Friday, August 8, 2008

Why people why????

Gosh I'm sorry to say it, but why is it that news people find the most ignant black person to interview? I mean that shows how much people pay the freak attention when it comes to common knowledge. Number one before I get some comments about I should be ashamed of myself (or other indecent comments):
  1. I am an African American woman
  2. I am a graduate of one of the best HBCUs (go MSU!!!)
  3. I live in a predominantly Black community (read: largest prominent African American counties in America.
  4. I hate it when it's the person who doesn't know squat, always is supposed to represent my race.
This rant is in regards to complaints about the McDonald's 365 campaign. The complaints that Mickey D's are receiving are coming from are from predominantly black/minority communities. They feel that with all of the health problems that minorities (read: black) suffer from, why would they (Mickey D's) promote their restaurant to this audience? Now if you don't know, there is a poster that looks like a big read sign, with the words VOTE in the middle, and the arches along with the 365 website in the corner. Now mind you if people listen to the Tom Joyner Morning Show, it has a connection with McDonald's 365 campaign. This campaign stands for celebrating Black History 365 days of the year. Why oh why did they interview this woman, and she said it stood for 365 people eating hamburgers a day???? Oh gawd, I swear I wanted to just stop watching TV right there, but I couldn't. It was that "train wreck" factor that made me focus more, lol. I mean her theory was ridiculous, but there were others that were on the same trek.
People what am I missing here? So, instead of being happy that the voter rates need to be improved in the community, you're going on a tangent about health issues??? Man c'mon! There are more pressing issues that they could be complaining about, but noooooooo let's complain about McDonald's ad that is sending a different, more positive message to us. Next time there's a complaint to be made, let's focus on our neighborhood schools pretty much being swept under the rug when it comes to improvements (this goes universally because all social brackets are affected when it comes to education). I guess I'm done, I need to meditate, lol.

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