Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Relay For Life of Freedom Area, MD | Relay For Life

2012 Relay For Life of Freedom Area, MD | Relay For Life

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life Update

So, as you know I have been out of the loop for a minute. Mainly because life decided that I needed to be extremely busy. I was finding out that I was so out of touch with everything, including my personal life, I needed to pull myself away from the blog. Now that I have some type of breathing room, I just wanted to give my followers some type of update.

1. I no longer have a stressed out work life. There might be those peaks, but nothing compared to earlier this year.

2. D.I.T. is currently attending a catholic school, and after a week she's writing her name. Not bad for a 3 year old, but I'm quite sure there will be someone out there to throw some shade on her accomplishments. She's also telling me (yes me her Mommy) the importance of prayer, and how we should do it often. *raised eyebrow and smiling* This will definitely make my MIL happy! lol

3. Yup, after 4 years he's still with me...*shrug* we celebrated our 4th anniversary family style. Sat around ate dinner, talked about school while watching "The Fantastic Mister Fox." What can I say we're a quirky trio.

4. Nothing new and exciting about my hair...no really nothing. :( I'm not bored with it, but I just never have the time to actually braid it up in styles and whatnot. By the time I get home (if I'm lucky) it's time to get dinner going. Funds are low since I'm now budgeting tuition, so me going to a professional to trim, deep condition and style my hair. I do a quick dusting every now and then, and trust me that's getting out of hand. I will say the D.I.T.'s hair is growing! I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do to my hair on hers. lol Of course since I didn't have a camera on hand, nobody could see the progress. Her hair (in twists on stretched hair) went from just below her chin/above her shoulders (her hair grows in layers like her Mommy) to now above her shoulders/to her shoulder blades. Even Mr. T. said "woooooow, no wonder you go into panic mode when somebody else does her hair." LOL If anyone in southern PG County/DC/or Northern Charles County know of any reasonable stylists that KNOW HOW TO HANDLE natural hair; please leave their information in the comments section.

5. I'm at the point where I am tired of renting. Not sure if I'm ready to put myself out there in regards of looking for something out here on the market, but if I'm hearing about folks living in better parts of the county paying less...yeeeah your girl is trying to upgrade.

6. I haven't even thought about going back to grad school. Why you ask? TIME! I have to get her ready for bed before 9, and then even then I'm dragging my feet. So, I can just picture me sitting in front of my laptop eyes bloodshot because I'm dead ass tired trying read 3 articles with 30+ pages to turn into a lively discussion. That's just for one class, and that's me also having to make sure that the discussion is supported with different ideas...yeah that wasn't going to happen. lol Maybe when she gets older (or we move closer to my job in a cheaper/better neighborhood lol) then yeah I can try to get it together. Right now I just can't do it.

7. Looks at calendar...ya' girl is going to be 30 in 3 months and 15 days! My question is MIA or Vegas? I'm looking for sun, fun, alcohol and lots of dancing. I have a lot to celebrate this year, and I definitely don't want to do it in the cold of DC. Leave me a comment for where you think I should go.

Welp that's a brief summary of what's going on in my life. I wish it was most exciting than what I just wrote, but it is what it is. :-P

Stay fab folks,

Friday, May 13, 2011

Carnival Baby: Indulgence Mas 2011

Carnival Baby: Indulgence Mas 2011: "The Indulgence Mas Band has officially announced their theme AND started registration as of yesterday ($65 early bird registration til Sa..."
DC Carnival.....please excuse me if I slack slack slack slack...yes indeed. I was really getting scared that it wasn't going to happen, just read this in the same post:

It seems as though despite getting the go ahead for this year next year's
DC Carnival may also be on shaky ground and NOT as a result of financial
Rumor has it that the new D.C. Mayor does not see the point of
keeping the festival as in his opinion that it is something that only the
Caribbean Community takes pleasure in and not the wider D.C. Community. Doesn't
sound very plausible to me, as far as I can see the city gets huge spikes in
revenue to restaurants, clubs, vendors, hotels etc during this
week, so why
get rid of it? Something to look into perhaps...

