Sunday, October 31, 2010


Now that has been addressed, I loooooooooooooooooooooove me some Halloween. Nope not just because of the dressing up and going around to random strangers asking for candy, but for the memories I have from my childhood. Grant it we didn't carve up the pumpkin like we did when I was a kid in Houston, but we did watch the Great Pumpkin, which I enjoyed more than she did. She did watch it a little, and did commentate what was happening but not the same as you know dancing along and laughing. lol We even watched Glee's Rocky Horror rendition, but that was because IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE me some Rocky Horror Picture Show.
So, tonight like when I was around her age we're going Trick 'o' Treating, but not like we used to in the neighborhood. We're going to the mall, which I hope still passes out candy in this whole politically correct world. I want her to experience seeing the kids/adults parading in their costumes saying that lovely phrase of "Trick or Treaaaaaaaaat!" This year she's going to be as she calls it a Bumble Bee Princess. Think of Blind Melon's bumble bee dancing in the field. Like all I could do was sing "all I can say is that my life is pretty plain. I'd like to change my point of view, but it's not saaaaaaaane" when I saw the costume come home. She loves much that she had a full blown tantrum when I told her she had to wait almost a month to wear it. I also so excited that Rocky Horror Picture Show is playing all day on Fox Movie Channel. I get to sing and bring out the jazz hands, and relive my tweens. I also get to see Dr. Funkenstein the sweet transvestite from transexual Transylvania.
With that said please be safe this Sunday evening, and enjoy that candy in moderation! comments on it

I don't know if anyone has seen the Hype Williams/Kanye West movie "Runaway" starring Selita Ebanks (VS Angel/Supermodel). I'm honestly a fan of Mr. West, and not only because I like to cheer on his Hennesy induced antics but because he really is an original artist. I got over the fact that he pretty much dresses like a quirky metrosexual with his band of guys pushing the questionable fashion status/statements because hey if you're different you need to prove it. Hint: Prince and the rest of the pumps wearers of the 80s. I won't say that he isn't the class clown that everyone is like he's such a butthole, but gosh his wit and charisma just cracks me the freak up. I will say this movie "Runaway" has literally left me so confused...scared...and wishing that Mama West video recorded herself giving her son advice whenever he decides to go on one of these said Henny binges to become creative (okay I'm only saying Henny because it could be a little *snort* induced as well).

Hubs, being a Chicago native, was like "wow....welp that's a Chi-town native, pushing the envelope while being creative" while he proceeded to pretend that he was Kanye, and was rambling off ideas about what he wanted in the video (while under the influence of a certain narcotic). "I want roman candles, a marching band, a model looking like a huge macaw like angel, ballet dancers, LOTS AND LOTS OF AUTOTUNE...yeah and FIRE!!" (that was hubs reaction to first seeing the video) So, while I'm laughing I was like omg this is entirely too long, and AJ is watching it with me with her head cocked to the side like "Mommy why?" She got extremely excited about the ballerinas, and wanted to put on her ballerina dress. I had to tell her no because it was bed time. She pouted, had a fit, but still cuddled up next to me and the laptop. Mind I was watching this while doing my mid-term, and pretty much had to have that entire 34:25 of my life frozen in time while watching this artistic portrayal of...what I don't know. Eventually AJ got bored, and fell asleep and I still with my arm going numb with holding all 30+lbs of dead weight on one arm glued to the laptop screen with my eyebrow cocked up. Eventually it ended, and I heard Gil Scott Heron reciting a poem that somewhat matched the theme of the video (I think) and all I could muster was "what the f&*k was that?"
So, after watching the movie/video/whatever for a 2nd and 3rd time (2nd time I was just skimming) I can finally say that I get the video. 1st time it was like oh gosh the shock value, 2nd time I wanted to see the turkey freak out and hear a couple of the songs including Runway, and 3rd time I wanted to actually watch and analyze the video. Here's what I came up with:
  1. Hype Williams....I still love you! I loved with Belly, and I love how you can turn something so scattered into something art worthy
  2. the turkey in my own sick and twisted way that effing hilarious. But I do like the theme of those sitting at the table frowning upon the "different" person, and the waitstaff (yeah I like that role reversal so what lol)
  3. Mr. West in this b**ch...yes you are still the ish musically, and that is really what makes this video hot in the long run. 
  4. It would have been nice to have N. Minaj in the video instead of her just narrating, like it would have been nice for the being "different" part would have segwayed into Monster with Minaj wearing a similar macaw type costume (probably reminiscent to a Tribe costume 'for those that follow carnival in T&T')
  5. Again about the pompous folks at the table, so they're so self-absorbed that they're toasting themselves? lol LOVE IT!!!! 
There's soooooooooooooooooooo much I can say about this video/movie, but here's where I want to hear your thoughts about Mr. Douchebag West's "Runaway." Feel free to comment....who knows might spark a little dialogue with those who are thinking the same.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This post is brought to you by the letter C

