Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yes we can, and we did!

Okay life has been hectic, and I finally have a chance to say...GO OBAMA! I'm finally happy to be an American, and nope it's not because our 44th president happens to be of African descent. It's because we finally picked someone who shows some intelligence, and at least gives us some type of hope that (not to sound cliche') a change will come. Like Will.I.Am's song "New Day," that is how I am feeling. To continue to show off your pride for Obama please visit http://www.yp4obama.com/tshirts.html. Their shirts are cute and simple, and easy to match with your Dunks/Chucks/Uggs (yeah some folks do it) with your favo jeans.

On a lighter note, I'm finally moving to my own place! No offense to my parents, but damnit I'm 'ret ta go (that means I'm ready to go for those who didn't understand that lol). It's in a gated community, which makes me feel extra comfortable with security, and the staff lives on the property. Well break time is over, time to get ready for work. *whistles "New Day"*

Coupons.com...get your savings on! :-)

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