Man if Vincent "Dracula" Gray doesn't shut the front door, and allow us to
have our fun. I bet he wouldn't say some stuff like that about Adam's Morgan
Day. *steups*
I've been meaning to post about this since I never really post that much about my pre-DC Carnival preperation. This year I was going to bring the DIT with me, but since there aren't any kiddie sections in this band it's just gonna be Mommy (and maybe Mr. T...maybe lol). Plus there was a chance that we weren't going to have a carnival at all. I'm also trying to get on board with my jobs Caribbean Week Committee. Even though I'm not a 1st, 2nd or shoot 3rd generation West Indian I still value the culture. I usually throw some of my friends off when I show with my flag, and they're like "hold up I thought you were Panamanian?!?!" lol Maybe I'll throw them off by carrying a flag from the Netherlands.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Look what I saw today

I don't shop here (back in the day before I got too comfortable yes lol), but I usually check out the clothes at Express to get an idea of what's in style. Lo and behold I spotted this fabulousness.

 Just had to share that...sorry for my abscence, but I've mainly been posting on my fb fan page. I even have some recent pictures (I'm so serious about purchasing a new camera since I tried to vlog my henna and that was hot a$$ mess lol). I also put Suave Coconut conditioner back in rotation since I was looking for a good leave-in. So, far so good. I know I've been asked in public what have I been doing to make my hair curly, and I just tell them I've been co-washing and adding a little butter. Then they get mad at me when they think I'm leaving out my magic product. LOL On the FB page, I posted a pic of the DIT and myself. Check it out! In the pic I have a twist out, which I quickly got rid of in two days because I missed my shrinkage (I really <3 my shrinkage). I promise to at least come back on here once a month (hey that's a start), but please check out the fb page. I also posted some of my friends' pages for their businesses, but that doesn't mean that I am not looking to spotlight entrepreneurs on the blog. If you're trying to build up your clientele please do not hesitate to post a comment under the Mrs. JAHT is looking to feature you, and we can set up an interview that way.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Grl Can Mac: Sustainable Hair Care: Lola's Green Hair

A Grl Can Mac: Sustainable Hair Care: Lola's Green Hair: "I love to see our people creating businesses and services that uplift and enhance our community. I'm totally impressed with what with ..." Now you already know I have to share this little gem!! I already contacted someone about purchasing the Shea Moisture Curl Enchancing Smoothie. I hope they don't charge an arm & a leg for s&h because I'll just use my raincheck from Wal-green's (since everyone in Charles and PG Counties bought EVERYTHING last week lol).

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I so wish I was in T & T this past week

Many of you don't know, but I am a carnival junkie. I like the whole vibes on different cultures meshing together, and having a time. Some people are like go to Rio, and I'm like why??? lol Anyways I was on the lookout for the new band, Yuma, and to see if they lived up to their hype. I was a little disappointed to hear that some masqueraders didn't have a good time on Carnival Tuesday, due to poor construction of the costumes and long waits for crossing the stage. Overall though I heard that everything was still worth the money spent. Shoot look at them crossing the stage! I swear I need to get ready for next year, and I might even make an appearance on the Parkway for Labor Day 2K11.

(I actually like how Leo and Pisces looked on the road...shocked that I actually liked the Capricorn costume, even though I hated it at the band launch)
these 3vlogs are courtesy of http://www.youtube.com/user/zanzutube
to see more you might want to also check out http://www.youtube.com/user/jesseawilliams

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Get in on the 15% deal at Curl Mart

Not saying that I'm becoming a product junkie, but it doesn't hurt to get some type of a discount on a product that you're interested in trying out. You get to pick out products by price, hair type (a plus for me because I'm not trying to purchase something that will cause my hair to laugh at it), and of course a variety.
Use coupon code SHOP15 at the checkout! Now let me get back to getting some work done! lol

Coupons.com...get your savings on! :-)

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