Saturday, September 13, 2008

okay I'm getting bored

I'm getting so bored with my hair, and right now I'm like even to the point in going to a hair dresser (so ol' school I know) to get my hair done in a roller set. I just never feel like doing my hair because of the little one, but I know I need to do something besides just pulling it back in a ponytail. I am happy that my hairline is growing back...yes!!!! I'm kinda shocked at my progress that you can't even tell that my hair was pulled out. Thank goodness the follicles weren't permanently damaged. The only thing that I did was just apply some castor oil to my hairline, and then when I did remember I would use my growth-aid (Tea Tree Stimulator hair oil mixed with MN and a little olive oil). Once I my hairline back in order, I can be bold and brave with pulling my hair in different directions. I might even get my hair braided again, but not at that same place. Not all of us need to have our "baby hairs" (lol) braided.

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