Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend...kick off for the summer

The official start of summer here, and that means pools are opening, the official family gatherings around the bbq (official because I know that my father has sparked up ol' smokey), and that also means more time to have fun! I even know where I'm currently on assignment, they have already initiated the holiday program where you have your Fridays off. So, with all of that free time are you really going to just sit around the house, or on your patio? I would hope not, and just to make sure you get off of your rump.

Of course since I'm the queen of trying to stretch my money out as far as I can, I did a little digging around for family activities (sorry for the single folks, but I promise to find some activities for you guys...Girl Scouts honor).

The National Harbor is currently having movies out on the harbor. All you need to do is bring a diaper bag (full of the usual stuff, no outside beverages..MUST BRING BUG SPRAY/LOTION WHATEVER). This Sunday they will be showing Coraline. For those who do have cable I know you're like "ugh bugs and crowds" look at it like this you won't be stuck in the house, the kids will have something to do, and all you pretty much have to pay for are parking, the snacks, and Off!. National Harbor Movies on the Potomac If you're on Facebook make sure to add them as a friend.

If you're an artsy family like we are you will love the Corcoran Gallery of Art's Free Summer Saturdays.
The first event is for this upcoming Saturday "Sketching in the Atrium" all materials are provided, and you get to sketch a live model. Hopefully they mean a bowl of fruit (shoot they're "live") because if it's a human that means they will be a snazzy stick figure with some obscene body parts (IJS, I'm just saying lol). Check out the link, and then afterwards you and the family can go to the National Mall and have a little picnic.  *bring that sunblock and insect repellent something about DC metropolitan area mosquitoes, they bite with a vengeance!

If you haven't noticed so I'm telling you to get outside, get some Vitamin D, stimulate that brain and those bodies. It's a struggle on my part with my family...husband lol, but little one and I try to be active and go out. I'm waiting for neighboring counties to give some information on their upcoming summer activities, and then I will post some more information. Until then check out DC's facebook fan page, Downtown Silver Spring, City of Alexandria, Prince George's County, e-Government page w/ upcoming eventsFairfax County Fan page, City of Baltimore, plenty to do around the city and the Inner Harbor, Loudon County , Montgomery County, City of Rockville , and let us not forget the reason why I posted National Harbor fan page. If you really don't feel like dealing with the crowds, just go for a walk in your neighborhood park BUT do NOT forget that bug spray! lol Cannot say I have not warned you enough!

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