C is for cranky!!!! I'm in the middle of mid-terms, writing a paper for my other class (I know after having to write a paper last week), hungry (remember I am on WW), and sleepy (because AJ has taken a liking to our bed AGAIN, and my sleep pattern is off). I have also been applying for jobs during the times when I'm up looking at CBS news at 3 o'clock in the morning.

As far as WW (weight watchers for those who don't know) it's going fine honestly. I cannot say that I have been doing the recommended 3 days of cardio, but that is because every waking moment I am doing something for my school work (I did work out yesterday, but for only 20 mins). I've even started looking into other schools again because as much as I want to be a web developer, I need something more structured than this crap. At least if I find myself somewhere on a campus I can at least get some type of walking involved. I won't get into that subject (me missing campus life) again. lol

Now on the job part....I hate cover letters, the whole customizing for the same type of job just a different department/company thing is a PIA (pain in the arse). I mean grant it I understand how I need to stand out from the competition blah blah blah, but sheesh can I get a break? Hubs said "you like kids so find a job working with the kids," which resulted in me giving him the evil look. I already work with kids when I sub, but I said if I'm doing that I want to be a guidance counselor (reason why I went liberal arts in the first place because it would give me a well rounded education, where I wouldn't have to become a teacher).I honestly do want to get into non-profit working with children, or on the basis of improving the lives of children (particularly inner city/minority groups).

Sleeping...I'm just off schedule, plain and simple. I go to bed either too early, or even if I go to bed on time I wake up early as heck. Honestly there is a lot on my mind, but nothing that will kill me. Maybe I'll get in a nap so I can at least get some more reading done (said mid-term is due Sunday @ 3pm only wrote skeletons of what I need to do). I know one thing when December hits I'm so going to embrace my pillows, and welcome their warmth and comfiness into my life again. (lol)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Whip my Hair by Willow Smith

So since I'm rocking the Condi Rice press today, AJ and I had to really whip our hair lol.
SB: Am I the only one who thinks the "teacher" in red got a little too much into it? lol

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Today was my first day at WW

I said long ago that I was trying to work out more, eat better, blah blah blah, and I was doing a lot better with my life. My pants were getting loser, I had more energy, and then boom I said let me go to grad school. That's when I ended up hitting the wall on trying to get myself in better condition for my baby girl, and for the child we're planning for when she's in Kindergarten (at least that way I'll have some funds put aside just in case I'll have to go on bed rest again).
So, I'll be using this almost like a log for me to at least keep track of what I'm feeling, and what might trigger how I eat and what constructive way I'll fix it. Today I felt down in the dumps because I knew I: had to completely remove the clutter from my living room tag teaming with Mr. T., work on my homework, and also work on my dangon mid-term that my beautiful teacher put an extension on (bless your heart!!!). So, I had a skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte, which is comparable to a Skim Cinnamon Dolce latte (3 points, GRANDE!!). Went to Giant to get my filling but satisfying spoon-size Shredded Wheat and a pint of skim milk (yuck, it's like gray water lol).  I also bought a base soup for Maryland Crab Soup, which I plan to protein up with chicken and shrimp (Chesapeake Bayers my bad but yeah a chick needs something to make her not reach for the Cheetos lol).
Hopefully this is a good start, and my mother and I already said we're going in on breakfast after church tomorrow (she buys the Canadian bacon and light English muffins, and I buy the eggs, grits, cheese and whatever fruit we need). Oh yeah and this is another Mother/Daughter venture we're doing with her assisting me because funds are non-existent on my end. Maybe tomorrow we'll have wine spritzers while we watch the game....*pause* (giggles). I'll have to find a way to incorporate exercising if I get this position, but if not I'll have time to after assignments at the schools (yes if this assignment doesn't fall through I will be going back in the classroom to sub). Reason why my previous rant because I cannot have my hair straight, and then working out. Something has to give (lol), and hey maybe I'll put in some individuals so I can at least make sure that's something I don't have to worry about (hmmmmm sounds like a plan, but will I do it lol).

ugh why?????

