Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh gosh

I'm having one of those take the good with the bad weeks. My computer pretty much crashed (well at least I think there is a virus), and so I'm sneaking to use my mother's, lol. I got accepted into grad school, but can't access my tax info because it is on the crashed computer. I'm still looking forward to being in the classroom this year, but where.
Oh yeah have to jeep this brief (sorry Mr. Hayes and Daddy Lofton), my husband's grandfather had taken a turn for the worst after being kept stable after a horrible car accident. Isaac Hayes passed while exercising by having a severe stroke. See what happens when things get talked into existence? (remember rumors of him being dead earlier this year?)
Mi diva moment this week comes by way of my side hustle, Mary Kay. I so love the new minerals collection we have, and when I do get my computer issue in order I'll post pix or something of the makeup. I use the blush as eyeshadow, and it looks so nice and glow-rific on me. I also had to get my touch-up aka DIY texturizer kit (I use these for texlaxing), some ponytail holders, and a new brush. Right now I'm sitting in two ponytail b/c I'm still detangling my hair after having 4 inches of new growth (hadn't had a touch-up since April of this year). Not much else to report, hopefully I'll be back up and at it again. I have so much more to type!!! Until then toodles all!

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