Friday, August 29, 2008

How could I forget about her!

Has anyone ever paid attention to the recent Converse commericial? I've been like meaning to post this blog about her, since I do not see much written about her. The her that I am referring to is Santogold. Oh gosh I love her, like just as much as I love M.I.A.

Santi White attended Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and then went to college at Wesleyan University, where she double-majored in Music and African-American studies. The artist got her pseudonym in the 1980s from a friend's nickname for her.[1] She worked for Epic Records as an A&R representative, but left the position to write and produce How I Do, the debut album from the singer Res.[2] In 2003, her father, a lawyer involved in a Philadelphia municipal government corruption case, died.[3]
Santogold was lead singer of the Philadelphia-based punk rock band Stiffed,[4] whose 2003 album, Sex Sells, and 2005 album, Burned Again, were produced by Bad Brains bassist Darryl Jenifer.[5] While in this group, she was offered a solo contract by Martin Heath of Lizard King Records.[6] Her initial singles "Creator" and "L.E.S. Artistes" received attention from Internet media in 2007.[7] White also appeared on Mark Ronson's 2007 album Version, performing on a cover of The Jam's "Pretty Green". *source*
Check out my video bar, and please check her out.


Like really wtf is going on?????? I mean I am a very well qualified teacher (even though I'm a substitute), but it's like I cannot get a fucking break! I've been asked by other teachers why didn't I just go into education since I'm so great with the kids. Honestly I told them I wasn't trying to spend an extra 2-3 years trying to pass the tests needed to become a teacher. I was also interested in getting a Masters in International Studies, so becoming an educator was not always on my agenda.
Now that I've been bitten by the teacher bug, it's like I'm seriously being tested to see if I really want it. I'm getting really frustrated, and it's only the first week of school. Thank goodness we're having a 3 day weekend because I couldn't deal with that for another day. I even just took a pay cut to become a classroom assistant, but was not told if I even got that position. Maybe I'll find out on Tuesday when the new classroom assistant will walk through the door. That will be my final sign that I will have to find another school in my neighborhood. I love the kids, but the games the adults are playing are just not even called for.

Jane Carter Products!

OMG I can now go to my nearby Vitamin Shoppe, and look for Jane Carter products! Once again another "sweet" moment! I've been kind of leary about whether or not I wanted to purchase online, just because I wanted to get the "feel" (i.e. smell, touch, test, etc.) with the product. Reason why I only recommend products that I have used for my Amazon store. I promise to have a review of my purchases next week, since that's pay week...holler! lol
*photo courtesy of*

Elasta QP fans

Okay for those who love hair care products from Elasta QP, they have a coupon good for a $1 off a $20 purchase. Now if I do this right, that means I can buy my Creme Cleanse Shampoo, DPR-11 and glaze...sweet!!! It's only good at Sally's though, but act quick because the offer expires in October.

two things that are irkin' me

Well there are two things that are irkin' me besides my job (love it, but gosh I feel like I'm being initiated for TBT aka Teacher Beta Teach). I missed the Obamas!!!! I missed Michelle's speech because I was ran ragged for the first day of school. Had to find out the hard way that I was no longer going to be the full-time sub for PE, and that my pre-k teaching position was given to another motherlovin' substitute teacher that the state hired (sons of bitches, if there was already a sub why place another). That was Monday, but damnit if my husband didn't turn the channel on me last night right around the time Barack was supposed to speak.....damnit!!!!!

McCain, like really wth???

So after a great turn out for the DNC, McCain decided that he wanted to congratulate the Obama/Biden ticket for a job well done. Not even a full 24 hours later, he comes up with this no name as a running mate. I want to give my opinion, but I feel that I might actually get some form of suit against me, lol. Really McCain, are you that desperate for votes, that you had to pull a no name (Palin, sorry you're just not known) to carry on the white women's vote? Yes I think he is trying to get those who supported Hillary to come over to the dark side, lol. Like all of his advisors need to go in a time out corner, and think of a funny punch line before they just kiss 4 more years of "Elephant Madness" on Pennsylvania Avenue, lol. Shame, and I was so waiting to see if he was going to pick Huckleberry. I actually liked him! I can tell you one thing, she is one of the most popular google searches today, lol.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I had to tame the beast