For some reason I feel some people are entirely too colored in their thinking process, which makes me want to move somewhere to embraces loose natural hair. Why is it that every time my hair gets to a certain way, okay haven't you stated how you feel by now? Why not just go ahead and relax it aren't you finished with your statement? You know your hair looks so much more professional straight. It's like damn I'm not doing this to have a statement, but I am doing it because I'm tired of a relaxer. I swear it makes me literally want to holler AND throw up both of my hands! (spoken by a fellow DMV native Mr. Marvin Gaye) I think that is one of the main reasons why I want to have my own business. At least the main focus will be on my talents, and not about how to appeal to corporate America. I have several people in my family who are naturals, but they're the short haircut type. You know might venture out into some comb coils and what have you, but primarily everyone else is relaxed. Thank goodness the ones from my generation are exploring the options of being natural, which means there's some type of hope. I'm the one who gets the flack because I want to wear the twists, braids and honestly I have not straightened my hair since August and that was for my uncle's funeral. Before that it was for me to have my hair braided in late March.
Okay I think I'm done with my you do you have one?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thanks Beads, Braids and Beyonds

I'm behind on my posting this week, but this was really supposed to go up last week. AJ loves this so much almost on that Elmo/Abby level (might need to make her into a permanent character). We watch it at least 3x a day, and she actually goes around the house saying "I love your hair Mommy." *tear*
Pass it along, shoot I even e-mailed it to my mother.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Washington, DC photographers....DC needs you!

"Calling photographers - got great shots of DC to help promote the city? Submit your best electronic images to Provide permission and proper photo credit info for publishing. We'll create a FB photo album to share the very best entries. Looking for powerful, exciting, inspiring, entertaining... images...the well-known and the hidden gems."  I have to promote my city of birth, and at least pass it on to those who happen to love photography (be it career or hobby).

I had to share this one

Being a substitute teacher I see the kids who get stuff just so they are not bothering their parents, and hopefully their parents will watch this. I knew kids who were receiving gifts for report cards with majority Cs, a couple of Ds and with poor marks in reading comprehension and behavior. I'm talking about ipods, iphones, shopping sprees, and I'm like I had to come home with no less than a 3.0 before I could even think about going shopping. I digress...Here's Little Girl Swag (aaaaaaaay)

What is your dream?

