria Beckham abides by as well.

3. White jeans
“I love a white jean right now,” says the designer. “If you work a gorgeous blazer or a gorgeous sweater set with white jeans and some kind of a big shoe, you’re ready for the office.” Whether you’re into skinny white jeans like Cameron Diaz or wide-leg, trouserlike styles, don’t wait for Memorial Day to roll around before you break out the white denim.

4. A good sturdy loafer
London fashion insider Alexa Chung sports feminine loafers with a sweet dress—no doubt Mizrahi would approve of her flirty mix-and-match style.

5. A matching sweater set
America Ferrera hits the town wearing a Mizrahi must: a cardigan-and-knit-top combo.

6. A white button-down
Elle Macpherson turns a basic white oxford shirt into a great going-out look by pairing it with skinny black pants and heels.

7. Sunglasses that flatter your face
Classic Ray-Bans like the pair Penélope Cruz favors tend to flatter all face shapes and hairstyles.

8. A snug-fitting blazer
Katie Holmes—who seems to have everything on Mizrahi’s essentials list in her closet—looks cool, calm and collected in a tailored black jacket.

9. High-heel sandals
“I think you could probably live without a flat sandal,” muses Mizrahi who favors high-heeled versions. Clearly, Kelly Ripa agrees!

10. The perfect bra
As Blake Lively demonstrates, looking polished in a T-shirt and jeans is all about having a bulgeless and seamless bra.

Friday, September 26, 2008

vids on the infamous blowout

Okay so far I have seen so many people complain about how much heat is used for this method. In this vid, the stylist is not using as much heat as I would get for a regular blowout from an AA salon.
Yes I have had a blownout from my fellow sistas, and jeebus my hair like instantly broke off. From what I have heard about DR salons, if you have request they will listen to you. If I tell an AA stylist that they are using too much heat on my hair, they will roll their eyes and kiss their teeth. Then proceed to tell me that my dense hair needs as much heat as possible to make it straight (lies I say).

Here's a fellow blogger demonstrating how she does a blowout (she disabled the embedding code). I recommend visitiong her blog, which I will be doing more often (good job Lorraine!). I don't see the big uproar because heat is heat, just keep the lines of communication open with your stylist. I mean it is your hair right?

I'm a week late

but I had to share the "Swagga Like Us" unofficial Diddy remix lol....I do like it though

Here's the official song "remix"

vid I'm feeling today

Did somebody say fashion on a budget?

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm truely on this "the look for less" kick. I'm a big fan of TJ Maxx and Ross, but I sure do love a good online sale from Old Navy and Torrid. I also love to find little coupon codes online that will help with my shopping. So, while reading Glamour magazine (I haven't bought one in so long since I've been reading parental magazines) I saw they had an article for recession-proofing your life. Of course that meant recession-proofing your wardrobe. There were a couple of sites that I had to share with you (my audience), and maybe you might already know about them. First there's, where you can find all of the coupon codes in the world along with their approval rate (meaning if they worked or not). I have used this site before, and it does come in handy especially when you want to get free shipping. Also there's, now on this site there are designer sampler sales with the prices marked down to almost like how much you would pay for a GAP silk tank (but it's designer!!!!). Now I didn't see anything plus-sized friendly, but I did see some of the tops that would be good under a cute blazer or vest (meaning if you just need a shell these could actually work out). One of my favorite blogs about being fashionable on budget is So many fly items on her blog, and you don't have to go broke in an attempt to keep up with the Jones' and Johnsons lol.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

just doing some promoting --> one of the best places to go to if you need any help from fellow sistas who have been there, and done that. I try to go here as much as possible, and believe me they are very helpful. --> one of the members from my Morgan Fam (also probably one of my blood relatives, but don't want to stretch that far lol). She is in the start up process of getting her non-profit together, and this is my way of advertising for her via my blog.
Also I hate to do it, but I also have an Amazon store, where you can find: pretty much anything baby that you would need, all the books (didn't filter these), and all of the health and beauty products that my family (mainly myself love).

Monday, September 22, 2008

Attention Shoe Shoppers!!

I am constantly getting emails from the holder of my weakness...DSW. The economy is hurting me, but a girl can "window" shop these days right? lol So, while viewing the ads online, and in print magazines I just had to share the benefits of shopping with them online. It might be a downfall for others, but I see it like this. I pay $25 for one pair, and then I get free shipping I have a sweet deal.

Here are even couple of my favs from their website (you know there are more, but baby calls lol):

all images are courtesy of

Those who stood out at the Emmy's

If you haven't seen the 40 Year Old Virgin or the Office, you're missing out on this beauty (Mindy Kaling). I want her dress and all of the whoever styled her picked out the best dress! Her hair isn't bad either, but I guess that goes along with the well put together package.

I like this dress, but maybe not for her. The dress is a good cut for her figure, but it's really not doing much else.

This is a very simple, yet elegant selection. She did all of the right things with her hair, and with her accessories. Thumbs up!

Looking ever so fab, and so natural. Love it!

Now for the daper gentleman's time to shine. Mr. Fishburne looking oh so chic in this burnt orange pin-stripe number. Yes I am trying to talk my hubby into wearing more color in his life, and this is a good model to follow.

photos courtesy of

Sunday, September 21, 2008

So PG County has a new DR Salon

I said in my comment on, that I would have to tell everyone about this new salon. Not only because of the ladies in the Central and Southern Prince George's County need easier access to a decent Dominican salon, but because of the reason behind the salon. The sister of slain Sintia Mesa, decided that she wanted to open a salon in the memory of her sister, who at one point in her life mentioned that she wanted to own a salon. So, I'm keeping my promise to share my fellow family member's (she was a graduate of Morgan State University) dream with everyone in blogger land.
Sintia's Dominican Salon is located conveniently off of 495 at exit 17B. We are located in walking distance to the Sports and Learning Complex, and FedEx Field; at the intersection of Landover and Brightseat Roads.
Sintia's Dominican SalonLandover Crossing Shopping Center8581 Landover RoadLandover , MD301.685.5787
Click here to Receive Special Promotions from Sintia's!
HoursSunday – 9am to 4pmMonday – 10am to 7pmTuesday - CLOSEDWednesday – 10am to 7pmThursday – 10am to 7pmF riday – 10am to 7pm Saturday - 7am to 5pm (Last walk-in taken 1 hour before close)
I would say tell them Jaz-E sent you, but I still havent' been able to make it out that way just yet.