I have this little person in me that goes a little crazy...She has this problem with wanting to waste my money sometimes in trying new things. Yes she is my product junkie, and she has been my downfall since I started earning paychecks. When ever I had a moment when I'm depressed, or just need something that will give me an excuse to be all up in my hair, she just shows up with these things in her hand. Of course being somebody who sometimes has vain moments, I fall into her little money trap. I can't help it!
Well yesterday I received some news at my job, which involved me changing positions. The new position meant I would have to be outside more often, which meant that I would need to have something to protect my hair. Well I went to my neighborhood Rite Aid (can't just say drugstore since we have 3 major ones on one street), and there was this bright green display of Garnier Fructis products. I reached out for a couple, and said okay let me read these labels so I know that I'm not buying junk. I am a fan of Garnier, but I did want my usual Sleek 'n Shine hair mask. Didn't see it, but saw a tube that looked like it could be the same.
For those who are natural, or transitioning/stretching you know the troubles of trying to maintain the length of your hair while preventing damage. The Sleek 'n Shine deep conditioner that I remember had great slip. Even when I was natural, it brought out my coils, which shrunk up to nothingness and tangles when it dried, lol. Ok let me get the stars out of my eyes before I reminisce over my long lost afro (I had an afro that was beautiful back in April, and accidentally texlaxed). I'm a fan of anything that limits the tangles because I'm one who will go looking for a barber shop in a heartbeat. I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up my mother's prescription, and had some time to read while waiting. Of course I had my staple ORS Replenishing Pak (I swear it's almost like every hair blogger loves this conditioner lol), and sat back and read the label.
While reading there just weren't any trigger words that made me believe that it would do anything for my hair. I had to suck it up, and went back to get another conditioner. I've learned my lesson with conditioners that just don't at least make the detangling process easier. Reading that label made me envision my already tangly hair, in this big bird's nest. I picked up one of my deep conditioner faves, Pantene Relaxed and Natural Defense conditioner. This one I have never had a problem with slip, and yes it does have a -cone. I don't care! lol
If I don't obsess as much (going back to my high school philosophy), and just worry about the products that actually work for my hair. Maybe, just maybe my hair will be back on that healthy track it used to be. I'm still having some virus issues on my other computer, so I won't be able to upload the pix. You can check out my amazon store because I will be adding these products to the hair care section. Oh yes, and let me not forget about Lacio Lacio leave-in conditioner and Elasta QP DPR-11. I tried the DPR-11 just because I like Elasta QP products, and I also liked the smell (I have a weakness for peaches lol).

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My hair care from high school up until my freshman year of college

My hair regimen was so simple back then, and I really don't know what went wrong. I guess once I started getting so involved with life (working, commuting to school, and not having the funds) I stopped really being as less obsessed. So this is me trying to remember what I did, and maybe I can try to see what I need to go back to the way things were.

High School/ Freshman Year Regimen
  • co-washed my hair like every other day with any conditioner that was in the bathroom (Suave, Motions CPR, Pantene, etc.)
  • shampooed my hair over the weekend because that way I could just sit there under the dryer and chill
  • rarely used heat because my hair was either pulled back in a ponytail, or in a wrap style
  • rarely used hair dye, just a lot of rinses because I lifted my hair at least 2x a year
  • used hair grease, it helped my seborrheic dermatitis
  • went to the beauty parlor at least 2x a month in high school, and once a month in college
  • wore protective styles when life got busier; weaves, cornrows, ponytails
  • got a trim when the seasons changed (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer)
  • texlaxed when I didn't know anything about it, I just didn't want my hair bone straight because it had no body at all
  • during the summer didn't even bother with relaxing because I was so lazy, that if I wanted my hair straight I would just air dry in a bun and press my roots with a flat/curling iron. Most of the time my relaxers were about 4-5 times a year
  • faithfully gave myself a deep conditioning treatment 2x a month, and a hot oil treatment once a month
  • worked out everyday: I was in dance and took a gym class every other semester, and in college I was always speed walking to classes (I lived in the back of campus and was always rushing) and going to as many parties as possible
  • was a wash and go queen: co-wash and add some settimg lotion and was out!