So, this past weekend I attended a WOW (Women of Worship) Conference at my church, Mt. Ennon Baptist Church. The theme was about Women Empowerment based around Ephesians 2, and my mother and I were beyond excited to attend. Mainly because we are pretty much each others bff (true talk she's honest with me, cries with me, and supports me even if she doesn't approve), and it was just another level for us bonding as mother and daughter. So, of course we're so much alike that we didn't even arrive on time, and headed straight to chapel to make sure we had our seats. I honestly wish we had gotten some of that continental breakfast because I was dragging that morning, and needed something to at least help me focus on the workshops.
The first workshop was "The Power Within" that my mother picked, and it was actually somewhat worth it. I cannot say that I had gotten a lot out of it. It was one of those finding out how to bring up your connection with the Holy Spirit, and grant it that's how you can have guidance but I wanted something else. We did learn about that we did receive a gifts from the Holy Spirit, which were the gifts of creativity, boldness and confidence. Of course that was closer to the end of the workshop, and we didn't get an opportunity to touch that portion in depth.
The second workshop, I was feeling a little dizzy so I ate my chewy granola bar they gave us in our bag and refilled my water. I also gave my hubs a call just to see if everyone was alive, and to make sure that AJ didn't cause a mutiny. (lol) Found out she went to the Pumpkin Patch with her other grandparents, and he was about to go back to sleep. So, after I got off of the phone we went in for our next workshop, Unleashing the Vision (the one I picked). Now that one was great, and it worked out the way I expected it to. I thought she was going to make it something like a lecture in a classroom, which had me like "oh how I wish I had a 5hr right about now," but it took at good turn. First thing you must do is put together a vision statement, which requires:
  • to list 10 things you most enjoy doing? *be 100% honest* i.e. I like to be creative, assist others, make people laugh/happy...
  • write 3 things you must do everyday to make you feel fulfilled
  • you must pay attention to every aspect in your life, and how your vision statement will have an impact on these said aspects i.e financially, family, career, etc.
I could continue to go on and on, but I'll keep it short because I know how some people (including myself) feel about extra long posts. (: After the presentation, which I can find a way to scan and e-mail upon request, we were put into groups to discussion situations that certain characters in the Bible had to face: Saul (his past reputation), Naomi (her lack of faith), Joseph (the haters/doubters and to not be boastful because not everyone is going to support you), Abraham (not putting his trust in God to provide him and Sarah with a child), and there were two others but I forget (I fading by then and still upset at a group member who got in my face about not agreeing on something).
Honestly I couldn't even tell you about what happened after the luncheon because my "ADD" was starting to kick in, and how much the person who was sent to sing bored me. She had a wonderful voice, but when I think of worship I think of singing songs that make you stand up and shout. I mean I used to sing in choirs, and the only time we did the slow tempo songs  they still reached you and made you shout (Total Praise, one of the hardest to sing, but still a favorite). It was like everything had to be really mellow, and I was like you have us here early on a Sunday morning so you might want to give us some Jesus caffeine lol. Overall it was still a great workshop, but I really enjoyed the "Unleashing the Vision" one. I do one day hope to become a successful entrepreneur. I would say in what field, but I learned my lesson in who supports me and who doesn't. I'm in E-Business now because I just want to add onto my liberal arts skills, and also want to know how to market to people. You can honestly say this workshop did assist me in trying to narrow down my dream/focus because I was really scattered about. I just know when I'm gone I want my daughter (and hopefully future children) to have something that their mother left for them to carry on. In closing I wanted to ask what is your dream? You can share it with us, or you can write it down for yourself to see daily. I know some of us have dream, but are afraid to approach it because of setbacks and plain fear. Claim your dreams people!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My poor AJ

She gets like her mother when the seasons change I swear she does, but it really hits her hard in the Fall/Winter time. So, here I am wearing one of my many Mommy uniforms. I am today the nurse, along with chef, activity planner and even masseuse (shoot I have to rub my baby down with some good vapor rub). Well since I can't find that, and the vaporizer is in her room, we did the steam treatment with me using some of my peppermint and rosemary oil to help soothe her (and to open up those nostrils). Right now we're watching Coraline and she's sipping on chamomile.

I currently have the house smelling like a big cough drop since I started up her vaporizer. The best one that I can say that helps is the one that you can plug into the wall, and you just purchase the vaporizer pads. I mean my daughter is walking around here sounding like Gucci, so I'm trying to open those sinuses. (lol) I even brought out the aspirator...yeah that was NO fun at all at 7 this morning. Even though it's not recommended for children under 6, but her pediatrician did recommend for anytime she's congested to give her some Benadryl (1/2 tsp). It's helping her a little, and so it's looking like I need to rely on what worked when she was a baby. So, happy she can blow her nose because that aspirator is torture for both of us. (lol) There's always the vapor bath that really used to knock her out when she was younger...hmmmm might have to do that.
Well let me go because she just asked for some more tea, and on that note happy Sunday everyone! Let's go Skins!!!

Protective Style- Roller Setting

I for one hates sitting underneath the dryer, but I do know the benefits of roller setting natural hair.
  • less direct heat
  • stretched hair with body
  • depending on the products, your hair is softer and more moisturized
Here are some vlogs that I found on the glorious youtube, and believe me 2 years ago there were not as many of these when I was a pregnant and also taking care of a newborn. If there were any, there were a handful who were type 4, and I honestly didn't care for their results.
Anyways enjoy! I need to get ready for chuuch, and look at what I'm doing lol. Thank goodness we have come as you are services because today looks like a jeans and pretty top day. :-)

Here's Curly in Colorado aka on youtube Mitchellzee (embedding was disabled) Roller set- part 1 & Roller Set- part 2...perfect for those who have shorter hair, or just a rack of shrinkage (haha haven't said a rack of anything in months).

