Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day dreaming

In my fantasy world, I travel the globe writing about different venues for generation x/y-ers who just so happen to have families of their own. This is coming from me watching the movie “The Truth About Charlie,” and me always wanting to be involved in something internationally (preferably in Europe). I know I always wanted to get into the field of International Relations, but that changed once we started our family. Now it’s looking like now that I have this history degree, what am I really supposed to do. I know I want to work in IT, but not on the regular 9-5(6) trek. More of a freelancer, in web design/development (even though I do want to be a certified Network Security Specialist), and now I’m looking online seeing certificate programs for free! I mean I want my master’s, which I am currently pursuing, but not so sure if I want it in IT. I understand there’s a salary cap for just having a bachelor’s with certifications, but I’m honestly not concerned about that. I am concerned about me waking up enjoying my job, and even the long commute with the idiot drivers of 495 OR the funky passengers on Metro (lol).
I swear I am so confused with life, and my freaking purpose lol. Maybe I can just pile on certificates in things I’m interested in, maybe even something in tourism since I honestly do like travel and different cultures. Any suggestions?

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