Sunday, March 13, 2011

I so wish I was in T & T this past week

Many of you don't know, but I am a carnival junkie. I like the whole vibes on different cultures meshing together, and having a time. Some people are like go to Rio, and I'm like why??? lol Anyways I was on the lookout for the new band, Yuma, and to see if they lived up to their hype. I was a little disappointed to hear that some masqueraders didn't have a good time on Carnival Tuesday, due to poor construction of the costumes and long waits for crossing the stage. Overall though I heard that everything was still worth the money spent. Shoot look at them crossing the stage! I swear I need to get ready for next year, and I might even make an appearance on the Parkway for Labor Day 2K11.

(I actually like how Leo and Pisces looked on the road...shocked that I actually liked the Capricorn costume, even though I hated it at the band launch)
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