Like I really knew what I was doing back then because I would purposely cut my hair to my mid-neck just to see how fast I could get it to grow. Maybe I need to go back to those days of hair care by keeping it very simple.


I'm a very very very very big fan of co-washing aka conditioner washing, and leave it to TCHD (shout to you girl!) to post two very informative vids on the topic. I recommend every black woman to at least try co-washing for 2x a week for a month, and watch how much softer your hair will feel. I didn't know I was doing well by hair by doing that in high school. Maybe that's why my hair would be back down to my shoulders after my usual 2 inch cut to even out my hair (it would grow back in about 2-3 months with no damage). I need to go back to what I was doing in high school when I was experimenting with my hair. Now I know that all I have to do is just work on doing braid outs and roller sets, which I laugh at since lil' diva won't allow that to happen, lol. Anyways here is the video, once again shout to TCHD.
For some reason it's not allowing me to copy the code, but I will edit later when the TDs are taken care of (TDs=techinical difficulties).

My weekend

Okay so this weekend it was kind of long. Well I say kinda long because we drove down to Spotsylvania, and from where we live even with the back roads it felt like freaking forever!!!!!! (lol) Our daughter was sleep the entire ride, even with the stops and a group of bikers riding with us (well they were just going in the same direction). Of course that meant she was up once we got home, but not for long. What made us go all the way down there you ask? My uncle's wife's family has a reunion around that time, and I hadn't been around there in about 6 years. Some of them had even forgotten what I looked like, which isn't surprising since a lot has changed since then. A lot of them were just as shocked when they saw my family (my family meaning husband and daughter), and of course baby girl was the hit.
I'm raising my little diva well, no matter how much people say she's spoiled. She just has to build trust for people, and since she's my shy little Pisces child she clings to my husband and I....A LOT! (lol) I love it, but everyone sees it as her being spoiled, which isn't far from the truth, but she doesn't know many people.
I made sure that she was the star of the T family, and wore my usual nice top and jeans with glowing makeup. The glowing makeup lasted for all of ummmm 10 mins because we didn't use the air conditioner on the way down. I did make sure to try to do my hair, but nooooooooo the humidity in the bathroom ended that quick. My hair was this big poof! I texlax my hair, and since I've doing that my hair has been very full since it iisn't processed to fuck. Unfortunately I had to pull my hair back in a ponytail, and that sucked so much ass!! I just felt like a real frumpy mess, or maybe that was because of other reasons. I got over it real quickly because at least that meant I didn't have to worry about my hair.
So, I will say it was a good function with a good turnout. Oh my goodness I have to give it up for the fam aka the bartender, Kim (you can find her out in Adams Morgan). She was keeping the party going with the libations (am I spelling that correctly?), and with the give aways. We have shot glasses and plastic cups for days when we do move this year (hopefully before Columbus Day) courtesy of her. I wasn't really concerned about the music because we were shortly going next door, which is about a 5-7 minute walk, to go watch the game. I needed a win in my life since the Panthers lost their pre-season game with the Philly Bald Chickens (I say this out of love since my cousins up H-burg are Philly fans, lol). Little one was not a problem at all. She fussed everyone made sure to try to help out, whenever her father would let her go (lol). She watched the game, and made sure to cheer for the right team. She even stole the attention of the older men by rolling over not once, but twice! By the time we were leaving she knocked out, and actually slept for awhile until those gums got to her. Mommy just can't get it right, if I don't have the Tylenol, I need to have at least the teething gel, which wasn't the case last night.
So, since she woke up, and we were trying to at least get home earlier, which meant around 11:45ish (l0l) we walked up to the house. I told the guys she was fussy, and they wanted proof. Once they saw she wasn't crying, and was actually chilling they said she's cool and kept the party going. I was chasing my father around for his Blue Motorcycle aka Blue Motherfucker (hey I found out that if you call somebody a motorcycle it means motherfucker so it's the same drink), and since he was being stingy with it I went to the bar to get my own. Once again her is another shout out for Kim, that was one of the best Blue Motorcycles I have had in almost a year. For those who don't know what a Blue Motorcycle is, it's a Long Island Iced Tea but instead of coke they use Blue Curaco and Pineapple Juice. I guess I needed something stronger for last night because after that drink right there, I was pretty much done. Good thing hubby was driving because I caught a case of the sleepies, lol.
Once again I'm getting long winded so I'm going to cut this very short, it was good and loooooooooooong day which made the weekend kinda long, lol.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Article I found on Ehow on hair health

