Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm in a hair rut

As much as I love my hair, it just sucks! I have fine dense type 4 hair (coils ans kinks), and darnit yesterday I was trying to find a way to do a braidout to make my hair fluffy and "strong" for yesterday's weather/cookout. I know one thing my hair came out STRAIGHT!!!, which upset me so much I even woke up Mr. T so he could see my pouting face and see my tantrum (lol yeah I got a lil' diva/bratty). He saw my dilemma, said "dag, sorry" and rolled over. Okay I don't blame him because it was 6:15 in the morning, and he was probably like why are you up fuming about your hair. I seriously wanted a puff, and my hair came out silky with waves (like it did when I was relaxed and did hairstyles like that). I told my mother, and all she could do was laugh at me and say "and you think you and your daughter have the same type of hair? ha!" So, I did what I normally do...twist strand twists, this time with flat twist in the front. This will then turn into a twist-out at the end of the week, since that is the only way I can have a successful twist out. My issue is now that we're in hades territory (weather, people talking about the weather...Satan knocked on our door with a box of popsicles talking about it was too hot for him, so you get the picture lol).  What can I do besides braids or a wig? I can see me now in the office after walking from my break, snatching my wig off fanning myself with said wig talking about "whew child it's hot and funky out there!" I know last year I cut my hair in the summer with the go to wash'n'go, but now I have some length with major shrinkage so that's not going to work for me.
While we're on the topic of hair, okay so umm this conditioner actually is pretty good. I have the coupon for a $1 off, but still working that bottle and the Rosemary Mint (disappointing because I wanted tingle, but great for detangling). I did also buy QUEEN HELENE Ginseng & Tea Tree Shampoo for All Types of Hair 16oz/473.1ml which didn't have the tingle factor I was looking for (if you've used Fantasia Tea Tree shampoo or Dr. Bronner Peppermint that's what I'm talking about), but didn't leave my hair feeling stripped while still feeling clean. I did go off of the advice of another blogger's suggestion with a good deep conditioner. I bought this conditioner, and it was worth it! I did a test first before adding it to my hair. I used it as a leave-in to see if I do a decent coil out. Left it in until my hair was dry, and boom took out my coils with no issues and had soft boingy hair. I highly recommend this conditioner, and it also has that beloved argan oil. Argan Oil courtesy of Diary of a Hair Obsession
Okay that's it for my rant, but I was really calling out for some hair style suggestions besides locs (won't start doing those until later on this year). If you happen to see someone with a youtube link please don't hesitate to post them in the comments section.

So yeah we're in the house chillin' literally because it is 90 outside, and we don't have our blow up pool ready for this (even though I think Miss A would have to fight with her parents for a spot in the pool lol). Stay cool folks!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend...kick off for the summer

The official start of summer here, and that means pools are opening, the official family gatherings around the bbq (official because I know that my father has sparked up ol' smokey), and that also means more time to have fun! I even know where I'm currently on assignment, they have already initiated the holiday program where you have your Fridays off. So, with all of that free time are you really going to just sit around the house, or on your patio? I would hope not, and just to make sure you get off of your rump.

Of course since I'm the queen of trying to stretch my money out as far as I can, I did a little digging around for family activities (sorry for the single folks, but I promise to find some activities for you guys...Girl Scouts honor).

The National Harbor is currently having movies out on the harbor. All you need to do is bring a diaper bag (full of the usual stuff, no outside beverages..MUST BRING BUG SPRAY/LOTION WHATEVER). This Sunday they will be showing Coraline. For those who do have cable I know you're like "ugh bugs and crowds" look at it like this you won't be stuck in the house, the kids will have something to do, and all you pretty much have to pay for are parking, the snacks, and Off!. National Harbor Movies on the Potomac If you're on Facebook make sure to add them as a friend.

If you're an artsy family like we are you will love the Corcoran Gallery of Art's Free Summer Saturdays.
The first event is for this upcoming Saturday "Sketching in the Atrium" all materials are provided, and you get to sketch a live model. Hopefully they mean a bowl of fruit (shoot they're "live") because if it's a human that means they will be a snazzy stick figure with some obscene body parts (IJS, I'm just saying lol). Check out the link, and then afterwards you and the family can go to the National Mall and have a little picnic.  *bring that sunblock and insect repellent something about DC metropolitan area mosquitoes, they bite with a vengeance!

