Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This post is brought to you by the letter C

C is for cranky!!!! I'm in the middle of mid-terms, writing a paper for my other class (I know after having to write a paper last week), hungry (remember I am on WW), and sleepy (because AJ has taken a liking to our bed AGAIN, and my sleep pattern is off). I have also been applying for jobs during the times when I'm up looking at CBS news at 3 o'clock in the morning.

As far as WW (weight watchers for those who don't know) it's going fine honestly. I cannot say that I have been doing the recommended 3 days of cardio, but that is because every waking moment I am doing something for my school work (I did work out yesterday, but for only 20 mins). I've even started looking into other schools again because as much as I want to be a web developer, I need something more structured than this crap. At least if I find myself somewhere on a campus I can at least get some type of walking involved. I won't get into that subject (me missing campus life) again. lol

Now on the job part....I hate cover letters, the whole customizing for the same type of job just a different department/company thing is a PIA (pain in the arse). I mean grant it I understand how I need to stand out from the competition blah blah blah, but sheesh can I get a break? Hubs said "you like kids so find a job working with the kids," which resulted in me giving him the evil look. I already work with kids when I sub, but I said if I'm doing that I want to be a guidance counselor (reason why I went liberal arts in the first place because it would give me a well rounded education, where I wouldn't have to become a teacher).I honestly do want to get into non-profit working with children, or on the basis of improving the lives of children (particularly inner city/minority groups).

Sleeping...I'm just off schedule, plain and simple. I go to bed either too early, or even if I go to bed on time I wake up early as heck. Honestly there is a lot on my mind, but nothing that will kill me. Maybe I'll get in a nap so I can at least get some more reading done (said mid-term is due Sunday @ 3pm only wrote skeletons of what I need to do). I know one thing when December hits I'm so going to embrace my pillows, and welcome their warmth and comfiness into my life again. (lol)

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Naturally Kiki said...

Wooo sahhhh!!!!!! LOL! your savings on! :-)

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