Monday, November 16, 2009

Wow...I guess it's their way of spinning 1/4 life into motivational speaking

Well last week I was just talking about 1/4 life crisis, and look what I found on clutch magazine today.
Motivational Tips
You do your best to keep from thinking about the events of the day but cannot help seeing as how it only going to repeat itself the next, it’s the same thing everyday … that is when it hits you… you are stuck. You start to wonder about what happened to the goals and dreams that you had once mapped out for yourself? There are so many people your age that are so successful… why can’t you indulge in that same success? Daunting thoughts roam through your mind… How did I get here? How can I fix this? Where am I going? You are intelligent, fun-loving, creative, and gorgeous if you do say so yourself! So what is keeping you from having the success you dream about…?
I love it!!! I love their blog/site, and they are usually right on time when it comes to socio-political issues.

No comments: your savings on! :-)

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