If you haven't noticed so I'm telling you to get outside, get some Vitamin D, stimulate that brain and those bodies. It's a struggle on my part with my family...husband lol, but little one and I try to be active and go out. I'm waiting for neighboring counties to give some information on their upcoming summer activities, and then I will post some more information. Until then check out DC's facebook fan page, Downtown Silver Spring, City of Alexandria, Prince George's County, e-Government page w/ upcoming eventsFairfax County Fan page, City of Baltimore, plenty to do around the city and the Inner Harbor, Loudon County , Montgomery County, City of Rockville , and let us not forget the reason why I posted National Harbor fan page. If you really don't feel like dealing with the crowds, just go for a walk in your neighborhood park BUT do NOT forget that bug spray! lol Cannot say I have not warned you enough!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Free Sundaes at Walmart

Verbatim from their facebook post this morning:

"Come in today for a free sundae at your local Walmart. Get three big scoops of ice cream plus Hershey's Chocolate Syrup, Reddi Whip and fresh strawberries. Find a participating store at:"
Might as well make an outing of it I guess, go to the store with the kids (if I were going to Little Gym today would be right after our class). Or you can just probably snatch up the coupons they have, and say to yourself "how dare you just limit me to three scoops of ice cream?!" *clutch your pearls in disgust and head towards the ice cream aisle* I'm not a big fan of sundaes, but the inner undergrad in me is like "pffffft it's free!" I'll have to make the next promotion because I have to play nurse to Mr. T since he pulled several muscles in his left torso. Might need to bring the little one, and make it journey to our neighborhood drug store. That will tucker her out I know that much. :-D
Enjoy your Saturday folks!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Free or near free Yoga events in DC (dust cloud)

Okay so today starts the beginning of DC Yoga Week, and I did mean to post it earlier but better later than never right? (insert cheesy smile) Okay so for those who are looking to de-stress, or just to get a bouncy yoga butt here at the spots that are offering free events/classes for under $10. DC Yoga Week

  • May 16th head on out to the National Mall for free yoga workshops, which include even workshops such as hoop yoga. Think of it like this as circuit training (cardio, stretching, "weight lifting" REPEAT)
  • Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill The classes held M-TR and Saturday are $5, but on Friday if you just so happen to start your day early, you can drop in for a FREE  6AM class. 
  • Bikram Yoga Dupont Circle I think this one might be a good deal for the college students nearby (if they're doing summer classes/internships).  Monday through Friday: 6:15am and 9:30am classes are Free Monday through Friday: 12pm classes are $5...they encourage you to sign up in person instead of online (guessing they want to have a better count).
  • Bikram Yoga Tentleytown
Sat. 5/15 @ 4pm - FREE
Mon. 5/17 thru Fri. 5/21 @ 9:15am - $5.00
Mon. 5/17 thru Fri. 5/21 @ Noon - FREE
Mon. 5/17 thru Fri. 5/21 @ 5:30pm - $5.00
Sat. 5/22 @ 4pm - FREE
  • Boundless Yoga $5 classes Saturday May 15, 9 a with James
    Sunday May 16, 2:45 p (One Pose at a Time)
    Monday May 17, 8 p  with James (Yoga for Athletes)
    Tuesday May 18, 8 p with Erin Duncan
    Wednesday May 19, 7 a with Erin Dowdy
    Wednesday May 19, 8 p with Leah
    Thursday May 20, 6:15 a with Valerie
    Saturday May 22, 9 a with James
There are plenty of others, but due to me not really trying to bore you with a huge post I have included the link to the main page for you to check out the studios closest to you. Ommmmm

Help save a young life!

So while be up once again like I have to go out for church (I get my church fix via TV, most of the time) I decided to actually pay attention to the Sunday news. Well good thing I did because there was a story about a little boy, 4 years old, who is suffering from a rare form of leukemia (APL). Unfortunately, doctors only have 11 days to be able to find a viable match for bone marrow. In Devan's case finding a match is a difficult task because of his mixed heritage (South Asian and Caucasian). Missed a bone marrow match drive they held yesterday at the Mayflower in NW, and luckily I found his blog site (after searching on the local news site with no luck). So, this is a call out to those who have a similar racial background to help out this little boy. I would post his picture, but I'm not trying to get myself in trouble so I included the link (you can either click on the blog title or on the link following) to the blog his family members put together for him.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Argh my toddler is driving me nuts!! *pulls hair*

Okay this is usually what I sound like when I am in the house, and we have watched every movie in sight, played every game I can remember and walked around the block before I find myself having to stop her from trying to run in the middle of the street (her new version of tag).

