Saturday, September 13, 2008

Giovanni Smooth as Silk

On the same post-anniversary "holiday" my hubby and I took, we decided on our way back home to make a stop at Arundel Mills.....Well I decided that we needed to do some shopping for the baby, and a little for ourselves, lol. Any excuse I guess for me to spend money on the baby, and well on building my wardrobe for work. So, once after having lunch at DuClaws (I had the Bare Ass Blonde and he had the Alchemy; loved mine but his was so-so) and spending much needed money at Lane Bryant (bought 3 tops and a bra for under $70, not bad at all) I said I was good.
We ended up making a stop at Vitamin Shoppe, and since I needed some vitamins I said I was going to see if the Jane Carter products were there. No luck in finding them, but I did say I needed to try a new conditioner. It was a toss between Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Conditioner and the Giovanni Smooth as Silk. I looked at my funds, since I was smart enough to leave at least a portion of my check at home, and said the Giovanni was coming home with me (was it me or that PJ aka Product Junkie woman?). I bought a Liquid Trial Sized version of the Vitamin Shoppe, which unfortunately DID NOT have any iron (damn you anemia *shakes e-fist), but it did give me a little boost of much needed energy.
So, of course the next morning I did a co-wash (yes even after I said I was going to try to do some type of protein), but my hair felt like straw after using the hotel con for my wash. I will say my hair didn't feel as gummy as I had experienced the day before, almost like it had some protective coating. The real test was combing my hair, and then being able to place it into my usual bun. The GSMAS had some slip to it, and actually helped me with pulling my medium textured 4ab hair into a sleek bun with minimal product needed (I used the Aveda Brilliant gel). GSMAS gets at least a good 3.5 stars, my hair did feel a little dry on the ends the next day.
Oh yeah still be on the look out for the Jane Carter review. I have my eyes on a couple of the products.

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