Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Argh my toddler is driving me nuts!! *pulls hair*

Okay this is usually what I sound like when I am in the house, and we have watched every movie in sight, played every game I can remember and walked around the block before I find myself having to stop her from trying to run in the middle of the street (her new version of tag).

So, for other Moms out here, or those playing Mom on the weekend to relieve their friends or family members, I'm going to try to find some activities that are: 1) local, 2) as free as possible, and 3) something that won't make you want to live with ear plugs for the rest of the day (Miley Cyrus *cringe*).

Well my go to is The Little Gym of Clinton, where they have plenty of activities for you and your little one(s). They offer playdates, where if you're a member you only have to pay $10, which includes an hour of running around, and pizza and juice for the little one. Non-members I think you have to pay $20, but shoot hey think about it like this your kid is occupied, you're getting a chance to be active, and within 2 hours they'll either be going to bed or taking a nap. Ohmmmmm Sanity Ohhhmmmmm *closes eyes*  The Little Gym of Clinton

I'm still looking for outings in the DC, MD, VA metropolitan areas, and if you guys happen to have any activities that are family friendly in your area please feel free to share.

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