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I don't know if anyone has seen the Hype Williams/Kanye West movie "Runaway" starring Selita Ebanks (VS Angel/Supermodel). I'm honestly a fan of Mr. West, and not only because I like to cheer on his Hennesy induced antics but because he really is an original artist. I got over the fact that he pretty much dresses like a quirky metrosexual with his band of guys pushing the questionable fashion status/statements because hey if you're different you need to prove it. Hint: Prince and the rest of the pumps wearers of the 80s. I won't say that he isn't the class clown that everyone is like he's such a butthole, but gosh his wit and charisma just cracks me the freak up. I will say this movie "Runaway" has literally left me so confused...scared...and wishing that Mama West video recorded herself giving her son advice whenever he decides to go on one of these said Henny binges to become creative (okay I'm only saying Henny because it could be a little *snort* induced as well).

Hubs, being a Chicago native, was like "wow....welp that's a Chi-town native, pushing the envelope while being creative" while he proceeded to pretend that he was Kanye, and was rambling off ideas about what he wanted in the video (while under the influence of a certain narcotic). "I want roman candles, a marching band, a model looking like a huge macaw like angel, ballet dancers, LOTS AND LOTS OF AUTOTUNE...yeah and FIRE!!" (that was hubs reaction to first seeing the video) So, while I'm laughing I was like omg this is entirely too long, and AJ is watching it with me with her head cocked to the side like "Mommy why?" She got extremely excited about the ballerinas, and wanted to put on her ballerina dress. I had to tell her no because it was bed time. She pouted, had a fit, but still cuddled up next to me and the laptop. Mind I was watching this while doing my mid-term, and pretty much had to have that entire 34:25 of my life frozen in time while watching this artistic portrayal of...what I don't know. Eventually AJ got bored, and fell asleep and I still with my arm going numb with holding all 30+lbs of dead weight on one arm glued to the laptop screen with my eyebrow cocked up. Eventually it ended, and I heard Gil Scott Heron reciting a poem that somewhat matched the theme of the video (I think) and all I could muster was "what the f&*k was that?"
So, after watching the movie/video/whatever for a 2nd and 3rd time (2nd time I was just skimming) I can finally say that I get the video. 1st time it was like oh gosh the shock value, 2nd time I wanted to see the turkey freak out and hear a couple of the songs including Runway, and 3rd time I wanted to actually watch and analyze the video. Here's what I came up with:
  1. Hype Williams....I still love you! I loved with Belly, and I love how you can turn something so scattered into something art worthy
  2. the turkey in my own sick and twisted way that effing hilarious. But I do like the theme of those sitting at the table frowning upon the "different" person, and the waitstaff (yeah I like that role reversal so what lol)
  3. Mr. West in this b**ch...yes you are still the ish musically, and that is really what makes this video hot in the long run. 
  4. It would have been nice to have N. Minaj in the video instead of her just narrating, like it would have been nice for the being "different" part would have segwayed into Monster with Minaj wearing a similar macaw type costume (probably reminiscent to a Tribe costume 'for those that follow carnival in T&T')
  5. Again about the pompous folks at the table, so they're so self-absorbed that they're toasting themselves? lol LOVE IT!!!! 
There's soooooooooooooooooooo much I can say about this video/movie, but here's where I want to hear your thoughts about Mr. Douchebag West's "Runaway." Feel free to comment....who knows might spark a little dialogue with those who are thinking the same.

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