Okay I try to find ways to improve my health, especially for my hair. I was raised that my hair is my crown and glory, so I have always been somewhat obsessed. Obsessed with who is putting their hands in my hair, and what products are good for my hair. No matter how many times I tell people of how sensitive my hair is to heat, they still think they should have their dryers/curlers/flat irons set on death. I have had my hair thriving one moment because I did, but decide to pamper myself by going to a stylist. That's exactly what most of them are, stylists. They don't know actual hair care, and will promote anything that will damage or cause you to continue to go to them (yeah this is a rant). Whatever this article is very informative.

How to Improve Hair and Nails Through Your Diet

by eHow Health Editor
Our physical traits are mostly determined by genetics, but you can help nature along with changes in your diet. To get your hair and nails in the best shape possible from the inside out, read on.
Difficulty: Easy
Step One- Eat high-quality protein foods. Eggs are a good source as long as you don't have cholesterol problems.
Step Two-Eat grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.
Step Three- Make sure your diet is composed of 50 percent fresh fruits and vegetables.
Step Four-Add sulfur- and silicon-rich foods to diet. Onions, broccoli, fish and sea vegetables are all good sources.
Step Five-Eat food rich in biotin, such as brewer's yeast, brown rice and soybeans.
Step Six-Sprinkle ground flaxseed on your cereal. It provides essential fatty acids.
Step Seven-Eat foods high in B vitamins.
Step Eight-Drink tea made from alfalfa, burdock root, dandelion, and yellow dock.
Tips & Warnings
If you want to supplement your diet, vitamin-mineral combinations specifically formulated to improve hair are available in health-food stores and nutrition centers.
Overall Things You'll Need
Fresh Fruit
Herbal Teas
Whole Grains
Fresh Fruit

Oh gosh

I'm having one of those take the good with the bad weeks. My computer pretty much crashed (well at least I think there is a virus), and so I'm sneaking to use my mother's, lol. I got accepted into grad school, but can't access my tax info because it is on the crashed computer. I'm still looking forward to being in the classroom this year, but where.
Oh yeah have to jeep this brief (sorry Mr. Hayes and Daddy Lofton), my husband's grandfather had taken a turn for the worst after being kept stable after a horrible car accident. Isaac Hayes passed while exercising by having a severe stroke. See what happens when things get talked into existence? (remember rumors of him being dead earlier this year?)
Mi diva moment this week comes by way of my side hustle, Mary Kay. I so love the new minerals collection we have, and when I do get my computer issue in order I'll post pix or something of the makeup. I use the blush as eyeshadow, and it looks so nice and glow-rific on me. I also had to get my touch-up aka DIY texturizer kit (I use these for texlaxing), some ponytail holders, and a new brush. Right now I'm sitting in two ponytail b/c I'm still detangling my hair after having 4 inches of new growth (hadn't had a touch-up since April of this year). Not much else to report, hopefully I'll be back up and at it again. I have so much more to type!!! Until then toodles all!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Family Time

