Friday, November 27, 2009


Go shopping on my Amazon store! It's linked to several stores (Toys'R'Us, Target, etc.), and it's secure. You don't even have to worry about having to go to various stores because it is all right there in one spot, and you can just sit there with your pajamas and feet up on the sofa. You can get Black Friday AND Cyber Monday Deals!
You can even find everything Princess Tiana because you have the power of Amazon right there finding everything for you and the little princesses in your life!
Disney's Princess and the Frog, just a sample of what you can get!
Some come and  enjoy the savings!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Video Phone (Remix)

I had to post this so everyone else could see it as well. I already tweeted and fb updated with the link. Now I don't have to stay up past my bedtime lol.

I think I want to interview everyday people

I mean even though there's supposedly some type of recovery from this recession; there are still some who are trying their best to put their talents, personality and goals out there. I want to conduct interviews with those who just have not been successful with their job search. Who knows when one of your future employers googles your name, they just might be able to see your interview.

Is anyone willing to be the first interview candidate?

Wow...I guess it's their way of spinning 1/4 life into motivational speaking

Well last week I was just talking about 1/4 life crisis, and look what I found on clutch magazine today.
Motivational Tips
You do your best to keep from thinking about the events of the day but cannot help seeing as how it only going to repeat itself the next, it’s the same thing everyday … that is when it hits you… you are stuck. You start to wonder about what happened to the goals and dreams that you had once mapped out for yourself? There are so many people your age that are so successful… why can’t you indulge in that same success? Daunting thoughts roam through your mind… How did I get here? How can I fix this? Where am I going? You are intelligent, fun-loving, creative, and gorgeous if you do say so yourself! So what is keeping you from having the success you dream about…?
I love it!!! I love their blog/site, and they are usually right on time when it comes to socio-political issues.

shout out to the Flying Fourhosemen of IT aka my group

*well except for the no eating here tonight part, but we did it!!!!* Good luck on the research paper you guys!

Would you be willing to sacrifice..

I just got finished listening to Willie Jolley (I love him! so passionate about being positive), and this is inspiring a question that I've been wanting to ask: would you rather keep a job doing something you hated, made you sick and sometimes depressed to go to just so you can make a certain $$$ amount? OR would you take a job with a pay cut because you are doing something you love, and you have no problem with cutting back in your life? talk ya talk folks!

P.S. If you want to hear or read anything by Willie Jolley you go to his facebook fan page Willie Jolley fan page OR his blog Willie Jolley the "Comeback Guru"

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day dreaming

In my fantasy world, I travel the globe writing about different venues for generation x/y-ers who just so happen to have families of their own. This is coming from me watching the movie “The Truth About Charlie,” and me always wanting to be involved in something internationally (preferably in Europe). I know I always wanted to get into the field of International Relations, but that changed once we started our family. Now it’s looking like now that I have this history degree, what am I really supposed to do. I know I want to work in IT, but not on the regular 9-5(6) trek. More of a freelancer, in web design/development (even though I do want to be a certified Network Security Specialist), and now I’m looking online seeing certificate programs for free! I mean I want my master’s, which I am currently pursuing, but not so sure if I want it in IT. I understand there’s a salary cap for just having a bachelor’s with certifications, but I’m honestly not concerned about that. I am concerned about me waking up enjoying my job, and even the long commute with the idiot drivers of 495 OR the funky passengers on Metro (lol).
I swear I am so confused with life, and my freaking purpose lol. Maybe I can just pile on certificates in things I’m interested in, maybe even something in tourism since I honestly do like travel and different cultures. Any suggestions?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Shoot who wants to go to Fridays?

1/2 priced appetizers any day after 4pm from now until December 23rd. Go for a little Black Friday shopping, and unwind with friends while sharing some spinach dip and fried green beans. yum!

GOP Chairman Ends Abortion Insurance For Employees | | Washington, DC |

GOP Chairman Ends Abortion Insurance For Employees | | Washington, DC |
Okay he said elective, but seriously it's like either he opposed it or he was trying to please the party. Either way he needs to be kicked in the shins for this.

Russion Roulette

I don't care what anyone says about this being about evil and whatnot (next topic lol). I love this video!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

1/4 Life Crisis

So, on FB I had a friend who posted "Quarter Life Crisis" as her status message, and I was like is that like our version of mid-life crisis? (I didn't ask this was going through my mind) I decided to look it up, and of course I went to good old wiki to give me a better understanding. It's pretty much the feeling that everyone in your social circle, is having a more successful/fun/fulfilling life. As if something was missing from the equation of your life that does not make you feel complete. The more I read, I too am going through my own quarter life crisis. I have a wonderful family, and for some reason just could not find out what was missing. I should honestly be shouting from the rooftops that I love life, lol.
I saw myself wondering maybe it was something with me not being social, and just maybe I needed to get out more. I noticed that I like people, but from afar. In other words I do not mind working with people, talking to people, but to actually have to voluntarily put myself in a social situation where people are more worried about who is watching them I just have to pass. Then I said maybe it's the financial issue, but then I'm thinking to myself so far we've been doing very well. Staying within budget, and I still make sure that I am going on assignments. I honestly, wouldn't mind a steady part-time mainly to get out of the house and a little additional money. The more I kept searching for what I thought was missing in my life, and the only thing I can come up with is what the freak is my calling? I mean it was hard to get motivated to do things mainly because I want the freedom to still be with my daughter, but the ability to go out of the house. But what is it I'm supposed to do? lol I know I would love to get into web design (not programming), help people, get a chance to be creative and flexible...this does not mean I just want to do web design but be artsy.

Chawell, when I find that out I will let you guys know lol.


So, I was having some technical difficulties trying to log onto google using firefox, and just said forget it let me just download chrome on my new laptop. Now I am back in bidness! :-) I will be able to post once I finish my class (dropped one because that was like pouring peroxide over my eyeballs trying to figure out binary and anything else dealing with infrastructure with a teacher who didn't really teach). Anyways I'll be back when my random thought comes back into my head. For some reason it was there before I signed in, and then it left. I might just go ahead and type them in an e-mail to save as a draft for postings. your savings on! :-)

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