Friday, August 29, 2008


Like really wtf is going on?????? I mean I am a very well qualified teacher (even though I'm a substitute), but it's like I cannot get a fucking break! I've been asked by other teachers why didn't I just go into education since I'm so great with the kids. Honestly I told them I wasn't trying to spend an extra 2-3 years trying to pass the tests needed to become a teacher. I was also interested in getting a Masters in International Studies, so becoming an educator was not always on my agenda.
Now that I've been bitten by the teacher bug, it's like I'm seriously being tested to see if I really want it. I'm getting really frustrated, and it's only the first week of school. Thank goodness we're having a 3 day weekend because I couldn't deal with that for another day. I even just took a pay cut to become a classroom assistant, but was not told if I even got that position. Maybe I'll find out on Tuesday when the new classroom assistant will walk through the door. That will be my final sign that I will have to find another school in my neighborhood. I love the kids, but the games the adults are playing are just not even called for.

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