Sunday, August 17, 2008

My hair care from high school up until my freshman year of college

My hair regimen was so simple back then, and I really don't know what went wrong. I guess once I started getting so involved with life (working, commuting to school, and not having the funds) I stopped really being as less obsessed. So this is me trying to remember what I did, and maybe I can try to see what I need to go back to the way things were.

High School/ Freshman Year Regimen
  • co-washed my hair like every other day with any conditioner that was in the bathroom (Suave, Motions CPR, Pantene, etc.)
  • shampooed my hair over the weekend because that way I could just sit there under the dryer and chill
  • rarely used heat because my hair was either pulled back in a ponytail, or in a wrap style
  • rarely used hair dye, just a lot of rinses because I lifted my hair at least 2x a year
  • used hair grease, it helped my seborrheic dermatitis
  • went to the beauty parlor at least 2x a month in high school, and once a month in college
  • wore protective styles when life got busier; weaves, cornrows, ponytails
  • got a trim when the seasons changed (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer)
  • texlaxed when I didn't know anything about it, I just didn't want my hair bone straight because it had no body at all
  • during the summer didn't even bother with relaxing because I was so lazy, that if I wanted my hair straight I would just air dry in a bun and press my roots with a flat/curling iron. Most of the time my relaxers were about 4-5 times a year
  • faithfully gave myself a deep conditioning treatment 2x a month, and a hot oil treatment once a month
  • worked out everyday: I was in dance and took a gym class every other semester, and in college I was always speed walking to classes (I lived in the back of campus and was always rushing) and going to as many parties as possible
  • was a wash and go queen: co-wash and add some settimg lotion and was out!

Like I really knew what I was doing back then because I would purposely cut my hair to my mid-neck just to see how fast I could get it to grow. Maybe I need to go back to those days of hair care by keeping it very simple.

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