Sunday, May 16, 2010

Help save a young life!

So while be up once again like I have to go out for church (I get my church fix via TV, most of the time) I decided to actually pay attention to the Sunday news. Well good thing I did because there was a story about a little boy, 4 years old, who is suffering from a rare form of leukemia (APL). Unfortunately, doctors only have 11 days to be able to find a viable match for bone marrow. In Devan's case finding a match is a difficult task because of his mixed heritage (South Asian and Caucasian). Missed a bone marrow match drive they held yesterday at the Mayflower in NW, and luckily I found his blog site (after searching on the local news site with no luck). So, this is a call out to those who have a similar racial background to help out this little boy. I would post his picture, but I'm not trying to get myself in trouble so I included the link (you can either click on the blog title or on the link following) to the blog his family members put together for him.

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