If you have longer type 4 hair here's HealthyHairJourney

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Welp I have to do interview hair....

So, of course after I washed and deep conditioned my hair after posting the vid, I was told I have an interview (yay me!). Now grant it I have gone on interviews before, and even landed the positions (I'm a contract/temporary worker) wearing my puff. My last assignment I wore a puff mainly because I didn't have the time to actually do any styles (hence the reason why I had to trim earlier this month). Okay so fast forward, the assignment that was supposed to last until November got cut short, and I put myself on availability. So, this position is right up where I want to be financially and career wise.
On my checklist is to figure out what the freak is going to happen with my hair???? I was like hmm blow out pinned in a professional like style, and then I said oh yeah that's not going to fun lol. Then I said hmm let me do a curly set, and then I thought about sitting under that dang dryer. Final resolution, a press and curl...this time I'll use the actual pressing comb. Something about a good ol' fashioned press takes me back to my days in Houston. When they were done right my hair actually grew past my shoulders, and it was also thick and healthy. My phobia of pressing combs stems from the frying sensation I got from a press I received when I was getting ready for my baby shower (it's been almost 3 years and I'm still shell shocked lol). My deal is to pretty much do it MYSELF, or get my Mommy to assist me. More than likely it'll be me lol.

WISH ME LUCK!!! I will post a vid, especially before my interview so you can see the final results.

Essence does all-natural November issue

Essence does all-natural November issue
I had to share this one, looks like Essence got me on this one hands down. Curvy girl's health plan and then embracing your natural hair. Yup so when I get a chance I will be going to the store to buy this magazine.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Product Review on ORS Olive Girls Hair Pudding

Okay so forewarning Mama hasn't had her 'brows done in a minute so yeah I have my bushy brows thing going on.(lol) I had to cut it short because AJ made an appearance in the video (well at least via audio), but I finally got a chance to use my ipod camera (yay me) and wanted to at least show the results of a twist out using Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Girls Hair Pudding. First things first I wish I got a picture of the texture, but if you know what Miss Jessie's curly pudding it's the same visually. Once you put your finger in this gel (all you need is a fingertip's worth), and it feels really slippery but in a good way. I started off with just regular sized twists (micros oh heck no!), put some oil on my fingers unraveled and fluffed. That's it, now that I like the results looks like I'll be twisting my hair again tonight so I can wear a nice twist out at service on Sunday (yeah already planning weekend hair). What would I rate it 5 out of 5, and when I mentioned that I had some flakiness it wasn't because of the gel. 


How the heck does one lose a shampoo bottle after one use? lol I really wanted to do a review on Suave Professionals Rosemary Mint shampoo especially with my scalp turning into patches (I have seborrheic dermatitis, which flares up during the colder months), and I wanted to see if I actually felt that tingle that I've been craving. So, I'll just go by what I remember from that first time using it. First thing that came to mind when I flipped the cap "whoa there buddy that's strong" then I had the evil Mr. Grinch smile. lol I'm one who loooooooooves tingly shampoos, and just by that smell I was sure I had a winner. So, I rinse my hair and proceeded to add a little bit in my hand (like a dollop). I knew it...Suave did not let me down! I felt the tingle, but not a tingle that will make you squirm and run your head under the faucet like you're trying to rinse a relaxer out. But the tingle you get when you're using a hair oil (or dare I say it) hair grease that happens to have tea tree oil. Oh yeah Mommy liked! It rinsed cleanly, left a little bit of a tingle while I was adding my conditioner (no it wasn't the Rosemary Mint conditioner).
Just based off of that one time, I will highly recommend this product. It made my scalp feel less tight, and after rinsing my hair was clean but not squeaky.The smell is something that if you don't mind walking around smelling like a spearmint leaf, then it's something you can handle. Remember this is just based off of one use 4 out 5 is the rating. It might change when I actually find the bottle, but hey the "experience" wasn't a waste (exception of losing the bottle DOH!).


