Saturday, May 22, 2010

Free Sundaes at Walmart

Verbatim from their facebook post this morning:

"Come in today for a free sundae at your local Walmart. Get three big scoops of ice cream plus Hershey's Chocolate Syrup, Reddi Whip and fresh strawberries. Find a participating store at:"
Might as well make an outing of it I guess, go to the store with the kids (if I were going to Little Gym today would be right after our class). Or you can just probably snatch up the coupons they have, and say to yourself "how dare you just limit me to three scoops of ice cream?!" *clutch your pearls in disgust and head towards the ice cream aisle* I'm not a big fan of sundaes, but the inner undergrad in me is like "pffffft it's free!" I'll have to make the next promotion because I have to play nurse to Mr. T since he pulled several muscles in his left torso. Might need to bring the little one, and make it journey to our neighborhood drug store. That will tucker her out I know that much. :-D
Enjoy your Saturday folks!

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