Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sunday Brunch at the Charthouse in Old Towne- Oct. 3rd

Okay I will admit I get frantic when we have a busy schedule especially on a Sunday. I have to first wake up, check my homework in both of my classes just to see if someone brought up something new, and then get myself ready. That's just in the first 45 mins (I'm usually up before dawn to make sure this happens), and that's not including me making sure my AJ and hubs are alert. So, after I figure out what she's going to actually wear (I usually switch outfits because our weather is questionable) I wake her up while she tells me "I'm too tired, leave me alone, or I wanna sleep Mommy." I take her out of her bed semi-awake, wash her face and place her on the potty. I'm still getting told off in toddler speak, when I go to wake up the grizzly bear Mr. T. who will end up growling at me because I woke him up , but whatever we attend a church where the parking is literally first come first serve (at least to get on the main parking lot). We leave out the house in time for us to get to church in time to meet up with the family.
Usually we make it an effort to have brunch at Mimi's in Waldorf (love it!), or part ways to get ready to see the Bears, Redskins or Steelers games over my parents. Well this past Sunday we did a wrench in the plan, and went to the Charthouse in Old Town for my father-in-laws birthday party. First, I was like the Charthouse? Wow she's really making that an expensive one huh. Then I was like "oh...no...Annapolis," and that was because the last time I went to the Charthouse it was the one in Annapolis. Bland, basic and expensive food with slow service, and bad drinks.

So, being the investigative person I am I googled Charthouse Old Town, and saw reviews similar to the one in Annapolis with no rating over 3.5 out of 5 stars. I was like oh gosh I need a mimosa, lol. Well I'm so happy that I went there with an open mind (and low expectations) because we had a wonderful brunch. There was the salad bar....ooooooooh that salad bar!!! Okay so I went around the bar, grant it was small, but it was nicely packed with smoked salmon, caesar salad with anchovies on the side, fruit (oh that beautiful mango, mint, white grape and pineapple salad yum!), and is that what I saw....CAVIAR. Grant it I will not say that I am big fan of the stuff mainly because some have no type of flavor at all. This one had flavor that burst as soon as you placed the water cracker in your mouth. I for one do not like capers with my caviar, but give me some chopped onion and a dallop of sour cream/cream fraiche...SNOB HEAVEN! lol Okay so I will not just go by that salad bar, but for $16 bucks not bad. For the light drinkers, they have mimosas for .99 cents (yes I had one in front of the laws, for that price why not lol), and bloody mary's and fuzzy navels for $2.50.

So, right there we got our monies worth, but if you want the full on brunch it's $25.99 with great portion sizes. My MIL ordered the Crab and Asparagus omelet, which was served with a hollandaise sauce and arrived in front of her light and fluffy packed full of crab.  I only know because hubs decided to attack her plate after he devoured his Maryland style Eggs Benedict, which you could see the crab meat falling off of the muffins.  My FIL had the french toast, which I thought hubs was going to attack, that was made from brioche, Meyers Rum (I wonder if he read that description lol) glazed bananas and pineapple topped with raspberries and homemade whipped cream. If I didn't associate that with a dessert I would have tried to snag a piece. Now for me I had the seafood quiche. *PAUSE* Nope there's no other seafood in there except crab meat, and I mean crab meat! I was once again brought to heaven trying to eat that quiche with that flaky buttery crust along with the homefries, but that on top of the salad bar and caviar I was stuffed and happy (even had leftovers). AJ of course had her share of everyone's plate with the exception of Popi's because we wanted her to take a nap, and even had her share of the Molten Lava Cake (less lava more molten; more like a warm cake with brownie texture and chocolate sauce on top).

Maybe they do a better brunch than dinner, but I will say this was a great experience. We will be heading back there another time, and this time we'll actually have a couple's outing. For $26 a piece for all of that food, and $1 mimosas we're game! lol I'll give them a 4.5 out 5 mainly because they sat us in a cramped up corner behind another group. The service was great, ambiance was wonderful, and the food was delish!

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