So, for other Moms out here, or those playing Mom on the weekend to relieve their friends or family members, I'm going to try to find some activities that are: 1) local, 2) as free as possible, and 3) something that won't make you want to live with ear plugs for the rest of the day (Miley Cyrus *cringe*).

Well my go to is The Little Gym of Clinton, where they have plenty of activities for you and your little one(s). They offer playdates, where if you're a member you only have to pay $10, which includes an hour of running around, and pizza and juice for the little one. Non-members I think you have to pay $20, but shoot hey think about it like this your kid is occupied, you're getting a chance to be active, and within 2 hours they'll either be going to bed or taking a nap. Ohmmmmm Sanity Ohhhmmmmm *closes eyes*  The Little Gym of Clinton

I'm still looking for outings in the DC, MD, VA metropolitan areas, and if you guys happen to have any activities that are family friendly in your area please feel free to share.

Lady or Bird which one will you be?

Okay I have a high school friend who said something about the recent passing of Ms. Lena Horne. Pretty much to sum it up in a nutshell there needs to be a role model for the younger generations out here to know what it's like to be a lady. I then told him that I agreed with him, and that was weird because I just had a conversation with Mr. T (my husband) about how we used to make fun of "birds." Birds is better way to call them than the typical hoodrat, skank, "around the way girl" talk. It's like now being a bird or as I used to call them (still do) cluckers is an in style thing. This right now is a red flag to someone who is raising a future lady, and also for someone who encounters these young ladies be it on the metro or in the schools.

I can say that some of these parents out here must not have either had the proper role model when they were growing up,  or despite having numerous role models who showed them the right way thought it was best to go their own way (in Charlie Murphy voice)..WRONG!! These women who knew when to turn the switch on/off for when it was needed to act out of character, and that was NOT in public. I can see my Granny now sitting at the dining room table letting me know exactly if she did not approve of anything I did, not once had I heard her raise her voice. There might be evidence of an attitude brewing, but never did she raise her voice. My mother is the same way, and if she wanted to let you have it nobody else would know except you. These females (cannot actually call them ladies) feel they have to be funky in public. If I am walking down the hallway of a school, I should not 1) hear you down the other end of the hallway unless something is wrong with you physically or mentally, and 2) should not be able to hear your CONVERSATION (it's in CAPS for a reason and I'll leave it like that). I have also noticed that some of the young ones out here that are trying to at least have some type of class are being ridiculed, and called squares because they're not trying to go along with the masses. I'm not talking about you know when we were in school that the kids who were popular were making fun of the no names, I'm talking about even bullying them using reverse psychology making them think their parents are the loons. *scratches forehead* 

Okay to end this post, has anyone else noticed that this is becoming a trend? I mean grant it there are some characters out here who are just tacky, but instead of them being put in dark space for no one to notice them there's a huge spotlight saying "look at them, this is how you should act." I like to get some feedback from folks since I want to know if I'm hitting the nail on the head, or if I need to gift wrap myself to looney bin. lol

Been a long time I ...

So, it's been a very long time since I've been on here. I actually started to even second guess having a blog, and then "BAM!" I started actually getting busy with stuff. I mean for those who know me personally know that I have the attention span of a cocker spaniel (hence me being on facebook posting random things), but never was focused enough to actually say "hmmm I need to hop on the blog once again." Well here I am!! It appears that once my classes...or shall I say class since my Fundamentals of Computer Science class literally had me feeling like Charlie Brown when he missed the football (lol)...Yeah so back to that thought, so once that was over it felt like I was just sitting in dead air. I've been on an assignment pretty much doing what I love, helping children. I cannot get too much into detail about it, but I love this position. Unfortunately it won't be forever, but hey I get to work with some cool people.

Since this blog is about "randomosity" don't expect it there to be a consistent stream of posting because I can feel like writing several post within 30 minutes (there's evidence of that in this blog aka diary), and then I can come back in this case in almost 6 months continuing the chatter. your savings on! :-)

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