Sunday, August 10, 2008

Family Time

I love spending time with my family, even though you know when people spend 5,000,000,000,000,000 hours with each other it's almost like a tag team match with my daughter playing guest referee, lol. This weekend it was more than great! My family and I went to our church's picnic yesterday, and honestly I had fun. I didn't mind the fact that while I was playing Bingo they would hear it when I was helping everyone else out, but when it came to me shooting "Bingo!" nobody heard me (shoot I won two games in a row). Maybe I should have said "Bingo bitches!," and then they would have really heard me lol. I got over it, but if you know me you know I was thinking about it. They even had a "Deal or No Deal" game happening. Maaaaaaaaan I so wanted that HP printer they were giving away, but I was assisting with getting everyone signed in and handling the meal tickets. I even saw some of the kids I taught (I'm a sub. aka a teacher), and especially one I hadn't seen since '05. So many people go to the church in our town/city however you want to classify us in the boonies. After awhile I was like really getting upset, but put on my happy face when people wanted to get mad at me because their name wasn't in the book. Anyway because I'm not trying to get all upset, this is supposed to be a happy posting got dammit! lol
So, after hitching up the wagon (read: loading the stroller, putting her in the car seat, and finishing my sno-cone) we headed out to see my Godmommy (yaaaaaaaaaay Godmommy's house!!!). We get there, and I see this tall handsome young man step out the house. Mind you I didn't have my glasses on, and once we got closer it was my nephew. Okay well my Godnephew, but I drop the God part because that's just too much to say at once. Oh and I knew it was him, it was just so hard to see him being taller than me. So, I give my baby a big ol' bear hug because his Auntie hadn't seen him in like almost a year. We all sat around drank (well not him, and yeah I know heathen move right lol), talked, passed the baby around, and then I told him to sit down in front of me.
After he wanted to be a smart ass, he finally sat down in front of me. I looked at his hair with my already squinty almond shaped eyes stretched wide open. I told him to get a bottle of shampoo and some conditioner because we were going to do his hair. Of course this was during the Redskins game, but I didn't care since it's pre-season. After hunting him down from hiding from me, I brought him over to the sink. Looked around, and then asked "where's the conditioner?" He was like "I unno," and of course me being his aunt I already knew he didn't ask. So, what did I do? I made some using mayo, eggs, and honey; of course that didn't go down well for him. Okay let me fast forward since this is getting lengthy. I did an ACV rinse, shampooed his hair, and then applied the conditioner. HAHA that was priceless, with him talking smack and little bits dripping on his mouth. I was like that's what you get, but laughed a little bit. So, I put a bag over his hair, and made me go take a shower to rinse it out (we found another conditioner after torturing the poor child). By 8:07 I started the braiding and detangling process, which went slowly because I had this little broken comb, but we finished around 11:30 with two breaks. Not a big fan of Doo-Gro Hair Lotion since the first ingredient is mineral oil (makes yucky face), but got over it since it had Beeswax. This prevented me from having to use a gel or pomade to make his twists. His hair was so cute, and of course I educated him on what he needs to do for his hair. Let's how long that would last, lol.

I end this post with what I've been saying all of this weekend; it's real short, but you get it.

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