Thursday, May 5, 2011

Look what I saw today

I don't shop here (back in the day before I got too comfortable yes lol), but I usually check out the clothes at Express to get an idea of what's in style. Lo and behold I spotted this fabulousness.

 Just had to share that...sorry for my abscence, but I've mainly been posting on my fb fan page. I even have some recent pictures (I'm so serious about purchasing a new camera since I tried to vlog my henna and that was hot a$$ mess lol). I also put Suave Coconut conditioner back in rotation since I was looking for a good leave-in. So, far so good. I know I've been asked in public what have I been doing to make my hair curly, and I just tell them I've been co-washing and adding a little butter. Then they get mad at me when they think I'm leaving out my magic product. LOL On the FB page, I posted a pic of the DIT and myself. Check it out! In the pic I have a twist out, which I quickly got rid of in two days because I missed my shrinkage (I really <3 my shrinkage). I promise to at least come back on here once a month (hey that's a start), but please check out the fb page. I also posted some of my friends' pages for their businesses, but that doesn't mean that I am not looking to spotlight entrepreneurs on the blog. If you're trying to build up your clientele please do not hesitate to post a comment under the Mrs. JAHT is looking to feature you, and we can set up an interview that way.

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