Friday, August 22, 2008

I had to tame the beast

I have this little person in me that goes a little crazy...She has this problem with wanting to waste my money sometimes in trying new things. Yes she is my product junkie, and she has been my downfall since I started earning paychecks. When ever I had a moment when I'm depressed, or just need something that will give me an excuse to be all up in my hair, she just shows up with these things in her hand. Of course being somebody who sometimes has vain moments, I fall into her little money trap. I can't help it!
Well yesterday I received some news at my job, which involved me changing positions. The new position meant I would have to be outside more often, which meant that I would need to have something to protect my hair. Well I went to my neighborhood Rite Aid (can't just say drugstore since we have 3 major ones on one street), and there was this bright green display of Garnier Fructis products. I reached out for a couple, and said okay let me read these labels so I know that I'm not buying junk. I am a fan of Garnier, but I did want my usual Sleek 'n Shine hair mask. Didn't see it, but saw a tube that looked like it could be the same.
For those who are natural, or transitioning/stretching you know the troubles of trying to maintain the length of your hair while preventing damage. The Sleek 'n Shine deep conditioner that I remember had great slip. Even when I was natural, it brought out my coils, which shrunk up to nothingness and tangles when it dried, lol. Ok let me get the stars out of my eyes before I reminisce over my long lost afro (I had an afro that was beautiful back in April, and accidentally texlaxed). I'm a fan of anything that limits the tangles because I'm one who will go looking for a barber shop in a heartbeat. I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up my mother's prescription, and had some time to read while waiting. Of course I had my staple ORS Replenishing Pak (I swear it's almost like every hair blogger loves this conditioner lol), and sat back and read the label.
While reading there just weren't any trigger words that made me believe that it would do anything for my hair. I had to suck it up, and went back to get another conditioner. I've learned my lesson with conditioners that just don't at least make the detangling process easier. Reading that label made me envision my already tangly hair, in this big bird's nest. I picked up one of my deep conditioner faves, Pantene Relaxed and Natural Defense conditioner. This one I have never had a problem with slip, and yes it does have a -cone. I don't care! lol
If I don't obsess as much (going back to my high school philosophy), and just worry about the products that actually work for my hair. Maybe, just maybe my hair will be back on that healthy track it used to be. I'm still having some virus issues on my other computer, so I won't be able to upload the pix. You can check out my amazon store because I will be adding these products to the hair care section. Oh yes, and let me not forget about Lacio Lacio leave-in conditioner and Elasta QP DPR-11. I tried the DPR-11 just because I like Elasta QP products, and I also liked the smell (I have a weakness for peaches lol).

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