I love spending time with my family, even though you know when people spend 5,000,000,000,000,000 hours with each other it's almost like a tag team match with my daughter playing guest referee, lol. This weekend it was more than great! My family and I went to our church's picnic yesterday, and honestly I had fun. I didn't mind the fact that while I was playing Bingo they would hear it when I was helping everyone else out, but when it came to me shooting "Bingo!" nobody heard me (shoot I won two games in a row). Maybe I should have said "Bingo bitches!," and then they would have really heard me lol. I got over it, but if you know me you know I was thinking about it. They even had a "Deal or No Deal" game happening. Maaaaaaaaan I so wanted that HP printer they were giving away, but I was assisting with getting everyone signed in and handling the meal tickets. I even saw some of the kids I taught (I'm a sub. aka a teacher), and especially one I hadn't seen since '05. So many people go to the church in our town/city however you want to classify us in the boonies. After awhile I was like really getting upset, but put on my happy face when people wanted to get mad at me because their name wasn't in the book. Anyway because I'm not trying to get all upset, this is supposed to be a happy posting got dammit! lol
So, after hitching up the wagon (read: loading the stroller, putting her in the car seat, and finishing my sno-cone) we headed out to see my Godmommy (yaaaaaaaaaay Godmommy's house!!!). We get there, and I see this tall handsome young man step out the house. Mind you I didn't have my glasses on, and once we got closer it was my nephew. Okay well my Godnephew, but I drop the God part because that's just too much to say at once. Oh and I knew it was him, it was just so hard to see him being taller than me. So, I give my baby a big ol' bear hug because his Auntie hadn't seen him in like almost a year. We all sat around drank (well not him, and yeah I know heathen move right lol), talked, passed the baby around, and then I told him to sit down in front of me.
After he wanted to be a smart ass, he finally sat down in front of me. I looked at his hair with my already squinty almond shaped eyes stretched wide open. I told him to get a bottle of shampoo and some conditioner because we were going to do his hair. Of course this was during the Redskins game, but I didn't care since it's pre-season. After hunting him down from hiding from me, I brought him over to the sink. Looked around, and then asked "where's the conditioner?" He was like "I unno," and of course me being his aunt I already knew he didn't ask. So, what did I do? I made some using mayo, eggs, and honey; of course that didn't go down well for him. Okay let me fast forward since this is getting lengthy. I did an ACV rinse, shampooed his hair, and then applied the conditioner. HAHA that was priceless, with him talking smack and little bits dripping on his mouth. I was like that's what you get, but laughed a little bit. So, I put a bag over his hair, and made me go take a shower to rinse it out (we found another conditioner after torturing the poor child). By 8:07 I started the braiding and detangling process, which went slowly because I had this little broken comb, but we finished around 11:30 with two breaks. Not a big fan of Doo-Gro Hair Lotion since the first ingredient is mineral oil (makes yucky face), but got over it since it had Beeswax. This prevented me from having to use a gel or pomade to make his twists. His hair was so cute, and of course I educated him on what he needs to do for his hair. Let's how long that would last, lol.

I end this post with what I've been saying all of this weekend; it's real short, but you get it.

R.I.P. Bernie Mac

Man yesterday morning I was bummed out over the death of one of the funniest men in comedy.
born Bernard Jeffrey McCullough on Oct. 5, 1957, in Chicago. He grew up on the city's South Side, living with his mother and grandparents. His grandfather was the deacon of a Baptist church.
Something told me he was one of those comedians that grew up in the Baptist Church, lol. Like there really isn't much that I can say except that I pray for his family, especially his wife and daughter. Just know that he is no longer suffering anymore, and at peace with his maker.

Here are few clips for Mr. Southside Bernie Mac, loved your comedy style man! Now you'll be in the line up of one of the best shows in heaven (Richard Pryor, Red Fox, George Carlin, and now what a line up!!!).

Friday, August 8, 2008

Why people why????

