Sunday, October 10, 2010

My poor AJ

She gets like her mother when the seasons change I swear she does, but it really hits her hard in the Fall/Winter time. So, here I am wearing one of my many Mommy uniforms. I am today the nurse, along with chef, activity planner and even masseuse (shoot I have to rub my baby down with some good vapor rub). Well since I can't find that, and the vaporizer is in her room, we did the steam treatment with me using some of my peppermint and rosemary oil to help soothe her (and to open up those nostrils). Right now we're watching Coraline and she's sipping on chamomile.

I currently have the house smelling like a big cough drop since I started up her vaporizer. The best one that I can say that helps is the one that you can plug into the wall, and you just purchase the vaporizer pads. I mean my daughter is walking around here sounding like Gucci, so I'm trying to open those sinuses. (lol) I even brought out the aspirator...yeah that was NO fun at all at 7 this morning. Even though it's not recommended for children under 6, but her pediatrician did recommend for anytime she's congested to give her some Benadryl (1/2 tsp). It's helping her a little, and so it's looking like I need to rely on what worked when she was a baby. So, happy she can blow her nose because that aspirator is torture for both of us. (lol) There's always the vapor bath that really used to knock her out when she was younger...hmmmm might have to do that.
Well let me go because she just asked for some more tea, and on that note happy Sunday everyone! Let's go Skins!!!

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