Nope I'm not referring to Michigan State or Morehead State or any other university that share the same initials. I'm referring to my alma mater Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. A fellow alumni and entrepreneur, Jennifer of Naturally Me salon, is having a homecoming special.
Believe me if I have to funds I am definitely going to take the trip up there just to have someone else in my hair that actually knows a thing or two about natural hair. If you cannot make it in time for the special, you can still receive a 15% off discout with your first visit. Knowing me I would have something basic like a two strand twist hawk *shrugs*.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's the hype about all of this hair type talk???

I've seen that mentioned so many times, and even had to pretty much tell someone it's just about knowing what might work or won't work for your hair. Well this was actually brought up around the Mizani Hair Type system, which I honestly love more than Andre' Walker's version. In my opinion it covers both the LOIS factor and the curl/kink patterns. Here's what they Lor..Mizani has to say about their "natural curl key."

With the support of our world renowned scientists in the United States and France, MIZANI has pioneered the Natural Curl Key™. After years of research and testing, our laboratories defined global hair types based on specific-shape criteria and utilizing a scientific approach to measuring features of human-hair strands, including curve diameter, curl index, number of twists and number of waves. This research resulted in the identification of eight distinct hair types worldwide.

The MIZANI Natural Curl Key™ is an easy-to-use reference guide that allows professional stylists to identify the hair type of any client and determine its key characteristics and special needs, as well as the most beneficial care and service suggestions.

 According to Mizani 8 curl types ranging from straight with no wave to zig-zag coiled (see how they call that pattern coils right (: ). If I go by their curl system I am a type 5 (very curly) through type 7 (very coiled) throughout my head of coils and kinks. That's with my hair properly moisturized allowed to air dry. Grant it I probably won't buy their products, but it does help to know that there's another curl chart/system floating about and to see their suggestions. Take a look at their site for yourself, and tell me if it helps you out.

Type V hair (my hair sporadically throughout my crown and my kitchen, but mainly when it's picked out not dry)
Type VI hair (the texture of my hair in the front just as cottony just thinner)
Type VII hair (this is texture of my hair smack dab in the middle real wiry)

Sunday Brunch at the Charthouse in Old Towne- Oct. 3rd

Okay I will admit I get frantic when we have a busy schedule especially on a Sunday. I have to first wake up, check my homework in both of my classes just to see if someone brought up something new, and then get myself ready. That's just in the first 45 mins (I'm usually up before dawn to make sure this happens), and that's not including me making sure my AJ and hubs are alert. So, after I figure out what she's going to actually wear (I usually switch outfits because our weather is questionable) I wake her up while she tells me "I'm too tired, leave me alone, or I wanna sleep Mommy." I take her out of her bed semi-awake, wash her face and place her on the potty. I'm still getting told off in toddler speak, when I go to wake up the grizzly bear Mr. T. who will end up growling at me because I woke him up , but whatever we attend a church where the parking is literally first come first serve (at least to get on the main parking lot). We leave out the house in time for us to get to church in time to meet up with the family.
Usually we make it an effort to have brunch at Mimi's in Waldorf (love it!), or part ways to get ready to see the Bears, Redskins or Steelers games over my parents. Well this past Sunday we did a wrench in the plan, and went to the Charthouse in Old Town for my father-in-laws birthday party. First, I was like the Charthouse? Wow she's really making that an expensive one huh. Then I was like "," and that was because the last time I went to the Charthouse it was the one in Annapolis. Bland, basic and expensive food with slow service, and bad drinks.

So, being the investigative person I am I googled Charthouse Old Town, and saw reviews similar to the one in Annapolis with no rating over 3.5 out of 5 stars. I was like oh gosh I need a mimosa, lol. Well I'm so happy that I went there with an open mind (and low expectations) because we had a wonderful brunch. There was the salad bar....ooooooooh that salad bar!!! Okay so I went around the bar, grant it was small, but it was nicely packed with smoked salmon, caesar salad with anchovies on the side, fruit (oh that beautiful mango, mint, white grape and pineapple salad yum!), and is that what I saw....CAVIAR. Grant it I will not say that I am big fan of the stuff mainly because some have no type of flavor at all. This one had flavor that burst as soon as you placed the water cracker in your mouth. I for one do not like capers with my caviar, but give me some chopped onion and a dallop of sour cream/cream fraiche...SNOB HEAVEN! lol Okay so I will not just go by that salad bar, but for $16 bucks not bad. For the light drinkers, they have mimosas for .99 cents (yes I had one in front of the laws, for that price why not lol), and bloody mary's and fuzzy navels for $2.50.

