Monday, October 4, 2010

About dang time!

Being a lady of fluffiness I like to know that those who are supposed to market to us are actually marketing to us, and not frumpy person. I get so frustrated when shopping sometimes because the stores that are supposed to cater to my fashion needs are lacking. I'm on a budget which means I don't have the ability to spend over $100 on an outfit yet alone a shirt (oh believe me there was a time when I only had to worry about paying a bill or two, and everything else was for me to blow). So, when I saw that places like Dots and Old Navy were actually marketing to the fuller figures with actually not having them go for broke, I can honestly say I was a little upset at those who were ahead of the game at one point in time.
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Ashley Stewart used to be my spot to get tops in high school because I mean shoot I was a D with broad shoulders, all of those other tops would have me looking like the Hulk. lol I was also a size 16, and even after extreme working out my senior year I went down to a solid 14 (hey what can I say I had curves, muscles and fat lol). My main spot was Lane Bryant because of the variety, and I didn't look like a senior citizen. The years went by, and it looked like LB was losing her spunk. She was turning into my go to spot for sturdy work clothes, and jeans that would adjust to my body without making it hard to breathe. Eventually I moved on to places like Torrid and online retailers like Kyonna (again that was when I only had to pay a cell phone bill or the cable bill lol). Thank goodness LB saw they were lacking in fashion, and that their competition was getting their once loyal customers. I might be late on it, but here is Loop 18 geared to their teen/young adult customers. I hope they are going to keep things current because that just defeats the purpose to not be ahead of the fashion curve for your young customers. Hopefully I can now find a pair of stretch jeans that won't cut off my circulation, or leave me looking like a pop-over. lol I will still shop Dots for simple items like simple shirtdress under $25 (factoring in plus size prices and taxes).

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