Wednesday, November 11, 2009

1/4 Life Crisis

So, on FB I had a friend who posted "Quarter Life Crisis" as her status message, and I was like is that like our version of mid-life crisis? (I didn't ask this was going through my mind) I decided to look it up, and of course I went to good old wiki to give me a better understanding. It's pretty much the feeling that everyone in your social circle, is having a more successful/fun/fulfilling life. As if something was missing from the equation of your life that does not make you feel complete. The more I read, I too am going through my own quarter life crisis. I have a wonderful family, and for some reason just could not find out what was missing. I should honestly be shouting from the rooftops that I love life, lol.
I saw myself wondering maybe it was something with me not being social, and just maybe I needed to get out more. I noticed that I like people, but from afar. In other words I do not mind working with people, talking to people, but to actually have to voluntarily put myself in a social situation where people are more worried about who is watching them I just have to pass. Then I said maybe it's the financial issue, but then I'm thinking to myself so far we've been doing very well. Staying within budget, and I still make sure that I am going on assignments. I honestly, wouldn't mind a steady part-time mainly to get out of the house and a little additional money. The more I kept searching for what I thought was missing in my life, and the only thing I can come up with is what the freak is my calling? I mean it was hard to get motivated to do things mainly because I want the freedom to still be with my daughter, but the ability to go out of the house. But what is it I'm supposed to do? lol I know I would love to get into web design (not programming), help people, get a chance to be creative and flexible...this does not mean I just want to do web design but be artsy.

Chawell, when I find that out I will let you guys know lol.


Enchantress said...

I went through that somewhat last year...I just felt stifled. Things began to fall into place all of a sudden and I rolled with the punches. Not to worry, you will figure out what exactly it is you need. Just keep your eyes open.

Divafied Mama said...

I'm glad that you over came your "crisis," and hopefully I'll be able to get over mines. My issue is that I am trying to really see what I want in life. Like I don't want to be tied down to a desk, but everything is just money oriented and not emotionally driven. your savings on! :-)

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