So, right there we got our monies worth, but if you want the full on brunch it's $25.99 with great portion sizes. My MIL ordered the Crab and Asparagus omelet, which was served with a hollandaise sauce and arrived in front of her light and fluffy packed full of crab.  I only know because hubs decided to attack her plate after he devoured his Maryland style Eggs Benedict, which you could see the crab meat falling off of the muffins.  My FIL had the french toast, which I thought hubs was going to attack, that was made from brioche, Meyers Rum (I wonder if he read that description lol) glazed bananas and pineapple topped with raspberries and homemade whipped cream. If I didn't associate that with a dessert I would have tried to snag a piece. Now for me I had the seafood quiche. *PAUSE* Nope there's no other seafood in there except crab meat, and I mean crab meat! I was once again brought to heaven trying to eat that quiche with that flaky buttery crust along with the homefries, but that on top of the salad bar and caviar I was stuffed and happy (even had leftovers). AJ of course had her share of everyone's plate with the exception of Popi's because we wanted her to take a nap, and even had her share of the Molten Lava Cake (less lava more molten; more like a warm cake with brownie texture and chocolate sauce on top).

Maybe they do a better brunch than dinner, but I will say this was a great experience. We will be heading back there another time, and this time we'll actually have a couple's outing. For $26 a piece for all of that food, and $1 mimosas we're game! lol I'll give them a 4.5 out 5 mainly because they sat us in a cramped up corner behind another group. The service was great, ambiance was wonderful, and the food was delish!

The Moptop | The Premier Source For All Things Creative, Fly & Fashionable: Winterproof Your Hair! The Weather Is Changing. Ha...

The Moptop | The Premier Source For All Things Creative, Fly & Fashionable: Winterproof Your Hair! The Weather Is Changing. Ha...: "Straight or curly for the winter? [source] The cold winter months can wreak havoc on your kinks, coils and curls. Extreme winter weather can..."

Best advice from fellow blogger Moptop Maven. I agree with her when it comes to a glycerin free moisturizer because my hair turns into straight up and down straw be protected or free. I'm on the fence on sulfate free products, but that's because one of my favorite shampoos (Dark & Lovely 3n1) has them. If you are a real stickler for a natural sulfate free shampoo pick up a bottle of Dr. Bronner's Peppermint (ooooooh that feels so good on your scalp if you happen to have a tight scalp issue like I do) and mix it with your favorite carrier oil (olive, sweet almond, coconut you get the picture).

Monday, October 4, 2010

About dang time!

Being a lady of fluffiness I like to know that those who are supposed to market to us are actually marketing to us, and not frumpy person. I get so frustrated when shopping sometimes because the stores that are supposed to cater to my fashion needs are lacking. I'm on a budget which means I don't have the ability to spend over $100 on an outfit yet alone a shirt (oh believe me there was a time when I only had to worry about paying a bill or two, and everything else was for me to blow). So, when I saw that places like Dots and Old Navy were actually marketing to the fuller figures with actually not having them go for broke, I can honestly say I was a little upset at those who were ahead of the game at one point in time.
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Ashley Stewart used to be my spot to get tops in high school because I mean shoot I was a D with broad shoulders, all of those other tops would have me looking like the Hulk. lol I was also a size 16, and even after extreme working out my senior year I went down to a solid 14 (hey what can I say I had curves, muscles and fat lol). My main spot was Lane Bryant because of the variety, and I didn't look like a senior citizen. The years went by, and it looked like LB was losing her spunk. She was turning into my go to spot for sturdy work clothes, and jeans that would adjust to my body without making it hard to breathe. Eventually I moved on to places like Torrid and online retailers like Kyonna (again that was when I only had to pay a cell phone bill or the cable bill lol). Thank goodness LB saw they were lacking in fashion, and that their competition was getting their once loyal customers. I might be late on it, but here is Loop 18 geared to their teen/young adult customers. I hope they are going to keep things current because that just defeats the purpose to not be ahead of the fashion curve for your young customers. Hopefully I can now find a pair of stretch jeans that won't cut off my circulation, or leave me looking like a pop-over. lol I will still shop Dots for simple items like simple shirtdress under $25 (factoring in plus size prices and taxes).

