Friday, September 26, 2008

vids on the infamous blowout

Okay so far I have seen so many people complain about how much heat is used for this method. In this vid, the stylist is not using as much heat as I would get for a regular blowout from an AA salon.
Yes I have had a blownout from my fellow sistas, and jeebus my hair like instantly broke off. From what I have heard about DR salons, if you have request they will listen to you. If I tell an AA stylist that they are using too much heat on my hair, they will roll their eyes and kiss their teeth. Then proceed to tell me that my dense hair needs as much heat as possible to make it straight (lies I say).

Here's a fellow blogger demonstrating how she does a blowout (she disabled the embedding code). I recommend visitiong her blog, which I will be doing more often (good job Lorraine!). I don't see the big uproar because heat is heat, just keep the lines of communication open with your stylist. I mean it is your hair right?

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