Saturday, October 9, 2010

Welp I have to do interview hair....

So, of course after I washed and deep conditioned my hair after posting the vid, I was told I have an interview (yay me!). Now grant it I have gone on interviews before, and even landed the positions (I'm a contract/temporary worker) wearing my puff. My last assignment I wore a puff mainly because I didn't have the time to actually do any styles (hence the reason why I had to trim earlier this month). Okay so fast forward, the assignment that was supposed to last until November got cut short, and I put myself on availability. So, this position is right up where I want to be financially and career wise.
On my checklist is to figure out what the freak is going to happen with my hair???? I was like hmm blow out pinned in a professional like style, and then I said oh yeah that's not going to fun lol. Then I said hmm let me do a curly set, and then I thought about sitting under that dang dryer. Final resolution, a press and curl...this time I'll use the actual pressing comb. Something about a good ol' fashioned press takes me back to my days in Houston. When they were done right my hair actually grew past my shoulders, and it was also thick and healthy. My phobia of pressing combs stems from the frying sensation I got from a press I received when I was getting ready for my baby shower (it's been almost 3 years and I'm still shell shocked lol). My deal is to pretty much do it MYSELF, or get my Mommy to assist me. More than likely it'll be me lol.

WISH ME LUCK!!! I will post a vid, especially before my interview so you can see the final results.

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