Sunday, October 10, 2010

Protective Style- Roller Setting

I for one hates sitting underneath the dryer, but I do know the benefits of roller setting natural hair.
  • less direct heat
  • stretched hair with body
  • depending on the products, your hair is softer and more moisturized
Here are some vlogs that I found on the glorious youtube, and believe me 2 years ago there were not as many of these when I was a pregnant and also taking care of a newborn. If there were any, there were a handful who were type 4, and I honestly didn't care for their results.
Anyways enjoy! I need to get ready for chuuch, and look at what I'm doing lol. Thank goodness we have come as you are services because today looks like a jeans and pretty top day. :-)

Here's Curly in Colorado aka on youtube Mitchellzee (embedding was disabled) Roller set- part 1 & Roller Set- part 2...perfect for those who have shorter hair, or just a rack of shrinkage (haha haven't said a rack of anything in months).

If you have longer type 4 hair here's HealthyHairJourney

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