Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain, like really wth???

So after a great turn out for the DNC, McCain decided that he wanted to congratulate the Obama/Biden ticket for a job well done. Not even a full 24 hours later, he comes up with this no name as a running mate. I want to give my opinion, but I feel that I might actually get some form of suit against me, lol. Really McCain, are you that desperate for votes, that you had to pull a no name (Palin, sorry you're just not known) to carry on the white women's vote? Yes I think he is trying to get those who supported Hillary to come over to the dark side, lol. Like all of his advisors need to go in a time out corner, and think of a funny punch line before they just kiss 4 more years of "Elephant Madness" on Pennsylvania Avenue, lol. Shame, and I was so waiting to see if he was going to pick Huckleberry. I actually liked him! I can tell you one thing, she is one of the most popular google searches today, lol.

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