Gosh I'm sorry to say it, but why is it that news people find the most ignant black person to interview? I mean that shows how much people pay the freak attention when it comes to common knowledge. Number one before I get some comments about I should be ashamed of myself (or other indecent comments):
  1. I am an African American woman
  2. I am a graduate of one of the best HBCUs (go MSU!!!)
  3. I live in a predominantly Black community (read: largest prominent African American counties in America.
  4. I hate it when it's the person who doesn't know squat, always is supposed to represent my race.
This rant is in regards to complaints about the McDonald's 365 campaign. The complaints that Mickey D's are receiving are coming from are from predominantly black/minority communities. They feel that with all of the health problems that minorities (read: black) suffer from, why would they (Mickey D's) promote their restaurant to this audience? Now if you don't know, there is a poster that looks like a big read sign, with the words VOTE in the middle, and the arches along with the 365 website in the corner. Now mind you if people listen to the Tom Joyner Morning Show, it has a connection with McDonald's 365 campaign. This campaign stands for celebrating Black History 365 days of the year. Why oh why did they interview this woman, and she said it stood for 365 people eating hamburgers a day???? Oh gawd, I swear I wanted to just stop watching TV right there, but I couldn't. It was that "train wreck" factor that made me focus more, lol. I mean her theory was ridiculous, but there were others that were on the same trek.
People what am I missing here? So, instead of being happy that the voter rates need to be improved in the community, you're going on a tangent about health issues??? Man c'mon! There are more pressing issues that they could be complaining about, but noooooooo let's complain about McDonald's ad that is sending a different, more positive message to us. Next time there's a complaint to be made, let's focus on our neighborhood schools pretty much being swept under the rug when it comes to improvements (this goes universally because all social brackets are affected when it comes to education). I guess I'm done, I need to meditate, lol.

gosh I am such a geek!

Okay so today is the beginning of the Summer Olympics, and you should have seen me surfing around so I could see the opening ceremony in it's entirety (yes IT IS that serious lol). I hate the commercials, the skipping of important story sequences (you know that the hosting country must have a story to tie into the theme), etc. Like I found out, while searching, that instead of going in alphabetical order countries will be going in the order of Chinese calligraphy (the United States will be 139, daaaaammmmmmmn).

My mother is so not looking forward to the history, which will happen because I am full of useless facts. Like if I really had some form of confidence I would have been on It's Academic in high school, and would be a retiree because I won goo-gobs of money on Jeopardy. Everyone else who hears my little lecture on the opening events, are usually impressed, but my Mom says "Oh that's just what Jaz does." Don't get me wrong, but yeah that's something kind of OCD on my part. Like I became a History major because that meant I could study on different cultures, and *gasp* maybe even study abroad. Well, umm, yeah moving on (that like never happened except in my dreams lol) there's always a future family trip to Europe or Africa. I mean I'm like really going off topic here, lol. Anyways back on my search to at least see something from the opening ceremony, and so far what I have viewed it's awesome!!!

TTFN folks!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Don't know where to really start

Well tonight, I'm just trying to see what to watch on t.v., while taking out my braids, feeding little one, and pretty much passing out later on. It's her teething that is messing up her regular sleeping patterns, and I'm sitting here pretty much on fumes (well diet coke and a couple of cups of cinnamon/black tea mix). I was supposed to help out with dinner tonight, but all I did was call the neighborhood carry-out for wings, lol

I'm sitting here also vowing to never get my hair braided by a professional ever again. Like if you see my edges you will know that over a year's effort to make my hair stronger *makes raspberry sound* all down the drain. Honestly there is a reason why I don't bother to go to "professional" braiders. Most of them braid either too tight, or they add so much product to my hair that it's almost like they want to preserve the style at no matter the cost to their customer's hair. Like right now, I'm just waiting for little one to get sleepy, so I can start my clarifying process. Then from there a good shampooing and DCing (deep conditioning for those who don't know). I'm so happy that I bought my NTM mask because there will be a protein treatment done tonight. I'm even scared to sit under the dryer with all of the stress my hair has been through for the past 2 months (I washed my hair every other week, so that's 4 washes). Good thing I kept it moist and conditioned for those two months because who knows what my hair will be like.

Welcome guys and gals!

Well this blog is to celebrate the life of moi and my family. This is where I can post the random thoughts that pass through my mind be it being a full-time Mommy, a wife, and just plain ol' how I live my life.

Like my hobbies include (not limited to): chatting it up on my favo message boards, researching random products for my diva purposes (I've been called this or stoosh), finding sales online, singing, entrepreneurship, and cooking of course. Not much to really explain, since the first word in name of the blog is randomosity, lol. Just don't expect the same ol' song and dance. your savings on! :-)

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