Friday, May 13, 2011

Carnival Baby: Indulgence Mas 2011

Carnival Baby: Indulgence Mas 2011: "The Indulgence Mas Band has officially announced their theme AND started registration as of yesterday ($65 early bird registration til Sa..."
DC Carnival.....please excuse me if I slack slack slack slack...yes indeed. I was really getting scared that it wasn't going to happen, just read this in the same post:

It seems as though despite getting the go ahead for this year next year's
DC Carnival may also be on shaky ground and NOT as a result of financial
Rumor has it that the new D.C. Mayor does not see the point of
keeping the festival as in his opinion that it is something that only the
Caribbean Community takes pleasure in and not the wider D.C. Community. Doesn't
sound very plausible to me, as far as I can see the city gets huge spikes in
revenue to restaurants, clubs, vendors, hotels etc during this
week, so why
get rid of it? Something to look into perhaps...

Man if Vincent "Dracula" Gray doesn't shut the front door, and allow us to
have our fun. I bet he wouldn't say some stuff like that about Adam's Morgan
Day. *steups*
I've been meaning to post about this since I never really post that much about my pre-DC Carnival preperation. This year I was going to bring the DIT with me, but since there aren't any kiddie sections in this band it's just gonna be Mommy (and maybe Mr. T...maybe lol). Plus there was a chance that we weren't going to have a carnival at all. I'm also trying to get on board with my jobs Caribbean Week Committee. Even though I'm not a 1st, 2nd or shoot 3rd generation West Indian I still value the culture. I usually throw some of my friends off when I show with my flag, and they're like "hold up I thought you were Panamanian?!?!" lol Maybe I'll throw them off by carrying a flag from the Netherlands.

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