Monday, August 24, 2009

The best part of my teen years

Has now come back to me!!! My favorite hair stylist, the only person who I would ever trust with my weaves, is back on the scene!! I missed her, and even went on the prowl to "look" for her (that's better than saying being so obsessed that I was scouring the internet for two years lol). I found out she got married, and didn't even find out her last name. Needless to say, my search ended up with nothing but goose egg, zilch, nada. Grant it I have one of my best friends who just so happens to be finishing up hair school, but there's only one person who will actually do my weave (no offense to my bff, but this woman used to listen to my demands even if it meant I didn't know what I was talking about lol).
Anyways she's living out our Capricorn dream, she owns and operates the salon (high five, if one of us was going to do it, it was her). Her name is Shawn, and the name is Salon LaShawn located right at Boulevard at the Capital.


Like AJ says "shooze, shooze!" So, while I'm here "window" browsing shoes, I had to share some with you guys.

Madden...the only Madden in my house that is not the devil! lol DSW

Rocket Dog, that goes along with the Fall trends :-)

Now these aren't booties, but I thought these would look fab with a cute purple dress with a few accessories. I found these on Bakers shoes website, and they come in different colors as well.

I could really see myself wearing a pair of these, especially since I haven't been wearing heels in a loooong time.

I just love "window" shopping these days! I don't even have to worry about rounding up the troops to go for a long day of shopping various stores. I love the internet!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fall Trends 2009

Knowing that we are in a recession, I've been trying to find looks for my plush women that won't break the bank.
1) Hot Pink...never knew that it would be considered a color for autumn, but according to glamour it's one of the colors to have. Now me, I'm all about accessories and shoes. I'm will not buy hot pink, even though it's one of my favorite colors, in something outside of accessories.

2) One shoulder dresses...for the fall? It might not work in every region, but I do know for our area we have Indian Summers.

(lookey here, found one that covers two trends in one)

3) Leather Pants

*found these on
4) Chain-covered booties, which I think are really cute
*not really chain, but chainish lol*

5) Peep-toe pumps

6) Kimono Tops and Dresses

7) lace---anything lace, tops, dresses, scarves, just not tacky

8)plaid, but hasn't that been around for a minute?

9) tribal print

10) chocolates and grays, which sounds more like fall to me (not that hot pink lol)

Hopefully this will help you to add onto your wardrobe. Most of these were under $100, but knowing some of my audience finding it under $50 is a possibility.

just browsing the web

I was looking for a new picture to put as a profile pic for FB. Well I love some of the pix that I saw, but I had to choose this one.

Shoot, and why not? Just because my twa isn't big and ferocious, it's still dope!
I also saw some others that were runner ups.

yes I do like Afro Samurai, can't say that I've watched any episodes in a few years, but I am feeling the picture.

I've seen this picture so many times, but at first it was going to go along with my previous pic.

Finally this real explanation.

Oh praise ye A/C!!!

I swear the person who invented air conditioning is just as great as the person who invented ceiling fans. We've been in the middle of a heat wave in the DC/MD/VA region, and gracious! I feel somewhat bad for my DD, but I couldn't put her out there in that mess. Like she hates heat (or shall I say humidity), which can make it hard to go to the playground (ouch hot swing!). So, I've been trying to keep her entertained indoors. We went to a reunion last weekend, and my poor baby was swhea-ting! Everywhere she turned, it was "joo-uice, joo-uice. I want Joo-uice!" lol Sometimes I wish we had a pool I could take her to so she can get that good ol' vitamin D, and still be a little active. I can't wait for our vacay! We'll be up Norf, by the walking distance to the beach.

Chawell that's all...wanting to thank those uncomfortable folks who brought comfort to us!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh how I dread shopping

Being a woman who is living the plusher side of life, I sometimes dread taking my tail to go shopping. I have no choice this time because I am going on vacation with my family, and I don't want to look like the "maid." So, I went out to go shopping with some assistance. Since I was being treated, I didn't want to feel like I was taking advantage of the situation. I went to Ashley Stewart, and headed straight for the clearance section. Just to let my plush ladies know, there is a sale going on where you take 25% the price on the tag (in store).

One of my purchases

Honestly, I just wanted to show you guys one of my purchases lol. It's in the size that I usually wear, and honestly it made me feel great!
Okay I'm done! :-)

Yes I'm hyping homegirl up!

Okay being somebody who had bc'd like (4 times), just to fall back on the "creamy crack" wagon I know where she's coming from. Honestly, it's good to have a change from looking like everyone else. Even though it's looking like short is the new trend....let me retract my statement. It's becoming more acceptable, and truly I appreciate that SOME people these days can accept that beauty does not require the attachment of a lace front. You look beautiful Ms. S. Knowles!

I love me some Sunflower oil

Okay so I've been looking for a base oil to use in my conditioners, and in my moisturizing spray (I heart it!). I said I was going to do EVOO for the winter time, but wanted to find an oil that had similar results with a lighter feel. My hair is not a big fan of EV Coconut oil unless it's mixed with something, and I wasn't trying to melt my shea butter to add to my spritz (I did it before just didn't use enough). So, one day when I was over my parents' house I decided to that since I bought the oil to use for my jerk chicken, that maybe I could use it in a shampoo. I thought this prior to me researching, you know thinking that maybe there was some benefit (MUFAs or EFAs). Since it was plant based I didn't think that it would hurt as much, and just poured it in a bottle of Frizz-Free shampoo I didn't like.
I can honestly say that I have found a keeper. It's not as expensive as EVOO and EVCO, but provides just the right amount of moisture. Sunflower oil also has a great amount of Vitamin E, which is wonderful for us curly/natural folks.
Homemade hair conditioner:
Sunflower & Wheatgerm Oil
Mix 1 cup of sunflower oil and 1 cup of wheat germ oil. Warm the mixture and massage it on the head and hair. Wash off with lukewarm water in which one tablespoon of lemon juice has been added.
One thing I did read that it does not penetrate the hair like coconut oil, but I did notice that my hair did love this.
Ojon’s oil treatment consists of palm oil, fragrance, and a few extracts. It’s particularly interesting because recent research has shown that only SOME oils will actually penetrate the hair. Mineral oil and sunflower oil, for example, will not penetrate. But coconut oil (which is essentially the same as palm oil) will filter deep into the cortex because it is so similar to hair’s natural lipids.

Try it for yourself, you might just like it! your savings on! :-)

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