Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's the hype about all of this hair type talk???

I've seen that mentioned so many times, and even had to pretty much tell someone it's just about knowing what might work or won't work for your hair. Well this was actually brought up around the Mizani Hair Type system, which I honestly love more than Andre' Walker's version. In my opinion it covers both the LOIS factor and the curl/kink patterns. Here's what they Lor..Mizani has to say about their "natural curl key."

With the support of our world renowned scientists in the United States and France, MIZANI has pioneered the Natural Curl Key™. After years of research and testing, our laboratories defined global hair types based on specific-shape criteria and utilizing a scientific approach to measuring features of human-hair strands, including curve diameter, curl index, number of twists and number of waves. This research resulted in the identification of eight distinct hair types worldwide.

The MIZANI Natural Curl Key™ is an easy-to-use reference guide that allows professional stylists to identify the hair type of any client and determine its key characteristics and special needs, as well as the most beneficial care and service suggestions.

 According to Mizani 8 curl types ranging from straight with no wave to zig-zag coiled (see how they call that pattern coils right (: ). If I go by their curl system I am a type 5 (very curly) through type 7 (very coiled) throughout my head of coils and kinks. That's with my hair properly moisturized allowed to air dry. Grant it I probably won't buy their products, but it does help to know that there's another curl chart/system floating about and to see their suggestions. Take a look at their site for yourself, and tell me if it helps you out.

Type V hair (my hair sporadically throughout my crown and my kitchen, but mainly when it's picked out not dry)
Type VI hair (the texture of my hair in the front just as cottony just thinner)
Type VII hair (this is texture of my hair smack dab in the middle real wiry)

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