Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lady or Bird which one will you be?

Okay I have a high school friend who said something about the recent passing of Ms. Lena Horne. Pretty much to sum it up in a nutshell there needs to be a role model for the younger generations out here to know what it's like to be a lady. I then told him that I agreed with him, and that was weird because I just had a conversation with Mr. T (my husband) about how we used to make fun of "birds." Birds is better way to call them than the typical hoodrat, skank, "around the way girl" talk. It's like now being a bird or as I used to call them (still do) cluckers is an in style thing. This right now is a red flag to someone who is raising a future lady, and also for someone who encounters these young ladies be it on the metro or in the schools.

I can say that some of these parents out here must not have either had the proper role model when they were growing up,  or despite having numerous role models who showed them the right way thought it was best to go their own way (in Charlie Murphy voice)..WRONG!! These women who knew when to turn the switch on/off for when it was needed to act out of character, and that was NOT in public. I can see my Granny now sitting at the dining room table letting me know exactly if she did not approve of anything I did, not once had I heard her raise her voice. There might be evidence of an attitude brewing, but never did she raise her voice. My mother is the same way, and if she wanted to let you have it nobody else would know except you. These females (cannot actually call them ladies) feel they have to be funky in public. If I am walking down the hallway of a school, I should not 1) hear you down the other end of the hallway unless something is wrong with you physically or mentally, and 2) should not be able to hear your CONVERSATION (it's in CAPS for a reason and I'll leave it like that). I have also noticed that some of the young ones out here that are trying to at least have some type of class are being ridiculed, and called squares because they're not trying to go along with the masses. I'm not talking about you know when we were in school that the kids who were popular were making fun of the no names, I'm talking about even bullying them using reverse psychology making them think their parents are the loons. *scratches forehead* 

Okay to end this post, has anyone else noticed that this is becoming a trend? I mean grant it there are some characters out here who are just tacky, but instead of them being put in dark space for no one to notice them there's a huge spotlight saying "look at them, this is how you should act." I like to get some feedback from folks since I want to know if I'm hitting the nail on the head, or if I need to gift wrap myself to looney bin. lol

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