Sunday, August 17, 2008


I'm a very very very very big fan of co-washing aka conditioner washing, and leave it to TCHD (shout to you girl!) to post two very informative vids on the topic. I recommend every black woman to at least try co-washing for 2x a week for a month, and watch how much softer your hair will feel. I didn't know I was doing well by hair by doing that in high school. Maybe that's why my hair would be back down to my shoulders after my usual 2 inch cut to even out my hair (it would grow back in about 2-3 months with no damage). I need to go back to what I was doing in high school when I was experimenting with my hair. Now I know that all I have to do is just work on doing braid outs and roller sets, which I laugh at since lil' diva won't allow that to happen, lol. Anyways here is the video, once again shout to TCHD.
For some reason it's not allowing me to copy the code, but I will edit later when the TDs are taken care of (TDs=techinical difficulties).

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