Monday, September 22, 2008

Those who stood out at the Emmy's

If you haven't seen the 40 Year Old Virgin or the Office, you're missing out on this beauty (Mindy Kaling). I want her dress and all of the whoever styled her picked out the best dress! Her hair isn't bad either, but I guess that goes along with the well put together package.

I like this dress, but maybe not for her. The dress is a good cut for her figure, but it's really not doing much else.

This is a very simple, yet elegant selection. She did all of the right things with her hair, and with her accessories. Thumbs up!

Looking ever so fab, and so natural. Love it!

Now for the daper gentleman's time to shine. Mr. Fishburne looking oh so chic in this burnt orange pin-stripe number. Yes I am trying to talk my hubby into wearing more color in his life, and this is a good model to follow.

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