About JAHT

I'm currently attending graduate school where I am learning about E-Business and IT management, when I would rather work with something like natural hair care and maintenance, photography, baking, event planning and then posting pictures on here with my current work.With the money I'm paying, I really think I could have stocked up on 5 hr Energy Drinks, purchasing Web Site development for Dummies and Dreamweaver to figure it out on my own. *kanye shrug* Live and learn, but I still long for the campus life. I'm more of an artsy fartsy chica, who is the ultimate definition of a hybrid Butterfly/Boho BAP. I went to a liberal arts school, hung out with fellow "quirky" people on campus, and studied History (which people automatically thinks that opens the doors to becoming a teacher smh). I do not like working for corporate America (suits with paid for casual days ick), and would looooooooooooove to find a position where I can work on a college campus sitting in on lectures where I can further torture my husband and watch his eyes glaze over in boredom. lol I love to question EVERYTING! I even went through a time when I was Agnostic because I just did not want to believe things that people tried to push to me about religion and MY purpose in life. I will say that questioning did lead me to a church that teaches the historical and biblical aspects of life (shoot I mean my Pastor did attend a liberal arts school lol).

I do have a darling little princess, who lights up my world and is just as quirky as her Mommy. For her to be a toddler, I find it hilarious that she acts like she's been here before, and that she has MY personality down to a T that I think she's mocking me. One of these days she'll realize how much joy she brings into our lives with her smiles and hugs. She will only be referred to on here as AJ, and my hubs will be referred to as Mr. T or hubs.

 Since I don't like boring my husband with the many thoughts that run through my head I decided to blog about it. I mainly blog about select things that are happening in my life, current events, hair and sometimes fashion (hence divadom). I love interaction with people, and would love feedback from my audience. *warning I'm known for being sarcastic/a cynic, but I'm usually easy going.*

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