Friday, August 8, 2008

gosh I am such a geek!

Okay so today is the beginning of the Summer Olympics, and you should have seen me surfing around so I could see the opening ceremony in it's entirety (yes IT IS that serious lol). I hate the commercials, the skipping of important story sequences (you know that the hosting country must have a story to tie into the theme), etc. Like I found out, while searching, that instead of going in alphabetical order countries will be going in the order of Chinese calligraphy (the United States will be 139, daaaaammmmmmmn).

My mother is so not looking forward to the history, which will happen because I am full of useless facts. Like if I really had some form of confidence I would have been on It's Academic in high school, and would be a retiree because I won goo-gobs of money on Jeopardy. Everyone else who hears my little lecture on the opening events, are usually impressed, but my Mom says "Oh that's just what Jaz does." Don't get me wrong, but yeah that's something kind of OCD on my part. Like I became a History major because that meant I could study on different cultures, and *gasp* maybe even study abroad. Well, umm, yeah moving on (that like never happened except in my dreams lol) there's always a future family trip to Europe or Africa. I mean I'm like really going off topic here, lol. Anyways back on my search to at least see something from the opening ceremony, and so far what I have viewed it's awesome!!!

TTFN folks!

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