Monday, October 11, 2010

What is your dream?

So, this past weekend I attended a WOW (Women of Worship) Conference at my church, Mt. Ennon Baptist Church. The theme was about Women Empowerment based around Ephesians 2, and my mother and I were beyond excited to attend. Mainly because we are pretty much each others bff (true talk she's honest with me, cries with me, and supports me even if she doesn't approve), and it was just another level for us bonding as mother and daughter. So, of course we're so much alike that we didn't even arrive on time, and headed straight to chapel to make sure we had our seats. I honestly wish we had gotten some of that continental breakfast because I was dragging that morning, and needed something to at least help me focus on the workshops.
The first workshop was "The Power Within" that my mother picked, and it was actually somewhat worth it. I cannot say that I had gotten a lot out of it. It was one of those finding out how to bring up your connection with the Holy Spirit, and grant it that's how you can have guidance but I wanted something else. We did learn about that we did receive a gifts from the Holy Spirit, which were the gifts of creativity, boldness and confidence. Of course that was closer to the end of the workshop, and we didn't get an opportunity to touch that portion in depth.
The second workshop, I was feeling a little dizzy so I ate my chewy granola bar they gave us in our bag and refilled my water. I also gave my hubs a call just to see if everyone was alive, and to make sure that AJ didn't cause a mutiny. (lol) Found out she went to the Pumpkin Patch with her other grandparents, and he was about to go back to sleep. So, after I got off of the phone we went in for our next workshop, Unleashing the Vision (the one I picked). Now that one was great, and it worked out the way I expected it to. I thought she was going to make it something like a lecture in a classroom, which had me like "oh how I wish I had a 5hr right about now," but it took at good turn. First thing you must do is put together a vision statement, which requires:
  • to list 10 things you most enjoy doing? *be 100% honest* i.e. I like to be creative, assist others, make people laugh/happy...
  • write 3 things you must do everyday to make you feel fulfilled
  • you must pay attention to every aspect in your life, and how your vision statement will have an impact on these said aspects i.e financially, family, career, etc.
I could continue to go on and on, but I'll keep it short because I know how some people (including myself) feel about extra long posts. (: After the presentation, which I can find a way to scan and e-mail upon request, we were put into groups to discussion situations that certain characters in the Bible had to face: Saul (his past reputation), Naomi (her lack of faith), Joseph (the haters/doubters and to not be boastful because not everyone is going to support you), Abraham (not putting his trust in God to provide him and Sarah with a child), and there were two others but I forget (I fading by then and still upset at a group member who got in my face about not agreeing on something).
Honestly I couldn't even tell you about what happened after the luncheon because my "ADD" was starting to kick in, and how much the person who was sent to sing bored me. She had a wonderful voice, but when I think of worship I think of singing songs that make you stand up and shout. I mean I used to sing in choirs, and the only time we did the slow tempo songs  they still reached you and made you shout (Total Praise, one of the hardest to sing, but still a favorite). It was like everything had to be really mellow, and I was like you have us here early on a Sunday morning so you might want to give us some Jesus caffeine lol. Overall it was still a great workshop, but I really enjoyed the "Unleashing the Vision" one. I do one day hope to become a successful entrepreneur. I would say in what field, but I learned my lesson in who supports me and who doesn't. I'm in E-Business now because I just want to add onto my liberal arts skills, and also want to know how to market to people. You can honestly say this workshop did assist me in trying to narrow down my dream/focus because I was really scattered about. I just know when I'm gone I want my daughter (and hopefully future children) to have something that their mother left for them to carry on. In closing I wanted to ask what is your dream? You can share it with us, or you can write it down for yourself to see daily. I know some of us have dream, but are afraid to approach it because of setbacks and plain fear. Claim your dreams people!

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