Monday, October 4, 2010

Shame on me...I have committed the ultimate sin of a free thinker/reader

Forgive me folks for I have a confession to make. Many moons least back when I was 12 I was browsing through one of my Granny's Essence magazines, and I saw a review about a book. A book that was supposed reach out to every "black" girl, and help them know that there were others who shared in your thoughts. Well I vowed to myself that I would read this book, and then try to convince my mother into finding the play. Fast forward almost 17 years later I still have not picked up the book. I'm ashamed to say I haven't, and I think my mother doesn't even know I haven't read the book yet. The book I'm referring to is "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf?" I have matriculated at HBCUs that have probably held the play, or book readings and I honestly cannot say I had the time to do leisure reading. I mean I was a History major, so most of the books I wanted to read were pretty much black sociology books, or how women were viewed to society. SMH@ myself Now that I am adult with a child who happens to be female, I feel that I need to at least pick up the book. That way if she happens to ask me about it when she's 12, her and I can actually have a discussion about the book. What really brought this on is that discussion of Tyler Perry remaking the play into a movie. So, many people are being critical about him doing the remake mainly because of his whole Madea/Meet the Browns story lines, when people forget about movies like "The Family that Preys" or "Why Did I get Married" (I didn't see the 2nd one because I cannot afford to spend $20 on matinee tickets not including the refreshments that's almost $50 at the theater). My whole take on it is if Ms. Ntozake Shange gives him her approval sans Madea then shoot why not give the man a chance?
In closing I vow to at least start the book before seeing the movie being as though I'm supposed to have a movie date with my "sisters of Morgan." (well that's what I'm calling us lol)

background information on the play/book
the movie trailer

High School production of the play

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