Shame on me...I have committed the ultimate sin of a free thinker/reader

Forgive me folks for I have a confession to make. Many moons least back when I was 12 I was browsing through one of my Granny's Essence magazines, and I saw a review about a book. A book that was supposed reach out to every "black" girl, and help them know that there were others who shared in your thoughts. Well I vowed to myself that I would read this book, and then try to convince my mother into finding the play. Fast forward almost 17 years later I still have not picked up the book. I'm ashamed to say I haven't, and I think my mother doesn't even know I haven't read the book yet. The book I'm referring to is "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf?" I have matriculated at HBCUs that have probably held the play, or book readings and I honestly cannot say I had the time to do leisure reading. I mean I was a History major, so most of the books I wanted to read were pretty much black sociology books, or how women were viewed to society. SMH@ myself Now that I am adult with a child who happens to be female, I feel that I need to at least pick up the book. That way if she happens to ask me about it when she's 12, her and I can actually have a discussion about the book. What really brought this on is that discussion of Tyler Perry remaking the play into a movie. So, many people are being critical about him doing the remake mainly because of his whole Madea/Meet the Browns story lines, when people forget about movies like "The Family that Preys" or "Why Did I get Married" (I didn't see the 2nd one because I cannot afford to spend $20 on matinee tickets not including the refreshments that's almost $50 at the theater). My whole take on it is if Ms. Ntozake Shange gives him her approval sans Madea then shoot why not give the man a chance?
In closing I vow to at least start the book before seeing the movie being as though I'm supposed to have a movie date with my "sisters of Morgan." (well that's what I'm calling us lol)

background information on the play/book
the movie trailer

High School production of the play

5 Myths About Locs

5 Myths About Locs
I love this article, and am very happy to say that I have had the pleasure to speak with Ansylla on facebook so much she thought I was a professional. Am I interested in attending one of her Intro to Natural Haircare classes? Heck yes!!! It will give me the opportunity to at least learn how to care for my scalp, learn various protective styles, and maybe even earn some pocket change in the making. I mean I still do want to get back into my love of hair care, but this pretty much clears up everything about locs. I have a few people that I encounter on a regular who are just turned off by locs, and I honestly don't understand why. I'm holding out because I'm having fun learning about my hair, and how "hormonal" it can be. lol

No Fat Chicks: Navigating the Dating World as a Fat Girl | Clutch Magazine: The Digital Magazine for the Young, Contemporary Woman of Color

No Fat Chicks: Navigating the Dating World as a Fat Girl | Clutch Magazine: The Digital Magazine for the Young, Contemporary Woman of Color
Felt this article speaking volumes to me because regardless I had to build my self-confidence in order for men to see I was a good person. Grant it I was working out every morning, which included light cardio and pilates daily. I met my husband and that changed, but hey now I'm on that path to getting myself back in gear. Shoot I'm trying to be healthy for the next Baby T (NO I'm not preggers again! lol), and I want to at least not have a hard pregnancy again. Anyways enjoy the article!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Just sharing my church's Women of Worship Conf.

Women's Season at Mt. Ennon

Please join us as we kick-off our Women's Season this Friday, October 1st at 7:00PM in the Fellowship Hall for a "Night of Laughter." This evening of Food, Fun and Fellowship will feature comedian Keitha V. Come out and bring a friend.
Click here to Register TODAY for the "Women of Worship (WOW) - Empowered to Win" conference scheduled for October 9th from 7:00AM to 2:00PM at Mt. Ennon. Please click here to view the Women's Season Video. October 6th is the deadline for conference registration.

Mark your Calendars: Women's Day Choir rehearsals - October 5th, 12th, and 16th; Women's Day is Sunday, October 17th; and a Domestic Violence Workshop will be held on Saturday, October 23rd from 9:00AM -11:00AM.

To register online and get more information about our Real Talk Session for Teens and Girl Power Conference visit the Youth Department Station in the Narthex or contact

Spread the word by forwarding this email to your friends and contacts (by clicking "Forward Email" below).
We look forward to seeing you and invite a friend!

 I decided to pass along the information since I happen to love my pastor and my church family. Church is not for everyone, but if you happen to be interested by all means come along! your savings on! :-)

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