Sunday, August 17, 2008

My weekend

Okay so this weekend it was kind of long. Well I say kinda long because we drove down to Spotsylvania, and from where we live even with the back roads it felt like freaking forever!!!!!! (lol) Our daughter was sleep the entire ride, even with the stops and a group of bikers riding with us (well they were just going in the same direction). Of course that meant she was up once we got home, but not for long. What made us go all the way down there you ask? My uncle's wife's family has a reunion around that time, and I hadn't been around there in about 6 years. Some of them had even forgotten what I looked like, which isn't surprising since a lot has changed since then. A lot of them were just as shocked when they saw my family (my family meaning husband and daughter), and of course baby girl was the hit.
I'm raising my little diva well, no matter how much people say she's spoiled. She just has to build trust for people, and since she's my shy little Pisces child she clings to my husband and I....A LOT! (lol) I love it, but everyone sees it as her being spoiled, which isn't far from the truth, but she doesn't know many people.
I made sure that she was the star of the T family, and wore my usual nice top and jeans with glowing makeup. The glowing makeup lasted for all of ummmm 10 mins because we didn't use the air conditioner on the way down. I did make sure to try to do my hair, but nooooooooo the humidity in the bathroom ended that quick. My hair was this big poof! I texlax my hair, and since I've doing that my hair has been very full since it iisn't processed to fuck. Unfortunately I had to pull my hair back in a ponytail, and that sucked so much ass!! I just felt like a real frumpy mess, or maybe that was because of other reasons. I got over it real quickly because at least that meant I didn't have to worry about my hair.
So, I will say it was a good function with a good turnout. Oh my goodness I have to give it up for the fam aka the bartender, Kim (you can find her out in Adams Morgan). She was keeping the party going with the libations (am I spelling that correctly?), and with the give aways. We have shot glasses and plastic cups for days when we do move this year (hopefully before Columbus Day) courtesy of her. I wasn't really concerned about the music because we were shortly going next door, which is about a 5-7 minute walk, to go watch the game. I needed a win in my life since the Panthers lost their pre-season game with the Philly Bald Chickens (I say this out of love since my cousins up H-burg are Philly fans, lol). Little one was not a problem at all. She fussed everyone made sure to try to help out, whenever her father would let her go (lol). She watched the game, and made sure to cheer for the right team. She even stole the attention of the older men by rolling over not once, but twice! By the time we were leaving she knocked out, and actually slept for awhile until those gums got to her. Mommy just can't get it right, if I don't have the Tylenol, I need to have at least the teething gel, which wasn't the case last night.
So, since she woke up, and we were trying to at least get home earlier, which meant around 11:45ish (l0l) we walked up to the house. I told the guys she was fussy, and they wanted proof. Once they saw she wasn't crying, and was actually chilling they said she's cool and kept the party going. I was chasing my father around for his Blue Motorcycle aka Blue Motherfucker (hey I found out that if you call somebody a motorcycle it means motherfucker so it's the same drink), and since he was being stingy with it I went to the bar to get my own. Once again her is another shout out for Kim, that was one of the best Blue Motorcycles I have had in almost a year. For those who don't know what a Blue Motorcycle is, it's a Long Island Iced Tea but instead of coke they use Blue Curaco and Pineapple Juice. I guess I needed something stronger for last night because after that drink right there, I was pretty much done. Good thing hubby was driving because I caught a case of the sleepies, lol.
Once again I'm getting long winded so I'm going to cut this very short, it was good and loooooooooooong day which made the weekend kinda long, lol.

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