Saturday, September 13, 2008

More Protein

So, when I was away on "holiday" with the hubby to celebrate our first year anniversary I did the water test on my hair. The water test involves you just plucking a couple of strands of your hair, and then submerging them in water for a couple of mins. Well I did mines while in the shower, and I left a couple of strands to "air dry" while I co-washed my hair. So, I checked on them, and they were gummy and snapped when pulled on.

So, what am I doing on this Saturday night....pre-treating my hair with Africa's Best Kids conditioner since my hair never responds to well with protein conditioners. All of this time I was wondering why my hair was getting so tangled, but now I know that it's because my hair just might be too moisturized. That means cutting back on the co-washing 3x a week, even though my hair was loving the needed moisture. Just need to get it balanced again before I end up getting the urge to *gasp* use the clippers again, lol.
*Don't you worry you can purchase it at my store, lol.*

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