Thursday, August 7, 2008

Don't know where to really start

Well tonight, I'm just trying to see what to watch on t.v., while taking out my braids, feeding little one, and pretty much passing out later on. It's her teething that is messing up her regular sleeping patterns, and I'm sitting here pretty much on fumes (well diet coke and a couple of cups of cinnamon/black tea mix). I was supposed to help out with dinner tonight, but all I did was call the neighborhood carry-out for wings, lol

I'm sitting here also vowing to never get my hair braided by a professional ever again. Like if you see my edges you will know that over a year's effort to make my hair stronger *makes raspberry sound* all down the drain. Honestly there is a reason why I don't bother to go to "professional" braiders. Most of them braid either too tight, or they add so much product to my hair that it's almost like they want to preserve the style at no matter the cost to their customer's hair. Like right now, I'm just waiting for little one to get sleepy, so I can start my clarifying process. Then from there a good shampooing and DCing (deep conditioning for those who don't know). I'm so happy that I bought my NTM mask because there will be a protein treatment done tonight. I'm even scared to sit under the dryer with all of the stress my hair has been through for the past 2 months (I washed my hair every other week, so that's 4 washes). Good thing I kept it moist and conditioned for those two months because who knows what my hair will be like.

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