So while searching

For new hair products from Vitamin Shoppe, I remembered that I wanted to buy some of the Jane Carter Solution products I've been hearing about. I was so looking for something in the moisturizing pomade variety, but saw that there was a very limited selection. There was the leave-in (it looked promising, but I was working on my own), the moisturizing shampoo (I still have like about 4 bottles that I need to finish), and then the moisturizing conditioner (I have more than enough of these). Good thing I wasn't going there hoping to come back with a bag full of goodies.
So, while reading one of the posts on TCHD blog I got the bright idea to make my own moisturizing conditioner. I added water (should've bought distilled), emu oil (I think it was about 1/4 tsp. not sure), castor oil (just a couple of drops), peppermint EO, and aloe vera juice. I'll let you know how that comes out because right now my hair is very shiny, and it also feels a little stronger (not greasy). I'm also trying to get into the habit of taking flaxseed oil again, which did do wonders for my hair and skin a couple of years ago. Like I said, I'll keep you posted! lol

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Giovanni Smooth as Silk

On the same post-anniversary "holiday" my hubby and I took, we decided on our way back home to make a stop at Arundel Mills.....Well I decided that we needed to do some shopping for the baby, and a little for ourselves, lol. Any excuse I guess for me to spend money on the baby, and well on building my wardrobe for work. So, once after having lunch at DuClaws (I had the Bare Ass Blonde and he had the Alchemy; loved mine but his was so-so) and spending much needed money at Lane Bryant (bought 3 tops and a bra for under $70, not bad at all) I said I was good.
We ended up making a stop at Vitamin Shoppe, and since I needed some vitamins I said I was going to see if the Jane Carter products were there. No luck in finding them, but I did say I needed to try a new conditioner. It was a toss between Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Conditioner and the Giovanni Smooth as Silk. I looked at my funds, since I was smart enough to leave at least a portion of my check at home, and said the Giovanni was coming home with me (was it me or that PJ aka Product Junkie woman?). I bought a Liquid Trial Sized version of the Vitamin Shoppe, which unfortunately DID NOT have any iron (damn you anemia *shakes e-fist), but it did give me a little boost of much needed energy.
So, of course the next morning I did a co-wash (yes even after I said I was going to try to do some type of protein), but my hair felt like straw after using the hotel con for my wash. I will say my hair didn't feel as gummy as I had experienced the day before, almost like it had some protective coating. The real test was combing my hair, and then being able to place it into my usual bun. The GSMAS had some slip to it, and actually helped me with pulling my medium textured 4ab hair into a sleek bun with minimal product needed (I used the Aveda Brilliant gel). GSMAS gets at least a good 3.5 stars, my hair did feel a little dry on the ends the next day.
Oh yeah still be on the look out for the Jane Carter review. I have my eyes on a couple of the products.

okay I'm getting bored

I'm getting so bored with my hair, and right now I'm like even to the point in going to a hair dresser (so ol' school I know) to get my hair done in a roller set. I just never feel like doing my hair because of the little one, but I know I need to do something besides just pulling it back in a ponytail. I am happy that my hairline is growing back...yes!!!! I'm kinda shocked at my progress that you can't even tell that my hair was pulled out. Thank goodness the follicles weren't permanently damaged. The only thing that I did was just apply some castor oil to my hairline, and then when I did remember I would use my growth-aid (Tea Tree Stimulator hair oil mixed with MN and a little olive oil). Once I my hairline back in order, I can be bold and brave with pulling my hair in different directions. I might even get my hair braided again, but not at that same place. Not all of us need to have our "baby hairs" (lol) braided.

More Protein

So, when I was away on "holiday" with the hubby to celebrate our first year anniversary I did the water test on my hair. The water test involves you just plucking a couple of strands of your hair, and then submerging them in water for a couple of mins. Well I did mines while in the shower, and I left a couple of strands to "air dry" while I co-washed my hair. So, I checked on them, and they were gummy and snapped when pulled on.

So, what am I doing on this Saturday night....pre-treating my hair with Africa's Best Kids conditioner since my hair never responds to well with protein conditioners. All of this time I was wondering why my hair was getting so tangled, but now I know that it's because my hair just might be too moisturized. That means cutting back on the co-washing 3x a week, even though my hair was loving the needed moisture. Just need to get it balanced again before I end up getting the urge to *gasp* use the clippers again, lol.
*Don't you worry you can purchase it at my store, lol.*

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm feeling so...

Under stimulated, unmotivated, and unappreciated at my job. It's like I'm just going around doing a lot of busy work, but not interacting with the children. It's hurts my heart that the person who said that she was going to look out for me, has not fulfilled her promise. Every now and then I'm interacting with the students, but that's usually because the teacher has to use the restroom. Maybe to make me feel like I'm something more than a go-for (you know go ask such and such for this, go in this place to look for that, etc.) I need to take it upon myself to just go ahead, and ask teacher's if they need a bathroom break, lol.
I feel like I have this degree, but I cannot do anything with it except become a political blogger (a good idea, but there are so many others out here) or an educator/consultant. *screams* What to do, what to do???? your savings on! :-)

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